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Sehr stabil und sehr zerbrechlich - Badenweiler - Badische Zeitung
Sehr stabil und sehr zerbrechlich
Von Dorothee Philipp
Mi, 11. Juli 2018
BZ-Plus Matthias Wagner baut unter anderem orientalische Lauten.
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10 weeks ago by mandoisland
Gosden Guitars
Gosden Guitars can offer you, the potential customer, exactly what you want from an instrument. Having direct contact with the maker enables you to tailor the instrument to your needs. Aesthetics, tone, materials and the feel of the instrument can all be discussed to ensure your satisfaction. Gosden Guitars produce unique individually handcrafted instruments that will last a lifetime and beyond.
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february 2018 by mandoisland
Gallery - Classical Guitars by John H. Dick
schöne Bildergalerie vom Bau einer Doubletop-Gitarre
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july 2017 by mandoisland
Sankey Guitars
custom handmade musical instruments by Michael Sankey
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may 2017 by mandoisland
THE BALLAD OF THE DREADNOUGHT - The Ballad of the Dreadnought 5.5.16 auf Vimeo
Narrated by actor and Martin player Jeff Daniels, The Ballad of the Dreadnought traces the rise of the Martin Dreadnought from selling only a few dozen guitars for its first 20 years to becoming the musical companion played in almost every musical genre in every corner of the world.

For 100 years (1916-2016), the Martin Dreadnought has stood the test of time and survived endlessly evolving musical tastes becoming the musical companion for countless artists throughout music’s history. From Crosby, Stills and Nash on stage for the second time together at Woodstock with a D-45 to Seth Avett discovering countless songs waiting inside his Martin D-35, artists such as Rosanne Cash, Roger McGuinn, Steve Miller, Vince Gill, Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson and Del McCoury to name a few, will take you on a musical journey as they lovingly recall moments where they stood proudly alongside their trusted Martin Dreadnoughts. #DreadNot #MartinPride
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february 2017 by mandoisland - Home
Mit Leidenschaft entwickle und baue ich klassische Gitarren aus einheimischen Hölzern.

Meine Instrumente werden für ihre leichte Spielbarkeit, ihren transparenten, kraftvollen Klang, ihre innovative, verstellbare Halsbefestigung und ihre schlichte Schönheit gelobt.
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may 2016 by mandoisland
Kresse Gitarren |
Neben der Herstellung klassischer Konzertgitarren ist meine Werkstatt spezialisiert
auf die Reproduktion und Restaurierung romantischer Gitarren des 19 Jahrhunderts.
Als Vorlage dienen Originalinstrumente von Stauffer, Lacote, Panormo
und anderer Meister.
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may 2016 by mandoisland
Andersen Stringed Instruments History | Archtop Guitar Luthier
I built my first guitar in 1973 in Phoenix, AZ. I was in high school physics class, and a friend who also played guitar told me about a shop he had visited over the weekend. He said they were making guitars, and in fact anyone could go in and build a guitar for a small fee. Well, I went to check it out, and it was true. The shop was open from noon to midnight and the owner would help you build a guitar. I was 17, a junior in high school, and to me, this was pretty cool stuff. I signed on to build a 12-string guitar. It took about six months, but I ended up with a guitar I had made myself, and I was hooked.
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january 2016 by mandoisland
murray kuun | designer and luthier of original design guitars
I have always been a great lover of music, that is what all this is about, music! That, and my love for good design, I have always designed. I started making violins in the 1990′s after a chance meeting with Michaelangelo’s David in Firenze. After tiring of making the same violin over and over, and over, I moved over the guitar design and building where the scope for new design is a bit wider than in violin making.

I do not make copies of instruments that have gone before, only original instruments designed by myself. I am able to customise many of the designs shown on this website.
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september 2015 by mandoisland
HECKERT guitars
Als lang­jäh­ri­ger Gi­tar­rist und Schrei­ner ha­be ich mir ei­nen Traum er­füllt und mei­ne ei­ge­ne Gi­tar­ren­bau­werk­statt in Mühl­tal bei Darm­stadt ein­ge­rich­tet.

Hier ent­ste­hen aus­schließ­lich in­di­vi­du­el­le und rein von Hand ge­bau­te In­stru­men­te!

Ne­ben dem Gi­tar­ren­bau ha­be ich mich um­fas­send mit dem Neu­bau von Man­do­li­ne, Irish Bou­zou­ki, Man­do­la, und Ten­or­ban­jo be­schäf­tigt.

Selbst­ver­ständ­lich bie­te ich auch Re­pa­ra­tu­ren, Ein­stell­ar­bei­ten und Auf­rüs­tung mit Ton­ab­neh­mern an Gi­tar­ren und Zupf­in­stru­men­ten an.

Hans Her­wig Eck­ert
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august 2015 by mandoisland
Home - PENDENNIS handmade folk instruments
I specialize in custom made stringed instruments of all sorts...

Whatever You’d like to ask for - perhaps a jazz-mandola, bouzoukis, speciality guitars small or big, A or F mandolins, tenor guitars, ukuleles, a mando-uke, banjos, electric guitars and mandolins, carved tops and backs, fancy woods, custom inlays, french polish... whatever you’ve seen in the books or heard of... don’t hesitate to ask for your own special instrument. There will be a way to make your dream come true at a reasonable price!
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june 2015 by mandoisland
Soiva Puu
The workshop of Finnish luthier Anders Liljestrom
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june 2015 by mandoisland
There are more than 1800 entries in this file. They consist of makers, patentees, and brandnames. (A few foreign locations will be found in the list. These are for American patents issued to foreign inventors.) I have spent nearly 30 years compiling and collecting this information. It represents many thousands of dollars and uncountable hours spent. The information as presented is copyrighted by the author and is published here for your comments and personal use, but it is not to be copied or posted anywhere else on the internet or published in an article, magazine, book or any other form. Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy.
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june 2015 by mandoisland
Emerald Guitars
Emerald Guitars are produced in our factory set on the side of a Hill over looking the river Foyle in rural Donegal, Ireland. Its a magical and inspiring place to build guitars, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. We believe our location is expressed through the spirit of our instruments and the music they make.
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april 2015 by mandoisland
Miles Henderson Smith | Fine Hand Crafted Classical Guitars
I make traditional fan braced classical guitars. My guitars follow the tradition and principles of Antonio Torres. The body shape and overall design is based on plans of the famous 1937 Herman Hauser I guitar, as played by Andreas Segovia, which resides in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
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april 2015 by mandoisland
Dietmar Heubner - guitar builder - 74592 Kirchberg/Jagst, Germany - Home

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In my workshop classical concert guitars are built with modern sound aesthetics based on traditional European instrument making.

In addition to the standard classical model with 6, 8 and 10 strings I have a smaller Torres-type version. For my instruments I prefer top-quality and well seasoned tonewoods such as alpine spruce, indian rosewood, ebony and cedar. The guitars are french polished and provided with high-quality tuning machines.
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december 2014 by mandoisland
Baubericht Auditorium Modell
Baubericht Auditorium Modell

Hier zeige ich den Bau eines Instrumentes von Anfang bis zur Fertigstellung.

Die Bilder entstanden beim parallelen Bau zweier, sehr ähnlicher Instrumente. Es kann also sein, dass sie Fotos sehen, die nicht 100% zum fertigen Instrument passen.
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october 2014 by mandoisland
Lutes & Guitars
Stephen Barber & Sandi Harris, Lutemakers
Catalogue and Price List 2014
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september 2014 by mandoisland
Brokeoff Mountain Lutherie : Making All Wood Cam Clamps
Making All Wood Cam Clamps
Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can.
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april 2014 by mandoisland
Di Mauro
You are musicians, professionals, amateurs or collectors,
you have a guitar Di Mauro.

Send us photos of your instrument to our
Virtual Museum of all guitars Di Mauro over the world.
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april 2014 by mandoisland
Making and restoration of early musical instruments
Sebastián Núñez
Maker of fine Early Musical Instruments
Lutes, Vihuelas, Early Guitars & Harpsichords
Specialized Restorer of Historical Guitars
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february 2014 by mandoisland
Hamm-tone Guitars and Mandolins - Home
N. Jeremy Hamm (Hamm-tone) grew up in southern Ontario. His father, Nicholas Hamm III, was a mechanical engineer for John Deere for 30 years, and his grandfather was the mandolin player for the original "Lincoln County Peach Pickers", the first recorded bluegrass band in Canada from the early 1950's on. It was only fate that he fused his two strongest character traits, mechanical ingenuity and musical intuition, to become a popular and successful guitar builder in Canada.
From an early age he took piano lessons, then began studying the classical violin at age 7 until the end of highschool. Playing in the Niagara Youth Orchestra, high school jazz band, concert band, numerous bluegrass, country and rock bands, his musical knowledge runs deep. He is not only a respected luthier, but a respected musician in the Canadian music scene.
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february 2014 by mandoisland
Artinger Custom Guitars - Welcome
Our primary goal here at Artinger Custom Guitars is to create unique instruments that match our players' personalities.

The bond we've formed over the past 14 years with each of our clients has not only fueled the growth and maturity of our instruments, it's fueled our creative growth as a company.
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november 2013 by mandoisland - Musikinstrumente und Musikinstrumentenbauer
neues Verzeichnis von Instrumentenbauern etc.
Herausgabe einer Fachzeitschirift über Instrumentenbauer aus verschiedenen Regionen
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october 2013 by mandoisland
Carsten Kobs :: Gitarrenbau
Seit Herbst 1999 gibt es Kobs Gitarrenbau in Hamburg. Am Peuter Elbdeich 21, in einer für Hamburger Hafen typischen Ambiente mit Blick auf die Elbe, steht meine Werkstatt. Dort baue ich klassische Meistergitarren - und vertreibe außerdem die Konzert- und Flamencogitarren von Vicente Sanchis sowie Kindergitarren von Ricardo Moreno.
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september 2013 by mandoisland
Home Grown Lutherie | A great site
Blog über den Instrumentenbau mit Berichten von Projekten und Anleitungen
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july 2013 by mandoisland
Kambiz Sinichi started working on woods in Iran (1991) by studying on traditional Persian wooden structures. The outcome in this aspect, was a wooden-tiles exhibition which took place at Seyhoon Gallery in Tehran.
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june 2013 by mandoisland
Kazuo - Start
"Ich spiele seit vielen Jahren die Gitarren von Kazuo Sato,
weil sie dem Spieler durch ihr offenes Timbre
ein Spielen in allen denkbaren Stilen ermöglichen.
Ein breites Klangfarbenspektrum und eine beeindruckende
Klangentfaltung in großen Räumen
unterstützen den Gitarristen optimal im Konzertsaal."
instrumentenbau  Gitarre 
march 2013 by mandoisland
Sebastian Stenzel - Classical Master Guitars
Seit 1989 folge ich meiner Berufung Gitarren zu bauen.
Meinem Klangideal gemäß haben sie sonore, luftige Bässe, warme, cremige Mitten und einen lyrischen, singenden Diskant. Ebenso wichtig sind mir Modulationsfähigkeit und die Art der Ansprache meiner Instrumente. Der Ton soll dem Musiker alle Möglichkeiten der Klangformung und Dynamik bieten, ohne sich aufzudrängen.

Alle Stenzel-Gitarren haben eine einzigartige Ausformung von Hals und Griffbrett, deren ergonomische Vorteile die Bespielbarkeit erheblich verbessern (siehe auch Intonation und Bespielbarkeit), damit der Gitarrist seine Aufmerksamkeit ganz der Musik zuwenden kann.
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march 2013 by mandoisland
Kladno. This part of the Czech Republic is reknown for its tradition of musical instrument building–and a devoted coterie of serious musicians with an intense interest in Euro and American Jazz, Bluegrass and Classical music.

As a young boy I was always fascinated with wood, and at 11 years old, my main hobby was building model airplanes and boats. The acquired skills for designing with accuracy, symmetry; as well as reading blueprints was gained at this early stage and proved extremely useful later in my life in building, designing and in the repairing and restoration of stringed musical instruments.
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december 2012 by mandoisland
Michael Sander - Feine Gitarren und Lauten - Startseite
Michael Sander
Feine Gitarren und Lauten
Willkommen bei 'Feine Gitarren und Lauten'

In meiner Werkstatt entstehen aus erstklassigen Hölzern individuelle Instrumente mit ausgewogenem, lebendigem und farbenreichem Klang, von unaufdringlicher, an ihrer Funktion ausgerichteter Gestalt und klarer, natürlicher Ausstrahlung.

Ein intensiver Austausch vor und während des Bauprozesses soll es Ihnen ermöglichen, Einfluß auf die Klang- und Spieleigenschaften des zukünftigen Instruments zu nehmen, damit Sie ein optimales 'Werkzeug' zur Verwirklichung Ihrer musikalischen Ideen erhalten.
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november 2012 by mandoisland
Istituto per la Ricerca Organologica e il Restauro
unter anderem gibt es hier genaue Pläne für Mandolinen von Embergher

L’I.R.O.R. - Istituto per la Ricerca Organologica e il Restauro nasce nel 1986, inizialmente nella forma di cooperativa di lavoro, per coordinare le attività di un gruppo di ricercatori e restauratori operanti da anni nell’ambito degli strumenti musicali.
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october 2012 by mandoisland
P.W. Crump Co. - Irish Bouzouki, Octave Mandolin, Guitar, Cittern, Celtic Mandolin, Mandola
Welcome to P.W. Crump Co.

We build a variety of fine, custom, acoustic instruments, featuring Irish bouzoukis, octave mandolins, citterns, guitars, mandolins, mandolas, and hybrid instruments. Take some time to peruse the photo and sound galleries using the navigation at the top of the page. To get an overview of the variety of intruments coming out of the shop, visit the about the instruments page.
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august 2012 by mandoisland
DIY Strat (and other guitar projects): Installing Graph Tech saddles on a Tune-O-Matic bridge
Installing Graph Tech saddles on a Tune-O-Matic bridge
Removing and replacing the saddles on a Tune-O-Matic (TOM) bridge can be a confusing and somewhat fiddly process, but really isn’t that difficult. Note, though, that there have been several variations of the TOM bridge, and the process differs slightly from model to model. Also important to note is that each different bridge requires a different set of Graph Tech saddles, so make sure you buy the right ones.
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july 2012 by mandoisland
The Sabionari Guitar
The Sabionari Guitar (1679) is one of the five surviving guitars made by Antonio Stradivari

At the present time it is the only Stradivari guitar playable in the world.

Tolle Fotos von diesem historischen Instrument!
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june 2012 by mandoisland
Raymond Kraut Guitars | 
I build my guitars in an atypical fashion. Never reproducing the same inlay design twice, I customize each instrument (even on my most basic model) to give every guitar it’s own aesthetic individuality. I use only the finest tone woods available allowing me to create striking and vocal instruments. Utilizing my luthiery education, I have developed a sound that is as unique in its design as my inlay art.
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may 2012 by mandoisland
DE Hirschmann Guitars | Gitarrenbau und Gitarrenreparaturen
Das Hirschmann Gitarren in feiner Handarbeit in Deutschland gebaut werden, wissen Sie ja schon. Doch es gibt auch eine Menge Features die Hirschmann Gitarren zu einem zuverlässigen und hochwertigen Instrument machen.
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april 2012 by mandoisland
Die Saite - Dirk Jungbluth
Herzlich Willkommen auf meiner Gitarrensaite!

Ich möchte Sie herzlich zu einem virtuellen Rundgang durch meine kleine Werkstatt einladen.

Gitarren aus handwerklicher Fertigung und fachliche Reparaturen am Saiteninstrument.

Sollten Sie irgendwelche Fragen haben, können Sie mich jederzeit erreichen, zum Beispiel über mein Kontaktformular.

Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Freude beim Stöbern und Betrachten meiner Arbeiten!

Dirk Jungbluth
instrumentenbau  Gitarre 
february 2012 by mandoisland
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