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Conjunto Faltando Um
Conjunto Faltando Um

... e seu portal de choro, com foco em Florianópolis - SC

Blog mit Choro Noten
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october 2013 by mandoisland
Bando do chorão - Blog
Bando do chorão
In choro veritas!
O que é o Bando do chorão? É como um clube de choro?
"Na verdade ninguém sabe direito! São forças ocultas que se manifestam enquanto estamos tocando Choro! Ninguém vê, mas paira no ar um poder enorme, todo mundo sente as vibrações!"
Marco Ruviaro
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september 2013 by mandoisland
61 Versions of Tico Tico - WFMU's Beware of the Blog
Maybe the reason I keep playing single-chord songs on my show lately is because at one time, I couldn't get enough of the song Tico Tico, the tune that packs in more notes per measure than a scat singer on Dexedrine. I stumbled onto my cassette cache of Tico Tico's the other day, and without someone nearby to slap some sense into me, I ripped all of them. Then I came to the station and proceeded to find even more versions. Then I stupidly searched online and.. and...and... just go below the jump for all 61 versions.

Tico Tico was written in 1917 by Zequinha de Abreu. The song's first title was actually Tico Tico no Farelo, and in the 40's it became Tico Tico no Fuba. The song was imported to the US by Disney via their animated piece of World War Two-era Happy Latinos propaganda, "Saludos Amigos," in which Donald Duck introduces the song. That version is below. Do I want more versions? No. Unless you have the Captain Beefheart version. I gave up my Tico Tico obsession on the air years ago because I quickly discovered it was a bottomless pit of wants, desires and notes. Lots of notes. Three hour's worth (note to Kenny G: don't do it!)
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september 2010 by mandoisland
Mandolin World
Blog aus Brasilien über Mandoline, Bandolim, Choro
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december 2007 by mandoisland
Choro Music
Blog über Choro
Choro is a Brazilian music style, very popular in the 1920s and 1930s, but still popular nowadays. This blog wants to share our passion for this music and its musicians like Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim and Garoto, but also the contemporary generation of young talented musicans like Yamandú Costa.
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november 2007 by mandoisland

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