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In 1912 in Warley, he formed an excellent mandoline band, (which was later to be amongst the BBC's earliest performers). The mandolin band was reformed after the First World War.
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february 2014 by mandoisland
Moonlight Mandolins
The Moonlight Mandolins was founded as a teaching group for mandolin students by Hugh Boyde. The name derives more from the practice of moonlighting, than from the light reflected from our nearest celestial body. The group rapidly expanded and soon found itself able to work on mandolin orchestra repertoire, and to perform concerts. Now it’s a good size mandolin orchestra and is gaining new members, and many new arrangements.
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october 2011 by mandoisland
kingsx mandolins
Hello! Welcome to the online home of kingsx mandolins.

We are a group of mandolin players of all abilities who meet regularly in a venue near to Kings Cross. The group also includes guitarists and mandola players.

We are available to perform at social and corporate events.
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september 2011 by mandoisland
Edinburgh Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra
Formed in 2007, the Edinburgh Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra (EMGO) is led by Nigel Gatherer, one of Scotland's leading mandolin players and teachers. The orchestra enjoys music from Scotland to Latin America, from the Beatles to light classical.

The pieces are generally in 4 parts: 1st, 2nd and 3rd mandolins; and guitars - though a few pieces have mandolas also. The orchestra is a friendly group with people of all ages. Playing with it is fun and a great way to develop playing and music-reading skills. New members are very welcome
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september 2011 by mandoisland
Bristol Fingers and Frets - Home Page
Fingers and Frets is a Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra based in Bristol. We are available for bookings in the Bristol and Bath area and could be persuaded to travel further! We play a variety of music to suit many different types of audience - our concert programme is made up of music from around the world including light classical, easy listening and barn dance pieces ie jigs, reels etc - for a list of titles go to the programme page. We are also available for barn dances; we'll provide the music and a caller. If you're interested in joining us please have a look at our how to find us page. If you're interested in booking us go to our contact us page.
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The Fretful Federation is THE Mandolin Orchestra
Orchestra History

Brighton's very own mandolin orchestra has been in existence for 14 years, since its foundation by Ian Harris, the Leader and Musical Director of the Orchestra, in 1995. His goal was to revive the tradition of mandolin orchestras, which were hugely popular in the UK up until the 1930s.

Originally playing standard Banjo-Mandolin-Guitar pieces typical of Mandolin Orchestras of the beginning of the century, the repertoire of The Fretful Federation is always expanding and developing and now includes everything from tangos, rumbas and ragtime to classical and contemporary works, fully challenging the range of instruments of the mandolin family. For a varied repertoire, come to one of the concerts.

The Fretful Federation regularly takes part in competitions and in 1998 won the Francis Day and Hunter Trophy for ensembles of 6-9 players, and in 1999 and 2000 the Senior Orchestra Coronation Trophy for Entertainment, at the annual British Federation of Banjoists, Mandolinists and Guitarists rallies. In 2001 The Fretful Federation won the First Prize for Musicianship with a piece by Konrad Wölki,and in 2004 at the October Rally at Falmer School here in Brighton regained the Entertainment cup with a programme varying from Benvenuto by J Kok to Der Heavy Metal Peppi by Otto Jezck. And in 2008 we again won the Challenge Cup for Entertainment at the festival in East Kilbride with a sensitive interpretation of the "Song of a Japanese Autumn", by Yasuo Kuwahara; come to hear us play it!
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august 2011 by mandoisland
Dave Griffiths - Mandolin Express, Mandolin, Mandolin Teacher, Bristol Mandolin Ensemble
Welcome to all you wonderful musicians and mandolin enthusiasts.

Dave is a renowned blues, choro and jazz mandolin player. He started playing mandolin in the 70's influenced by blues, ragtime and jug band music. He added Folk and Italian romantic music to his repertoire and ventured into the classical arena with the Beethoven Sonatas at Ashton Court Festival in 2002. He has played with Blues men Eddie Martin and Dave Peabody and is a regular member of the duo SMILE with Jim Reynolds.

His latest project is a quartet called "Brejeiro" playing the jazz based Samba music of Brazil called Choro their new CD 'La Llorona' is just out and now available through this site and also at
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april 2010 by mandoisland
LGMA - Home
Homepage der Larnarkshire Guitar & Mandolin Association die durch Barbara Pommerenke-Steel und weitere Teilnehmer vertreten war; dadurch gab es auch eine nette Schottische Session mit Eddy an einem Abend
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