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Stroll around my website and you'll find free beginner mandolin lessons, intermediate lessons, mandolin tablature, video mandolin lessons, 9 free printable mandolin chord charts, and lots of other resources to help you learn to play the mandolin. Use the menu above to scope out the various materials on the site. Happy picking!
february 2013 by mandoisland
Jethro Burns Mandolin Lesson Recordings
The celebrated comedian and mandolin virtuoso Kenneth "Jethro" Burns passed away in 1989, but mandolinists can still learn from him through his recordings and instructional materials. Jim Nikora and Mike O'Connell are two players who took private lessons from Jethro, and it's lucky for us they brought their tape recorders along with them. They've graciously agreed to share these amazing recordings with us, and I am happy to provide them here as free MP3 downloads.
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february 2011 by mandoisland
Petimar Press: Home page
At Petimar Press, you will find instruction books and CD's for fiddle and mandolin by Pete Martin, award-winning mandolinist and fiddler. Pete also teaches music lessons in several locations around the Seattle, Washington, area. Pete is conversant in Bluegrass, Old-time, Texas Style, Jazz and other styles as well as music theory.
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february 2010 by mandoisland
Free Mandolin Lessons: Beginner Mandolin Chords
Beginner Mandolin Chords is a free video lesson by Brad Laird that will show you some basic beginner chords. You'll learn two-finger versions of the G, C, D and F chords. After you practice switching in between these chords, Brad will teach you how to play "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain". Below you'll find the chord charts for this lesson as well as the lyrics and chord progression for song in two different keys. To learn more check out our Moveable Major & Minor Chords premium lesson.
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june 2008 by mandoisland
Mandolinenunterricht - Home
Homepage von Rupert Paulik aus München zum Thema Mandoline und Bluegrass
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december 2006 by mandoisland
Mandolin Cafe - Mandolin Lessons
These lessons have been provided by such notable players as Mel Bay author Mickey Cochran (Crosspicking Series), Niles Hokkanen (Modes Made Easy), Pat McClintock (Pat's Chord Shapes), Ted Eschliman (, and Seth Rosen (Augusta Heritage instruc
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november 2006 by mandoisland

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