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Transformational "Newgrass" from Mark O'Connor - YouTube
Newgrass, a music style that developed from bluegrass, including ingredients of jazz, classical, Texas fiddle, rock, reggae, and blues was founded by a group of acoustic musicians with bluegrass music in their genes. Such "Newgrass" luminaries include John Hartford, Newgrass Revival and Strength In Numbers.
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august 2013 by mandoisland
Playlist: Chorinho. Lista de música na Rádio UOL
Choro Playlists von Rádio UOL
Chorinho playlist by Radio UOL

Ouça as grandes composições de Pixinguinha, Waldir Azevedo, Jacob do Bandolim, Ernesto Nazareth, Benedito Lacerda e outros grandes nomes do choro
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september 2012 by mandoisland

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