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11 days ago
MMusic | He Mele Aloha Reference Collection 2004
keine Noten, aber midi Files mit den Melodien für viele Songs aus Hawaii
Hawaiian Melodies Reference Collection: He Mele Aloha
These lists are a gift to all who love to sing Hawaiian songs. Most of our personal and published song-collections include only text and chords, and all we need to launch into singing a song is get the first few notes or the first musical phrase. All too often the lament, "Eh, how does this song go...?" can dampen an otherwise enthusiastic family kanikapila ("domestic music making") session. This reference website exists solely to help keep alive our kanikapila tradition.
This is a reference collection of incipits, that is, the first few notes of a song. Because this is an incipit reference list, no current or former copyrighted ownership is infringed upon, and none intended either. This purely instructional list is a teaching reference, assembled as a gift for those who love to kanikapila for their personal domestic/school use. This printable webpage is a means of recalling the tune of a song:
hawaii  hawaiian-music 
18 days ago
The Published Hawaiian Songbooks of Charles E. King | Hawaiian Music for Listening Pleasure
The Published Hawaiian Songbooks of Charles E. King
Informationen über Charles E. King und seine Veröffentlichungen
hawaiian-music  noten  blog 
18 days ago
Kings Hawaiian Melodies Contents Index Page
THE COLLECTION HERE PRESENTED TO LOVERS of the beautiful music of Hawaii contains what is considered by authorities on things Hawaiian, to be the most typical of the native melodies song's that breathe of the atmosphere of the land and also reveal the nature of its delightful people.

Einzelen Seiten, leider nicht als kompetter Download...
hawaiian-music  noten 
18 days ago
Hawaiian Songs
Listen to audio recordings of 19 Hawaiian songs that you can learn to play by PRIVATE WEBCAM LESSONS.
hawaii  ukulele  hawaiian-music 
18 days ago
Hapa-Haole Songs
Listen to audio recordings of 47 hapa haole songs and other local favorites that you can learn to play by PRIVATE WEBCAM LESSONS. In August 2017, we began recording new songs with a drum machine that requires discipline to stay on the beat. Enjoy!
hawaiian-music  hawaii  ukulele 
18 days ago
Review Na Lani Eha Sing-Along Program 2017
Review Na Lani Eha Sing-Along Program 2017
ukulele  hawaii 
18 days ago
Verbinden eines Geräts mit einem Unifying-Empfänger
Verbinden eines Geräts mit einem Unifying-Empfänger
maus  logitech  software 
19 days ago
Digital Commons@Connecticut College: Historic Sheet Music Collection | Greer Music Library | Connecticut College
The Historic Sheet Music Collection (HSMC) consists primarily of popular music of the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century. Although most of the music is composed or arranged for voice with piano accompaniment, some pieces incorporate other instruments such as guitar, and some are for instrumental solo (primarily piano or guitar). A few classical works are also included in the collection.
noten  archiv 
19 days ago
Orchestra Sinfonica Tokyo
Bilder einger Mandolinen von Calace und Vinaccia aus den 1920er Jahren
alte_mandolinen  Calace  Vinaccia 
19 days ago
オルケストラ シンフォニカ 東京 | Orchestra Sinfonica Tokyo (OST)
Orchester Sinfonica Tokio. Es ist ein alteingesessenes Mandolinenorchester, das den Fluss des von Takei Moriyasu gegründeten Orchesters anzog. Ich veranstalte einmal im Monat ein Konzert, um Dai-ichi Life Hall mit meiner Praxis zu packen. Der Mitgliedsbeitrag für Studenten ist völlig kostenlos. http://ostokyo.info
mandolinenorchester  Japan 
19 days ago
Hula Hula Dream Girl (Sonadora Bailarina del Hawai) : Gus Kahn : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Hula Hula Dream Girl (Sonadora Bailarina del Hawai)
by Gus Kahn; Ted Fiorito; Hilo Hawaiian Orchestra; Ferera and Franchini
20 days ago
norinori326 - YouTube
Kisarazu High School Mandolin Club
mandolinenorchester  Japan 
20 days ago
Babis Tsertos - Wikipedia
Haralambos (Babis) Tsertos (Greek: Μπάμπης Τσέρτος; born October 27, 1956) is a Greek musician. His sister is the singer Nadia Karagianni. His father was a musician too, and he was playing the Mandolin. At the age of 17, he settled permanently in Athens and in 1974, he entered the Faculty of Physics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
babis-tsertos  bouzouki  Griechenland 
20 days ago
Scheit-Archiv | Gitarre-Archiv Österreich
Karl Scheit sammelte Zeit seines Lebens alles, was mit der Gitarre zu tun hatte: Instrumente, Noten, Tabulaturen, Bücher, Zeitschriften, Tonträger, Bilder und Dokumente aller Art. Obwohl er durch einen Bombenangriff im letzten Kriegsjahr alles verlor und 1945 von vorne beginnen musste, kam noch eine der weltweit bedeutendsten Sammlungen zustande – eine wichtige Quelle für seine musikalische, pädagogische und editorische Arbeit.

Der Großteil seines Nachlasses wird heute von der Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Wien verwaltet. Historische Notenausgaben und Zeitschriften können vor Ort studiert werden, neuere Editionen und Bücher kann man auch entlehnen.
gitarre  archiv 
4 weeks ago
Raffaele Calace- Bio, Albums, Pictures – Naxos Classical Music.
(1863 - 1934)

Raffaele Calace was born in Naples in 1863 into a family of established mandolin and guitar makers. Raffaele and his brother were encouraged from an early age to follow into the family business. Both also became talented players and composers. Raffaele excelled in all three pursuits. He studied composition at the Regio Conservatorio di Musica in Naples and graduated with distinction. He then set about putting the mandolin into what he considered to be its rightful place amongst the musical circles of the world.

Raffaele Calace was a player of incredible virtuosity. He took mandolin techniques to new levels and was greatly admired for his expressive and beautiful playing. He travelled the world playing, frequently performing his own music. Among his most notable visits was a tour in Japan in 1924/5 when he played to the Emperor and was awarded 'The Third Order of the Sacred Treasure'. Calace’s many works for mandolin and piano are part of his output of over 170 pieces for mandolin, in which he frequently pushed the mandolin to its limits. As a mandolin maker he was pivotal in increasing the range of the instrument up to a’’’’ by extending the fingerboard over the sound hole. As a player he made full use of this extended range as well as developing and perfecting techniques that gave the mandolin more dimensions and allowed for huge ranges in dynamic and tonal contrasts.
raffaele_calace  Calace 
4 weeks ago
NDL Digital Collections - 伊豆の踊子 踊り子の唄
伊豆の踊子 踊り子の唄
Title Transcription (titleTranscription)
イズノオドリコ オドリコノウタ
Author/Performer (creator)
長田 幹彦[作詞]
中山 晋平[作曲]
四家 文子
japan  historical_recordings  mandoline  NDL 
4 weeks ago
Interview: Sutari & Dead Rat Orchestra | Folk Radio
Dead Rat Orchestra and Poland’s Sutari, two of the world’s most prominent avant-folk ensembles, join forces for a headline tour of the UK.
5 weeks ago
"Tsundoku," the Japanese Word for the New Books That Pile Up on Our Shelves, Should Enter the English Language | Open Culture
“Tsundoku,” the Japanese Word for the New Books That Pile Up on Our Shelves, Should Enter the English Language
5 weeks ago
Georgia Ch. Hoppe, Klarinette/Saxophon, Improvisation, Komposition, interdisziplinäre Projekte
purple pool ist das Konzept einer musikalischen Existenz.

Freie und konzeptuelle Improvisationen, Jazz, Tango, Klezmer, linke Blasmusik, Theatermusik, klassische, geistliche Musik, Eigenkompositionen u.v.m. sind die unterschiedlichen Bereiche, in denen sich Georgia Ch. Hoppe bewegt.
musik  jazz 
5 weeks ago
Sitting and listening: Trio Vesuvio - Ballabili Italiani
Results 1 to 3 of 3
Thread: Sitting and listening: Trio Vesuvio - Ballabili Italiani
This LP was probably recorded in the mid to late 50s and was released on the tiny Edgina label, and likely distributed out of Rossi's shop in Little Italy.
mandoline  Italien 
6 weeks ago
If you like banjos, ukuleles, guitars, mandolins
- and the music they make - and the people who make it,
welcome to your new home...
the international ALL FRETS organization!
all-frets  magazin  mandoline  banjo  gitarre 
6 weeks ago
Mandolin Orchestra Wins First Prize
Mandolin Orchestra Wins First Prize

In the previous issue of the Greek Press our readers were apprised of the fact that a convention of the American Guild Organization of Banjoists, Mandolinists, and Guitarists was being held in Chicago.

Each year the finest stringed-instrument artists gather from all over America to compete for the first prize. This year the convention and contest were held in the La Salle Hotel. Over fifteen string ensembles were represented. Aside from the various programs presented during the convention, the most important was the recital given Sunday evening.

The finest mandolin ensembles of the country took part in the recital. Certain required numbers were played by each orchestra in order that the committee of judges might select a winner. It finally awarded the first prize
to the Greek Mandolin Orchestra under the direction of Mr. Peter Vournas
peter-vournas  mandolin  mandolinenorchester 
6 weeks ago
Hellenic Mandolin Orchestra of Chicago
Hellenic Mandolin Orchestra of Chicago

The Greek Mandolin Orchestra of Chicago will contribute a rich musical to the United States Veteran Hospital No. 76 of Maywood, the musical will take place, Tuesday December 28th.

Owing to the request of the Greek Veterans the following program will be presented.

Peter Vournas, Conductor.

1. Curo Cuchares

La Xella Argentia


March by Geraldo Metallo (Tanzodanza) by Carlos Roberto.

2. Mazeppa Overture, Ladaloma

By Franz Mahland Yradier.

3. Valzer-Concerto

Souvenir, Mandolin Solo

By C. Munier F. Dila, Vournas

4. Santiago-Spanish Waltz. El choclo-Tango.


By A. Corbin and A. G. Viloldo.
peter-vournas  mandolin  mandolinenorchester 
6 weeks ago
Robert Farnon Society - Bob Bain - the famous American Guitarist is Interviewed
Whether you realize it or not, you’ve heard the guitar of Bob Bain. In all reality, you couldn’t miss it. Starting in the 1950’s and through the 80’s (not counting today’s re-runs or syndicated programming), if you watched television shows like Peter Gunn, Bonanza, Mission Impossible, The Munsters and M.A.S.H., it was Bob Bain’s guitar that you heard on the themes. For 22 years, Bob was a fixture along with Doc Severinsen and The Tonight Show Band during the Johnny Carson era on NBC. But you’ve also heard his work in movies like Thoroughly Modern Millie and on recordings with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee and Nat King Cole. Bob has also recorded several albums of his own on Capitol Records, recorded with the group Guitars Unlimited, and produced a couple of releases by jazz pianist Junior Mance.
bob-bain  guitar 
6 weeks ago
Siamsa Montreal School of Irish Music - École de musique irlandaise Siamsa de Montréal - Session Tunes
At many sessions you will hear the tunes listed below. There are links to sheet music and a few audio clips.

Hear everyone together playing The Britches Full of Stitches.
folk  noten 
7 weeks ago
Faire Gebrauchte - Gebrauchtwagen Freiburg: Startseite

bei www.faire-gebrauchte.de

Hier geht es zu den fairen Gebrauchtwagen in Freiburg, der BreisgauRegio und Südbaden.

Billige Gebrauchtautos finden Sie woanders, dort wo nur der letzte Preis zählt.
7 weeks ago
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