NDL Digital Collections - マンドリン独奏:トラバトーレ
四竈 清子[マンドリン]
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2 days ago
NDL Digital Collections - ラルゴ・アッフェットォーゾ (一)
ラルゴ・アッフェットォーゾ (一)
Largo affettuoso
( google translation to English:
Largo · Affettozo (1)
Color Che [composer]
O.S.T. Mandolin · Quartet)
2 days ago
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National Diet Library Digital Collections
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Visualización detallada - Biblioteca Digital Hispánica (BDH)
Method for the mandoline F. de Cristofaro
Cristofaro, F. de (1846-1890)

Portada y cubierta ilustradas con orlas, firmado por J. Druillet inv. et del.; V. Michel. CS.
En la cubierta, propaganda de otras obras publicadas por el editor
Fecha de publicación tomada del Dictionnaire des éditeurs de musique français, volume II, de 1820 à 1914, 1988
Láminas con ilustraciones de las diferentes posiciones de las manos y la posición corporal que se debe adoptar con la mandolina
mandolinenschule  noten 
2 days ago
MIMO - Musical Instrument Museums Online (debug)
Musikinstrumente in Museen in Europa
Welcome to the world's largest freely accessible database for information on musical instruments held in public collections. Our database now contains the records of 56406 instruments.
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6 days ago
Europeana Collections
Suche in den Sammlungen europäischer Museen - alle Sammlungen:
Noten, Bücher, Fotos, Instrumente, Aufnahmen etc.
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6 days ago
Harry Fragson – Wikipedia
Harry Fragson (* 2. Juli 1869 in London als Victor Léon Philippe Pot; † 30. Dezember 1913 in Paris) war ein in Frankreich und England gleichermaßen erfolgreicher Sänger, Komödiant und Autor verschiedener Lieder. Er trat in den Café-concerts und Music Halls in Paris und London auf. Er wurde 44-jährig von seinem senilen Vater erschossen.
harry-fragson  paris  patierno 
9 days ago
Doce de Choro
336 Choros... work in progress... Last update 11/04/2017

Je déchiffre tous les jours en exercice un nouveau Chorinho avec mon saxophone en Ut* et je l'enregistre (photo sonore) en version courte (phrases A-B-C-A).

Cada dia, decifro em exercίcio um novo Chorinho com o meu saxofone em C*, e gravo uma versão curta (foto sonora).

I play and record one new Chorinho’s tune with my “C Melody” sax*, every day.
noten  choro 
11 days ago
providencemandolin.org | The Providence Mandolin Orchestra
As best as can be determined the Providence Mandolin Orchestra (PMO) was first founded in 1914, marking 2014 as the group’s centenary. Newspaper articles and programs tell us of performances from the early era with Giuseppe Pettine and William Place Jr., both premier mandolin virtuosos in the United States during the instrument’s “Golden Age”. The modern version of the PMO dates from 1971, when it was revived by Hibbard Perry, who had been a student of Pettine’s. Over the past four decades the PMO has become the leading American mandolin ensemble with regular performances throughout the eastern United States and Western Europe.

The PMO champions the performance of contemporary music for mandolin ensemble, including many pieces written for the group. In the past several years the PMO has given world or American premieres of new works by Clarice Assad, Betty Beath, Richard Charlton, Jim Dalton, Owen Hartford, Victor Kioulaphides, Annette Kruisbrink, Stephen Lalor, Olaf Naslund, Michael Nix, Robert Schultz, Emile Stopler, Caroline Szeto, Francine Trester, Frank Wallace, and August Watters. Also over the past several years the PMO has embarked on an ambitious program of collaborative performances with leading European mandolin ensembles, including Het Consort (The Netherlands); the Ensemble a Plectre de Toulouse (France); the JZO NRW (Germany); and the Orchestra of the International Mandolin Academy (Italy), and the Saarländisches Zupforchester (Germany).

Since 1989 the PMO has been directed by Mark Davis. Davis began his guitar and mandolin studies with Hibbard Perry, and continued his studies with the pioneering German guitarist/conductor/composer Siegfried Behrend from whom he inherited his fascination with contemporary forms of musical expression.
mandolinenorchester  USA 
12 days ago
Ernest Patierno (18..-1929) - Author - Resources from the BnF
Ernest Patierno (18..-1929)
Death : 26-02-1929
Note :
Compositeur. - Prénoms complets : Ernest-Louis
15 days ago
Partituras para Violão 7 Cordas
Blog especializado na divulgação de partituras para o violão de 7 cordas enfatizando o choro e samba. Uma boa oportunidade para quem é iniciante e quer montar um repertório. Aos poucos o violonista pode ousar e não ficar limitado às partituras, embora há aqui, em diversas composições, arranjos originais. Faça o download e comece a tocar.
noten  choro 
17 days ago
Die Mandoline · Breitkopf & Härtel
Die Mandoline
herausgegeben von Bernd Junghanns und Ursula Junghanns [Mand]
noten  mandoline 
18 days ago
Wie man ein Kindle-eBook richtig formatiert | Viola Bellin
Bevor wir unseren Text bei KDP hochladen, müssen wir diesen entsprechend formatieren. Dafür nutze ich das Textverarbeitungsprogramm Word.
22 days ago
Wynton Marsalis Gives 12 Tips on How to Practice: For Musicians, Athletes, or Anyone Who Wants to Learn Something New | Open Culture
Wynton Marsalis Gives 12 Tips on How to Practice: For Musicians, Athletes, or Anyone Who Wants to Learn Something New
mandoline-lernen  üben 
22 days ago
Irish and Celtic Music Podcast by Marc Gunn on iTunes
Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
By Marc Gunn

To listen to an audio podcast, mouse over the title and click Play. Open iTunes to download and subscribe to podcasts.
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27 days ago
Cigarette Pack 1
Cigarette pack only for sale or to trade with

Rolling Papers

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4 weeks ago
Vivaldi Orchester Karlsfeld - YouTube
tolle Videos, eines der besten Zupforchester in Deutschland!
mandolinenorchester  youtube  Deutschland 
4 weeks ago
The WebShander - Custom Scrimshaw by Mark Thogerson
Welcome to the Web home of
Scrimshaw by Mark Thogerson. I am a
scrimshander with over 40 years of experience working with ivory and antler. I
only use natural materials - fossil mammoth and walrus ivories, old ivory piano
keys, and shed antlers - and work them using hand tools and materials similar to
those the whalers may have had in the 19th Century. The result is an
authentic look, and pieces you will be proud to display or use.
5 weeks ago
Manuscripts — Phillip Houghton
Originally trained as an artist, Phillip Houghton began music studies at the age of 20, receiving advice and encouragement from the late John Champ, one of Australias greatest pianists, music educator and radio broadcaster.
Gitarre  Komponist  Noten 
5 weeks ago
Music Videos-Celtic Sounds By W. Ed Harris-W. Ed Harris- Channel Detail
Enjoy the music videos of Celtic Music with Composer and classically trained Multi-Instrumentalist W. Ed Harris. Relax with nature as Ed takes you to a place of peace and relaxation.
music  video  celtic 
5 weeks ago
Aquarellstifte im Vergleich: Faber Castell vs Caran d'Ache
Aquarellstifte im Vergleich: Faber Castell vs Caran d’Ache
zeichnen  malen 
5 weeks ago
Improvvisazione jazz, il tutorial per iniziare a improvvisare
In questa pagina trovi tutti gli strumenti utili per lo studio dell’improvvisazione jazz. La creatività è fondamentale per suonare ed in particolare per improvvisare, tuttavia per cominciare può essere utile svolgere dei semplici esercizi, in modo da abituarsi a cantare con lo strumento in modo naturale.
improvisieren  jazz 
5 weeks ago
Fabrizio André Valzer per un amore, dal Valzer campestre di Marinuzzi
Valzer per un amore è un brano di Fabrizio De André scritto sul tema del Valzer campestre dalla Suite Siciliana di Gino Marinuzzi, un compositore e direttore d’orchestra siciliano. Il brano uscì come singolo sul lato B del più famoso La canzone di Marinella e mostra quanto De André fosse interessato alla musica popolare già all’inizio della sua carriera.
5 weeks ago
Gino Marinuzzi (1882-1945) - Wikipedia
Fabrizio De André utilizzò il tema del Valzer campestre per la sua canzone Valzer per un amore (1964).
5 weeks ago
Fabrizio De André – Wikipedia
Während seiner Karriere, die von 1958 bis 1998 dauerte, wurde De André, von seinen Freunden Faber genannt, durch die hohe literarische Qualität seiner Texte und die meisterhafte Interpretation zu einem der beliebtesten Sänger in Italien. Einige seiner Texte sind mittlerweile Bestandteil des Schulunterrichtes. Er erzählte überwiegend Geschichten der Ausgegrenzten und Entrechteten.
fabrizio-de-andre  Italien 
5 weeks ago
Charles B. Brown
Charles B. Brown was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to German immigrant William Brown and his German bride Carbina Wilhelmina Buchs. His younger siblings included George (1872), Emma (1874), William (1876), Albert (1878), and Wilhelmina (1880). Although he later reported his birth year as 1870, the 1880 enumeration, taken in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, showed him to be eleven, so it was potentially 1869. The record also showed the senior Brown working for the railroad at a train depot.mobile prance cover Milwaukee and surrounding areas had a heavy Germanic population by this time, which is, in part, how it became a center for breweries, as well as for fine music.
chas-b-brown  ragtime 
7 weeks ago
Gitarre-Archiv Österreich
Als Ergänzung zur ersten Publikation über die Geschichte der Gitarre in Österreich Die Gitarre in Österreich – Von Abate Costa bis Zykan finden Sie auf dieser Seite Informationen und Dokumente aller Art – Texte, Noten, Konzertprogramme, Bilder, Verzeichnisse, Hörproben und Anderes mehr.

Nachdem in einem Buch über die Geschichte der Gitarre Gegenwart und jüngere Vergangenheit naturgemäß nur am Rande berührt werden können, bietet dieses Medium Gelegenheit dafür. Zahlreiche Links führen Sie zu Gitarristen, Gitarrenbauern und mit der Gitarre befassten Institutionen – zu den wichtigsten Daten, die bereits im Web vorliegen.
Die Seite wird laufend ergänzt und aktualisiert, Beiträge sind herzlich willkommen!
gitarre  archiv 
7 weeks ago
About – Peter Pussarnig
Peter Pussarnig has studied jazz guitar under the supervision of Guido Jeszenszky at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria. As a traveling musician he has learned how to play, among others, bağlama in Istanbul, Turkey and sitar with Shri Druva Nath Mishra in Varanasi, India. Being part of more than hundred projects, from playing to recording, shows his variety in styles and a great diversity of musical influences.
In 2015 “Autumn Song”, the debut album of his trio was released by Alessa Records.
mandoline  jazz  weltmusik 
8 weeks ago
A Growing Archive of Global Street Music | Atlas Obscura
A Growing Archive of Global Street Music
Since it launched in 2014, Daniel Bacchieri's Street Music Map has recorded the locations of some 1,200 artists spread across 93 countries.
musik  Strassenmusik 
8 weeks ago
Are We All Tuning Our Guitars Wrong? | Guitar World
The thinking behind Taylor’s method is that hitting the strings harder causes them to vibrate sharp, so we actually need to tune the guitar slightly flat to compensate for this. The low strings have a greater tendency to sound sharp when played hard, so they need to be flatter relatively speaking. In addition, the B string, should be flatter relative to A440 than the high E and G.
stimmen  gitarre 
9 weeks ago
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