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Lessons, Charts & Transcriptions | Gypsy Jazz Guitar Online
Gypsy Jazz Guitar Online
'Lessons, Transcriptions & Musings, etc.'
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Georgia Ch. Hoppe, Klarinette/Saxophon, Improvisation, Komposition, interdisziplinäre Projekte
purple pool ist das Konzept einer musikalischen Existenz.

Freie und konzeptuelle Improvisationen, Jazz, Tango, Klezmer, linke Blasmusik, Theatermusik, klassische, geistliche Musik, Eigenkompositionen u.v.m. sind die unterschiedlichen Bereiche, in denen sich Georgia Ch. Hoppe bewegt.
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Chord Generator: chord/scale information and play-along backing tracks
generiert eine Begleitung für einen einzelnen Akkord
zeigt die Skala an die dazu passt
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Video Library » Jazz Academy
Welcome to
The Jazz Academy Video Library
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Partitions gratuites pour saxophone
Partitions gratuites: c'est chez swiss-jazz

Les musiciens qui souhaitent diffuser leurs compositions
chez swiss-jazz peuvent m'envoyer leurs partitions.
Je me ferai un plaisir de les publier
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Jazz improvisation, useful resources -
In this page you find useful resources for studying jazz improvisation. There are many methods and books on jazz improvisation: transcriptions of solos by the great masters, collections of patterns, books on theory. However, in my own experience, I realized that the really difficult part is the initial one, i.e. the first steps. Many musicians study classical and only approach improvisation later on, perhaps already having a reasonable knowledge of harmony, but without ever having applied it to improvisation.
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may 2017 by mandoisland
Improvvisazione jazz, il tutorial per iniziare a improvvisare
In questa pagina trovi tutti gli strumenti utili per lo studio dell’improvvisazione jazz. La creatività è fondamentale per suonare ed in particolare per improvvisare, tuttavia per cominciare può essere utile svolgere dei semplici esercizi, in modo da abituarsi a cantare con lo strumento in modo naturale.
Englilsh version:
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About – Peter Pussarnig
Peter Pussarnig has studied jazz guitar under the supervision of Guido Jeszenszky at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria. As a traveling musician he has learned how to play, among others, bağlama in Istanbul, Turkey and sitar with Shri Druva Nath Mishra in Varanasi, India. Being part of more than hundred projects, from playing to recording, shows his variety in styles and a great diversity of musical influences.
In 2015 “Autumn Song”, the debut album of his trio was released by Alessa Records.
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march 2017 by mandoisland
Pat McClintock - Jazz Chords for Mandolin
Pat McClintock's Jazz Chords

Pat McClintock is a good friend, a terrific mandolin player and aficionado of fine single-malt whisky. He's been a musical inspiration to me and I can say I've learned a lot from his playing. I'm proud to present Pat's chord collection here and hope you gain some insight from his work.
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Dem oft zitierten “Zauberklang der Mandoline” kann man, dank Christian Gruber-Ruesz, nun auch im Jazz auf die Spur kommen. - Christian Bakonyi
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Swing chords and progressions for mandolin | Soundslice
Swing chords and progressions for mandolin
The ultimate guide to playing jazz rhythm on mandolin.
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january 2016 by mandoisland
Crafting jazzier solo lines on mandolin | Soundslice
Crafting jazzier solo lines on mandolin
How to sound “in the style” in your improvisation.
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Utilités - Guitare Jazz Blues Rock etc...
Sur cette page ,vous allez trouver toutes sortes de documents utiles pour guitaristes; des grilles d'accords , des portées musicales, des tablatures etc..
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550 Jazz Standards
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williamanesbitt - YouTube
verschiedene Mandolin Lessons und Jazz Jam Tracks
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Joseph! Joseph! - YouTube
Joseph! Joseph! oder auch Keine Blumen und keine Schokolade.
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Jazz-Mandolin Home Page
Welcome to the Home Page
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Partitions Jazz
Partitions Jazz Gratuites
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Essential Songs
Top Jazz Jam Session Tunes

Compiled by Alisdair MacRae Birch – – Web:

This is a list of the most frequently played tunes at Jazz Jam Sessions. I compiled it over several years and have received input from a number of top Jazz musicians. Obviously there are many more tunes, but if you know these tunes thoroughly, melody, chords, and can improvise freely on them you will be well prepared to play with other Jazz musicians.
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january 2013 by mandoisland
"Mickey Baker's Complete Course in Jazz Guitar - Book 1"
Advanced Guitar Study Group
Using The Classic "Mickey Baker's Complete Course in Jazz Guitar - Book 1"
Presented by Michael Joyce and the Texas Fingerstyle Guitar Association
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november 2012 by mandoisland | Jazz Play-Along Tracks
Learning how to play jazz should be fun. Our jazz backing tracks will help you upgrade your chops, no matter what level you are or what instrument you play. Don't settle for MIDI or any other cheesy mechanical tracks. Our backing tracks feature LIVE musicians - always have, always will.
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november 2012 by mandoisland
Chords – Part I | The Jazz Chameleon
Chords – Part I

Note: This lesson is concerned with chords and assumes basic knowledge of music theory. If you feel you need to brush up on your theory before reading on, check out the links section where some good theory sites are suggested. I might also add a theory lesson on the web page sometime in the future!

One of the most important things in starting to play Jazz is, in my opinion, understanding the way chords work and thus lifting the veil of fancy names and awkward fingerings. In this lesson, I will attempt to explain the basic theory behind chords in general and the more complex theory behind the chords more commonly used in Jazz. It may look like a lot of information and a lot of things to memorize but it really isn’t, it is more a matter of comprehension rather than one of memory, much like maths. Anyway, let’s get started…
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october 2012 by mandoisland
Jazz Improvisation : Audio Lesson on Using Arpeggios to Improvise Jazz Guitar Solos
Jazz improvisation is the art of creating melodic lines spontaneously. It is traditionally inspired by a piece's rhythms, melody and harmony.
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october 2012 by mandoisland
Free Lessons and Music |
Matt Otto studied music performance and composition at Indiana University, Berklee School of Music, The New School for Social Research (BFA) and California Institute of the Art (MFA). Having lived in Japan for 5 years, New York City for 7 years and Los Angeles for 6 years, he has performed with a variety of artists including Anthony Wilson, Larry Koonse, Rashid Bakr, Ben Monder, Wada Leo Smith, Willie Jones III, Alan Ferber, Mark Ferber, Albert “Tootie” Heath, Gregory Hutchinson, Charlie Haden , Joe La Barbera, Junior Mance, Leroy Vinegar, Jimmy Smith, Ari Honig, Ben Street, Mike Moreno, Danny Weiss, Steve Cardenas, Larry Goldings, Eric Harland, Sheryl Bailey, Darek Oles, Erik McPherson, and many others.

While in Los Angeles, Matt co-founded of the Los Angeles Jazz Collective, an artist driven composers collective and record label dedicated to promoting and recording original creative improvised music and collaborating with other arts and music organizations.

He currently performs his original compositions with his Kansas City based quartet with members Gerald Dunn on alto saxophone, Jeff Harshbarger on acoustic and electric bass, and Mike Warren on percussion and drum set. Matt has recorded with the Anthony Wilson Nonet (“The Power of Nine” Groove Note 1035, 2006), Joeless Shoe ( Joeless Shoe, jcr, 2007), and 3-ish (Baobab, jcr 2009) and has several Cds recorded as a leader; 53 West 19th – Noir Records 1996, Red–Origin Records 2000, Q trio vol.1 (Jazz Collective records 2008) , and has appeared on over 15 CD projects as a side man.
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october 2012 by mandoisland
Matt Warnock Guitar - Your Online Guide to Playing Better Jazz Guitar
Matt Warnock Guitar
Your Online Guide to Playing Better Jazz Guitar
gute Seite mit vielen Hinweisen und Lektionen für Jazz Gitarre
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Welcome to KYJAZZ.COM
Listed below are some of the jazz standards we use for JAZZ JAM .. in order to have a great jam, download our .pdf of all our current charts, see which songs you'd like to jam on, so you'll already know the changes .. (printed charts will be available at jazz jam, or you can print your own from the pdf)
october 2012 by mandoisland
Jazz in America
The mission of The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz
is to offer public school-based jazz education programs for young people around the world, helping students develop imaginative thinking, creativity, curiosity, a positive self image, and a respect for their own and others' cultural heritage.

Visit our latest Lesson Plan: THE BLUES AND JAZZ
october 2012 by mandoisland
Early Jazz in Kalamazoo (1917-1925) - Kalamazoo Public Library
Early Jazz in Kalamazoo (1917-1925)

“...we can’t tell you what a ‘Jass’ Band is because we don’t know ourselves. As for what it does—it makes dancers want to dance more—and more—and yet more!” —Kalamazoo Gazette, 20 May 1917
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Welcome to Impro-Visor
Jazz Improvisation Advisor
for the Improviser
Free Open-Source Software from
Harvey Mudd College
Computer Science Department
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Easy Living Chord Chart
Free Jazz Chord Charts That You Can Transpose!

chord chards in all keys
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Les standards du jazz - partition accord tablature score vous propose quelques standards incontournables. Nous vous invitons par ailleurs à consulter la fiche pratique qui leur est consacrée.
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Grilles Jazz
Tablature et playback videos
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may 2012 by mandoisland
Mel Bay's Mandolin Sessions | Ted Eschliman - Jazz Mandology: Chord Melody | June 2006
Jazz Mandology: Chord Melody

Scratching the Surface of Chord Melody Playing on the Mandolin
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november 2011 by mandoisland
Blog - Personal site
download site for jazz albums etc rapidshare
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november 2010 by mandoisland
Jazz Folks
Music from Jazz Folks and other musicians that inspire.
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september 2010 by mandoisland
Jethro Burns Mandolin Lesson Recordings
The closest you'll ever get to a private lesson with Jethro.
The celebrated comedian and mandolin virtuoso Kenneth "Jethro" Burns passed away in 1989, but mandolinists can still learn from him through his recordings and instructional materials. Jim Nikora and Mike O'Connell are two players who took private lessons from Jethro, and it's lucky for us they brought their tape recorders along with them. They've graciously agreed to share these amazing recordings with us, and I am happy to provide them here as free MP3 downloads.
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may 2010 by mandoisland
Gitarre: Jazzworkshop – Wikibooks, Sammlung freier Lehr-, Sach- und Fachbücher
Da der Workshop aus einem Beitrag im Forum des entstanden ist, entspricht die Form nicht unbedingt dem Wikipedia-Standard und müsste dort, wo ich es nicht schon getan habe, noch einmal stilistisch überarbeitet werden. Der aktuelle Stil orientiert sich ein wenig an den Voggenreiter-Büchern und Workshops aus bekannten Gitarren-Zeitschriften.

Hier entsteht ein kleiner Jazz-Workshop für Gitarre, der sich hauptsächlich mit der Begleitung beschäftigt. Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Jazz-Büchern wird nicht davon ausgegangen, dass der Leser mit der Materie vertraut ist. Ebenso wird nicht davon ausgegangen, dass der Leser absolut sattelfest in der Harmonielehre ist. Er richtet sich also an leicht fortgeschrittene Gitarrenspieler, welche keine oder kaum Kenntnisse im Jazz haben.
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april 2010 by mandoisland
Welcome to Amelie Zapf's Website
Amelie Zap spielt auch Banjo und Mandoline...
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january 2010 by mandoisland
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