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Gosden Guitars
Gosden Guitars can offer you, the potential customer, exactly what you want from an instrument. Having direct contact with the maker enables you to tailor the instrument to your needs. Aesthetics, tone, materials and the feel of the instrument can all be discussed to ensure your satisfaction. Gosden Guitars produce unique individually handcrafted instruments that will last a lifetime and beyond.
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24 days ago by mandoisland
mandolino mandolin Gabrielli Federico indirizzo
Federico Gabrielli is a qualified maker and restorer of plucked musical instruments.

He graduated Conservatore dei Beni Liutari after a four-year course at Milanese Civica Scuola di Liuteria, under the guide of masters Tiziano Rizzi, Lorenzo Lippi and Gabriele Negri.

Since 1983 he has been working in Milan making and restoring plucked instruments, particularly mandolins.

His instruments are either modern ones, or philological reconstructions of early plucked instruments, based on drawings and studies carried out on original instruments, kept in both public and private collections: Baroque and 19th century mandolins and guitars.

He works on special commission either.

He makes restorations for both public or private customers.
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november 2017 by mandoisland
Gallery - Classical Guitars by John H. Dick
schöne Bildergalerie vom Bau einer Doubletop-Gitarre
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july 2017 by mandoisland
Musikinstrumentenrestaurator Wolfgang Wenke, Eisenach - Herzlich willkommen!
Herzlich willkommen!
Ich freue mich, dass Sie meine Website besuchen.
Jedes historische Musikinstrument ist ein Unikat.
Da ich mich ein Arbeitsleben lang mit vielen unterschiedlichen alten Instrumenten beschäftige, finde ich sicher eine individuelle Lösung auch für Ihr Problem, Ihr "gutes Stück" oder Sammlungs-Bestandteil.
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may 2017 by mandoisland
Sankey Guitars
custom handmade musical instruments by Michael Sankey
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may 2017 by mandoisland
Ernie L Fischbach Music History
Ernie Lee Fischbach became a Luthier In 2008. Learning under the continued tutelage of the Master musical Instrument Maker David Dart. ELF Soundworks is Ernie Fischbach's company. He specializes in handmade Italian Style Flat backed mandolins. Here are some photos of finished Instruments, Please enquire if you are interested in the purchase of a ELF Mandolin. Ernie's email
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may 2017 by mandoisland
THE BALLAD OF THE DREADNOUGHT - The Ballad of the Dreadnought 5.5.16 auf Vimeo
Narrated by actor and Martin player Jeff Daniels, The Ballad of the Dreadnought traces the rise of the Martin Dreadnought from selling only a few dozen guitars for its first 20 years to becoming the musical companion played in almost every musical genre in every corner of the world.

For 100 years (1916-2016), the Martin Dreadnought has stood the test of time and survived endlessly evolving musical tastes becoming the musical companion for countless artists throughout music’s history. From Crosby, Stills and Nash on stage for the second time together at Woodstock with a D-45 to Seth Avett discovering countless songs waiting inside his Martin D-35, artists such as Rosanne Cash, Roger McGuinn, Steve Miller, Vince Gill, Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson and Del McCoury to name a few, will take you on a musical journey as they lovingly recall moments where they stood proudly alongside their trusted Martin Dreadnoughts. #DreadNot #MartinPride
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february 2017 by mandoisland
Enrico Rocca followed in his father's footsteps as was the norm. He was born in Turin in 1847, the son of the famous Giuseppe.
In 1850 he lost his mother and in 1853 he moved to Genoa together with his father.
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june 2016 by mandoisland
Enrico Rocca - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Enrico Rocca (b. Turin, 21 April 1847 – Genova, 9 June 1915) was an Italian violin maker of the 19th and the 20th Centuries and son of Giuseppe Rocca.
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june 2016 by mandoisland
Мандолины: oshanbo
Mailändische mandoline (Миланская мандолина). 1884
Enrico Rocca
Genua, 1884
Kat.-Nr. 4374
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june 2016 by mandoisland
Mandolins For Sale
Old Lombardian bowl-back mandolino

This is an old, upper level, Lombary bowl-back mandolino from the late 1800s or early 1900s. It is in good condition after restoration. There is a label which says…

A. Monzino & Figli

Strumenti Musicali a Corde

Milano Via Restrelli 10
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june 2016 by mandoisland - Home
Mit Leidenschaft entwickle und baue ich klassische Gitarren aus einheimischen Hölzern.

Meine Instrumente werden für ihre leichte Spielbarkeit, ihren transparenten, kraftvollen Klang, ihre innovative, verstellbare Halsbefestigung und ihre schlichte Schönheit gelobt.
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may 2016 by mandoisland
Kresse Gitarren |
Neben der Herstellung klassischer Konzertgitarren ist meine Werkstatt spezialisiert
auf die Reproduktion und Restaurierung romantischer Gitarren des 19 Jahrhunderts.
Als Vorlage dienen Originalinstrumente von Stauffer, Lacote, Panormo
und anderer Meister.
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may 2016 by mandoisland
A Profile of Luthier R.L. Givens
The Stradivari of North Idaho
The Heritage of Mandolin Maker R. L. Givens
by Aaron Bragg
instrumentenbau  r-l-givens  mandoline 
january 2016 by mandoisland
Andersen Stringed Instruments History | Archtop Guitar Luthier
I built my first guitar in 1973 in Phoenix, AZ. I was in high school physics class, and a friend who also played guitar told me about a shop he had visited over the weekend. He said they were making guitars, and in fact anyone could go in and build a guitar for a small fee. Well, I went to check it out, and it was true. The shop was open from noon to midnight and the owner would help you build a guitar. I was 17, a junior in high school, and to me, this was pretty cool stuff. I signed on to build a 12-string guitar. It took about six months, but I ended up with a guitar I had made myself, and I was hooked.
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january 2016 by mandoisland
murray kuun | designer and luthier of original design guitars
I have always been a great lover of music, that is what all this is about, music! That, and my love for good design, I have always designed. I started making violins in the 1990′s after a chance meeting with Michaelangelo’s David in Firenze. After tiring of making the same violin over and over, and over, I moved over the guitar design and building where the scope for new design is a bit wider than in violin making.

I do not make copies of instruments that have gone before, only original instruments designed by myself. I am able to customise many of the designs shown on this website.
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september 2015 by mandoisland
HECKERT guitars
Als lang­jäh­ri­ger Gi­tar­rist und Schrei­ner ha­be ich mir ei­nen Traum er­füllt und mei­ne ei­ge­ne Gi­tar­ren­bau­werk­statt in Mühl­tal bei Darm­stadt ein­ge­rich­tet.

Hier ent­ste­hen aus­schließ­lich in­di­vi­du­el­le und rein von Hand ge­bau­te In­stru­men­te!

Ne­ben dem Gi­tar­ren­bau ha­be ich mich um­fas­send mit dem Neu­bau von Man­do­li­ne, Irish Bou­zou­ki, Man­do­la, und Ten­or­ban­jo be­schäf­tigt.

Selbst­ver­ständ­lich bie­te ich auch Re­pa­ra­tu­ren, Ein­stell­ar­bei­ten und Auf­rüs­tung mit Ton­ab­neh­mern an Gi­tar­ren und Zupf­in­stru­men­ten an.

Hans Her­wig Eck­ert
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august 2015 by mandoisland
| Rockinger Guitars - DER Shop für E-Gitarren, Gitarrenteile und Gitarrenbaumaterial
Aus Schweizer Fertigung. Die Vollausstattung für den Profi, die aufgrund der feinen Abstufung für alle üblichen Saitenstärken geeignet ist. Eine Anschaffung fürs Leben.
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june 2015 by mandoisland
Home - PENDENNIS handmade folk instruments
I specialize in custom made stringed instruments of all sorts...

Whatever You’d like to ask for - perhaps a jazz-mandola, bouzoukis, speciality guitars small or big, A or F mandolins, tenor guitars, ukuleles, a mando-uke, banjos, electric guitars and mandolins, carved tops and backs, fancy woods, custom inlays, french polish... whatever you’ve seen in the books or heard of... don’t hesitate to ask for your own special instrument. There will be a way to make your dream come true at a reasonable price!
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june 2015 by mandoisland
Akkordzither: Home
Sie finden hier alles, was das "Zitherherz" begehrt und vieles mehr.
Natürlich reparieren und restaurieren wir auch sämtliche Arten von Saiteninstrumenten.
Unser Hauptbetätigungsfeld ist allerdings der heimische Akkordzitherbau.

Wir fertigen, in eigener Herstellung, für Sie Akkordzithern und Hackbretter, ganz nach Ihren Vorstellungen und Wünschen.
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june 2015 by mandoisland
Soiva Puu
The workshop of Finnish luthier Anders Liljestrom
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june 2015 by mandoisland
There are more than 1800 entries in this file. They consist of makers, patentees, and brandnames. (A few foreign locations will be found in the list. These are for American patents issued to foreign inventors.) I have spent nearly 30 years compiling and collecting this information. It represents many thousands of dollars and uncountable hours spent. The information as presented is copyrighted by the author and is published here for your comments and personal use, but it is not to be copied or posted anywhere else on the internet or published in an article, magazine, book or any other form. Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy.
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june 2015 by mandoisland
Gabriele Pandini - Liutaio
Mandolino Napletano
Mandolino Lombardo
Mandolino Bresciano
Mandolino Genovese

Mandoloncello a 4 cori
Mandoloncello a 5 cori

Mandola tenore
Mandola contralto

Quartetto a plettro

instrumentenbau  Italien  mandoline 
april 2015 by mandoisland
Le site de l'Espace Musical

Eugène Richard (07-12-1908 / 15-08-1994), Rouen (Seine-Maritime)

Les miniatures représentent la famille des instruments à cordes. Elles furent fabriquées dans les ateliers d’Eugène Richard au 202, rue Martainville à Rouen.
eugene-richard  instrumentenbau  Frankreich 
april 2015 by mandoisland
Emerald Guitars
Emerald Guitars are produced in our factory set on the side of a Hill over looking the river Foyle in rural Donegal, Ireland. Its a magical and inspiring place to build guitars, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. We believe our location is expressed through the spirit of our instruments and the music they make.
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april 2015 by mandoisland
Miles Henderson Smith | Fine Hand Crafted Classical Guitars
I make traditional fan braced classical guitars. My guitars follow the tradition and principles of Antonio Torres. The body shape and overall design is based on plans of the famous 1937 Herman Hauser I guitar, as played by Andreas Segovia, which resides in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
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april 2015 by mandoisland
Dillion Guitars
Mandolins by Dillion Guitars
(so eine Mandoline spielen die Feral Conservatives)
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march 2015 by mandoisland
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Linksammlung zum Thema Instrumente und Mandoline
Hier findet man weitere Links zum Thema Mandoline
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february 2015 by mandoisland
Dietmar Heubner - guitar builder - 74592 Kirchberg/Jagst, Germany - Home

| Print |

In my workshop classical concert guitars are built with modern sound aesthetics based on traditional European instrument making.

In addition to the standard classical model with 6, 8 and 10 strings I have a smaller Torres-type version. For my instruments I prefer top-quality and well seasoned tonewoods such as alpine spruce, indian rosewood, ebony and cedar. The guitars are french polished and provided with high-quality tuning machines.
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december 2014 by mandoisland
Baubericht Auditorium Modell
Baubericht Auditorium Modell

Hier zeige ich den Bau eines Instrumentes von Anfang bis zur Fertigstellung.

Die Bilder entstanden beim parallelen Bau zweier, sehr ähnlicher Instrumente. Es kann also sein, dass sie Fotos sehen, die nicht 100% zum fertigen Instrument passen.
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october 2014 by mandoisland
The Clarinets - Reeds
The reed, together with the mouthpiece onto which the reed is fixed makes the air in the instrument vibrate when you blow into it (technically speaking: create acoustic waves). So the reed is a very important part of a clarinet. Clarinets (and saxophones) are instruments that use a single reed unlike the double reed of the oboe and bassoon (comparison).
instrumentenbau  klarinette 
october 2014 by mandoisland
Pvc "TOOTOPHONE" -- a musical reed instrument
Pvc "TOOTOPHONE" -- a musical reed instrument
by Thinkenstein
october 2014 by mandoisland
Lutes & Guitars
Stephen Barber & Sandi Harris, Lutemakers
Catalogue and Price List 2014
instrumentenbau  laute  gitarre 
september 2014 by mandoisland
The Lute's Progress,
Being an occasional diary of the goings-on in my Vancouver lute making workshop, written by me, Travis Carey, Lute Maker.
great pictures and tips!
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september 2014 by mandoisland
Oferecemos duas linhas de bandolins, a linha Top Line e a linha médio. O bandolim Sávio Couto é feito no modelo “Jacob” com escala em dois tamanhos: 32 e 34 cm. Estas medidas são as distâncias do cavalete ao capotrasto.
instrumentenbau  bandolim 
september 2014 by mandoisland
» Bandolim Carlos Barros Luthier
Nossa História

Carlos Antonio De Sousa Barros ou simplesmente Carlos Barros, nascido em 1964 na cidade de Socorro de Piauí.

Por volta de 1989 foi trabalhar na fabrica Giannini onde veio conhecer João Batista com quem trabalhou durante um ano.

Em1990 João Batista o convidou para trabalhar em sua empresa, foi aonde aprendeu a fazer e gostar de instrumentos musicais, e trabalhou lá por 15 anos.
instrumentenbau  bandolim 
september 2014 by mandoisland
Bandolim | Elifas Santana - Luthier

Assim como seu Osmar não registrou o trio elétrico, o pau elétrico e a Guitarra Baiana, Armandinho não registrou a criação do bandolim de 10 cordas, uma idéia genial, que chegou a ser executada por Jorge de Itacaranha (um grande luthier baiano). Hoje esse instrumento está popularizado e o crédito não é de Armandinho.
instrumentenbau  bandolim 
september 2014 by mandoisland
Pedro Santos (Luthier)
Pedro santos, nasceu em 1966, na fazenda Curral de Varas, Município da cidade de Guanambi. Mudou-se para Guanambi em 1982.

Incentivado pela arte de trabalhar com madeira e tocar viola, decidiu fabricar seu primeiro instrumento, isso por volta do ano de 1990. No começo teve muitas dificuldades para iniciar o trabalho, pois não havia informação disponível, só depois de muita mão de obra e desperdício de madeira conseguiu montar a primeira viola. Viola esta que apresentava muitas imperfeições, mas, pra começar já estava muito bom.

"Cheguei a fazer mais alguns violões, e com isso descobri que a arte exigia muito mais conhecimento do que eu imaginava, e por conta disso fiquei desanimado e parei com o trabalho por alguns anos, até que um dia eu me deparei com um livro: Toque - Curso completo de violão e guitarra da Rio Gráfica edição de 1982, onde encontrei muitas informações sobre a construção do violão. Foi então que me convenci de que eu teria condição de continuar a arte de fazer violões. Comecei a recolher madeiras, reiniciei o trabalho e cada vez mais pesquisando tudo sobre a feitura do instrumento, tudo foi se encaixando até que eu consegui um bom resultado no meu trabalho. Desta forma, a repercussão do trabalho foi crescendo localmente entre amigos, músicos regionais, até alcançar veículos de comunicação maiores, como jornal "A tarde" de Salvador, TVE de Salvador e pelo programa Na carona da TV Bahia, que foi exibido no dia 27/08/2005 às 9:00h. Depois disso, Pedro Santos tem participado de muitos outros eventos no meio artístico, os quais não foram aqui mencionados.
bandolim  instrumentenbau  Brasilien 
september 2014 by mandoisland
Fine Mandolins and Violins
Making instruments is a deep and rewarding involvement in music. From choosing and carving the tonewoods to executing details and fine-tuning the setup, I strive to build in musical potential to be unlocked in the hands of skilled players. I draw my inspiration from the classical Italian violinmaking tradition, my training, and personal exploration and study of modern lutherie. I create instruments which are powerfully voiced, yet transparent to the will and skill of the player. I've chosen to honor my maternal grandfather and namesake, Joseph Campanella, a craftsman and mandolinist, with my instruments. Please contact me with any questions or to find out how to acquire your own "little bell".
instrumentenbau  mandoline  violine 
july 2014 by mandoisland
Big Muddy Mandolin
In 1972, Mike bought a banjo that had an oddball neck on it so he and his brother decided to build a new neck for it. The seed was planted about building things.

Moving to North Idaho in 1976 he ran into two guys who were building guitars and they hired him. He worked there for five years. Rooming with RL (Bob Givens), Givens mandolins and guitars, he worked off and on with Bob during the slow times at the guitar shop. Post full time building, the next 12 years found him repairing instruments in music stores, gaining much insight into the 'how' instruments were constructed.

1993 found him moving to Missouri where he took odd jobs, one of which was teaching guitar at a local music store. One day, while waiting for a very tardy student, he waltzed over to the banjo and mandolin display. He picked up a brand name mandolin and noticed three things. The price tag of 900 dollars, the fact it was made out of plywood and it had nothing in the way of ‘good tone’.

To the garage he went.

Starting out alone, he developed what is now Big Muddy Mandolin. Reaching out to one dealer at a time he then created a market via word of mouth. As the mandolins got more exposure and more in demand he began hiring one person at a time until he reached three full-time and two part-time employees. Reaching a total of nearly one thousand mandolins a year.
instrumentenbau  mandoline 
july 2014 by mandoisland
Almuse Homepage
Based in the UK, Pete & Sue Mallinson of Albion Music Services create handcrafted electric mandolins, world instruments, upgrade kits for the more popular factory made e-mandos and a huge range of mandolin family pickups for luthiers both professional and amateur.
This year, I will officially be a pensioner and once my current orders are complete, I will cease production of custom made instruments to find time to make more challenging and interesting subjects of my choosing. These will then be available from time to time without the worry of trying to work to deadlines.
electric-mandolin  emando  instrumentenbau 
june 2014 by mandoisland
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