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A list of all the traditional, folk and music resources on this site.
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january 2017 by mandoisland
Sheet music – Donal Baylor
Sheet music
Now here’s quite a collection of fiddle tunes in standard notation that I once acquired and have never been able to relocate, so I am happy to share them. There is a great blend here of old time, bluegrass (including some great twin and triple fiddle arrangements) and set pieces. Enjoy!

Songs are grouped by letter and downloadable as PDF.
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july 2016 by mandoisland
Traditional Tunebook - Old Time, Country & Bluegrass Tunes
Traditional Tunebook Online
         Old Time, Country & Bluegrass Tunes
Umfangreiche Sammlung von Stücken für fiddle, Mandoline etc.
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july 2016 by mandoisland
Play hymns and folk songs with easy guitar chords
Welcome, Music Folk!

Chances are you’re here because you enjoy hymns and you play (or would like to play!) some folk instrument, such as guitar, autoharp, banjo, bass, fiddle, mandolin, dulcimer, ukulele, etc. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

The purpose of this site is to provide you with with what you need to be successful in playing Christian music on your instrument. Currently we have the following resources:
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april 2012 by mandoisland
Practice Tunes
Noten für Wheel Hoss bei Mandozine
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march 2012 by mandoisland
Welcome - Jay Buckey
Here is FREE TABLATURE and FREE SHEET MUSIC for the Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Dobro, Fiddle! This has been a very popular page over the years and is always being updated. It is the official 'Archives'.
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november 2010 by mandoisland
Learn to play fiddle tune Cattle In The Cane from Bluegrass Fiddler Jim Moss.
Learn to play "Cattle In The Cane" by listening to it played slowly.
Click on the Photo to start downloading the fiddle mp3 file.

Cattle In The Cane (slow, to learn the melody): Cattle In The Cane (Slow-mp3)
Cattle In The Cane (full band): Cattle In The Cane (Band-mp3)

Compare the solo fiddle to the 1984 full band recording
by downloading both mp3 files.

View banjo tab by Bob Black at: Cattle Tabs

My source for this version of the melody is Kenny Baker.
He taught this to me in the winter of 1977.

The musicians are:
Jim Moss: Fiddle
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march 2010 by mandoisland
Over 200 free backup arrangements
... make practice fun!
These arrangements were created with Band-In-A-Box. If your don't have BIAB then you can download the free midi player from vanbasco. This allows you to adjust the tempo, which is important when you're learning a new tune. Set the tempo to a comfortable slow speed, then gradually increase the tempo as you improve. Always practice a new tune SLOWLY with good SOLID timing. All arrangements are in the key of G unless otherwise stated. The arrangements do not contain any melody - it is your job to play the lead.
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march 2010 by mandoisland
Bluegrass Books Online/february 06 lesson
gute Noten und Playbacks zum Lernen des Lonesome Fiddle Blues:
The first two tunes I wanted to start with are Lonesome Fiddle Blues and Interstate Rag. With my private students, I always teach these tunes together or back to back.
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february 2010 by mandoisland
mit einer Sammlung von Noten und Lyrics und auch vielen interessanten Links für Mandoline und Banjo
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february 2010 by mandoisland
Tunes Directory - Brian K. Wood
Sammlung von Noten für Mandoline - Say old man, can you play the fiddle
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february 2010 by mandoisland
Petimar Press: Home page
At Petimar Press, you will find instruction books and CD's for fiddle and mandolin by Pete Martin, award-winning mandolinist and fiddler. Pete also teaches music lessons in several locations around the Seattle, Washington, area. Pete is conversant in Bluegrass, Old-time, Texas Style, Jazz and other styles as well as music theory.
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february 2010 by mandoisland
Tablature - The Bluegrass Guitar Home Page
We've put together tabs of some of our favorite flatpicking tunes and list these here for your picking pleasure. We've tried to select a variety of tunes, both well-known ones and those that are not so well known.
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january 2010 by mandoisland
Bluegrass Tunes Repertoire - 50 Essential Bluegrass Fiddle Tunes
Eine Liste mit 50 Bluegrass Standards - ideal als Einstieg geeignet! * Bluegrass was invented in the US, more or less, and is played around the world. Vocal harmonies lie at the heart of bluegrass, along with a core set of bluegrass fiddle tunes. The 50 tunes listed below will be known (mostly) by good bluegrass players everywhere. Learning them will take a long time.. but all the good players have put in a similar effort to build their repertoires. Tabs (and audio) for some of the tunes are at Harmonica Academy, other good resources are Steve Kaufman's 4 hour bluegrass workout at Homespun Tapes and
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november 2009 by mandoisland
Mel Bay's Mandolin Sessions | April 2009
Archiv der Mel Bay Mandolin Sessions * Mandolin sessions with free sheet music and tabs and background information
new issues - last edition April 2012!:
Back issues:
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august 2009 by mandoisland
Flatpicking Guitar Magazine
mit kostenlosen Tabs für Flatpicking Gitarre (auch für Mandolinen brauchbar...)
*** Flatpicking Guitar Magazine is pleased to offer free flatpicking lessons. We started offering this in 2006.
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july 2009 by mandoisland
hier fand ich die Akkorde für Aganhei-te Cavaquinho und andere Tabs und Akkord-Diagramme
zur Zeit nicht verfügbar, wird wohl neu gemacht
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march 2009 by mandoisland
The Bluegrass College - Bluegrass Lessons Online
Ab sofort findet man hier ein Bluegrass Fakebook das nach und nach erweitert werden soll! * Online Bluegrass lessons for members *
Welcome to Bluegrass College. We offer online lessons from the masters of bluegrass for banjo,bass, dobro, fiddle,guitar and mandolin:
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december 2007 by mandoisland
The Bluegrass & Old-time Backup Band
Welcome to the "Fiddletunes" , home of your virtual backup music-buddies! Here you'll find a couple of thousand tunes with sheetmusic (notes + chords) to play along with.
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may 2007 by mandoisland
Peter Ostroushko
and the Mando Boys; einige tolle Stücke von Peter Ostroushko findet man zusammen mit den passenden Kochrezepten! Besondeers gefällt mir das Stück Tecumseh!
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december 2006 by mandoisland

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