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Habitica - Gamify Your Life
Faites de votre vie un jeu
Habitica est une application gratuite permettant de construire des habitudes et d'augmenter votre productivité, qui traite votre vie comme une jeu. Avec des récompenses et des punitions internes au jeu pour vous motiver, et un réseau social puissant pour vous inspirer, Habitica peut vous aider à accomplir vos objectifs pour avoir une meilleure santé, travailler plus et être heureux.
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july 2018 by mandarine
Clerk: Self-hosted life-event logging web app.
Simple event-logger app.

Track periodic events as they happen such as when baby has a nappy change, when you eat chocolate, or how many hours you slept.
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april 2018 by mandarine
Jim Koch Taught Me How to Drink All Night But Never Get Drunk - Esquire
Koch told me that for years he has swallowed your standard Fleischmann’s dry yeast before he drinks, stirring the white powdery substance in with some yogurt to make it more palatable.

“One teaspoon per beer, right before you start drinking.”

Active dry yeast has an enzyme in it called alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH). Roughly put, ADH is able to break alcohol molecules down into their constituent parts of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Which is the same thing that happens when your body metabolizes alcohol in its liver. Owades realized if you also have that enzyme in your stomach when the alcohol first hits it, the ADH will begin breaking it down before it gets into your bloodstream and, thus, your brain. "
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april 2014 by mandarine
Free online speed reading software |
Speed reading is the art of silencing subvocalization. Most readers have an average reading speed of 200 wpm, which is about as fast as they can read a passage out loud. This is no coincidence. It is their inner voice that paces through the text that keeps them from achieving higher reading speeds. They can only read as fast as they can speak because that's the way they were taught to read, through reading systems like Hooked on Phonics.

However, it is entirely possible to read at a much greater speed, with much better reading comprehension, by silencing this inner voice. The solution is simple - absorb the reading material faster than that inner voice can keep up.

In the real world, speed reading is achieved through methods like reading passages using a finger to point your way. You read through a page of text by following your finger line by line at a speed faster than you can normally read. This works because the eye is very good at tracking movement. Even if at this point full reading comprehension is lost, it's exactly this method of training that will allow you to read faster.

With the aid of software like Spreeder, it's much easier to achieve this same result with much less effort. Load a passage of text (like this one), and the software will pace through the text at a predefined speed that you can adjust as your reading comprehension increases.

To train to read faster, you must first find your base rate. Your base rate is the speed that you can read a passage of text with full comprehension. We've defaulted to 300 wpm, showing one word at a time, which is about the average that works best for our users. Now, read that passage using spreeder at that base rate.

After you've finished, double that speed by going to the Settings and changing the Words Per Minute value. Reread the passage. You shouldn't expect to understand everything - in fact, more likely than not you'll only catch a couple words here and there. If you have high comprehension, that probably means that you need to set your base rate h
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february 2014 by mandarine
Withings Aura
Withings Aura is a cleverly designed system that both monitors and positively impacts your sleep experience.
health  productivity  lifehacks  from delicious
january 2014 by mandarine
Evernote Hello | Evernote
Il est difficile de se souvenir des gens. Evernote Hello vous aide en créant un historique riche et facile d'accès de personnes, rencontres et expériences partagées.
notes  iphone  android  social  lifehacks  from delicious
october 2013 by mandarine
How to retain more of what you read
While on the flight to Omaha, he was reading. He took notes on the material itself, and every time he completed a chapter he pulled out a sheet of white paper and wrote a single page summary on what he had just read. He places the paper in another folder. This is how he gets his learning deeper and this also enables him to refer to summaries in the future.
books  lifehacks  learning  from delicious
june 2013 by mandarine
Hacker Talks - Expert Curated Lists of the best Tech Talks.
The best video-lists for the topics startups, tech, lifehacking and future. Collected and curated by geeksperts worldwide.
video  aggregator  technology  lifehacks  future  from delicious
march 2013 by mandarine
Anatomy of an A+
A Look Inside the Process of One of the World’s Most Efficient Studiers.
learning  education  lifehacks 
june 2011 by mandarine
Extreme Minimalism | Andrew Hyde
In August of 2010 I sold everything I owned and currently own ~15 things as an expression of minimalism.
minimal  fashion  lifehacks 
may 2011 by mandarine
Move! moving - déménagement – verhuis
Vous allez bientôt déménager. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant à Move! Nous vous aidons à réussir votre déménagement (changement d'adresse, renon, rétroplanning, check list, …).
belgium  lifehacks 
february 2011 by mandarine
The Luggage Shipping Experts – Luggage Free
Luggage Free – The luggage shipping experts offering a premium luggage delivery experience.
Luggage Free is a specialty service offering you the ability to ship luggage ahead to any destination worldwide, so you can avoid the inconvenience of carrying, ch
flights  lifehacks  travel 
november 2010 by mandarine
Fit Finder - Search for a better fit - tall shirts, short shirts, long shirts, big shirts, or small shirts
If you're tired of searching for dress shirts that never quite fit the way they should, we're here for you. Just answer the 6 simple questions and we'll show you which sizes should fit you better.
fashion  lifehacks  t-shirts  shopping 
november 2010 by mandarine
Anki - friendly, intelligent flashcards
Anki is a program which makes remembering things easy. Because it is a lot more efficient than traditional study methods, you can either greatly decrease your time spent studying, or greatly increase the amount you learn.
Anyone who needs to remember thin
education  free  language  learning  lifehacks  windows  osx  software  linux 
october 2010 by mandarine
Wood Wires Desk - Johnnydoes
We designed a desk that creates a semi solution for hiding wires. It is a grid of wooden planks with small wiregutters in between. It can hide any kind of wire from the object itself to the end of the desk with a little smart positioning!
design  diy  furniture  lifehacks  office 
august 2010 by mandarine
No Baggage Challenge
Rolf Potts travels around the world with no luggage
travel  blog  minimal  lifehacks 
august 2010 by mandarine
How to Use Text Expansion to Save Yourself Hours of Typing Every Week
Text expansion utilities monitor your typing and trigger rules when you type a predefined phrase or key combination. When you type one of those pre-defined phrases, your text expansion utility removes your short version and replaces it with a longer phras
gtd  lifehacks  productivity  software  writing 
august 2010 by mandarine
EyeDefender is a freeware rest reminder designed to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) resulting from working on a computer for hours. CVS symptoms include eyestrain, blurred vision, delayed focusing, headaches, back and neck aches, dry and burning ey
exercise  free  health  office  software  lifehacks 
july 2010 by mandarine
Fluther: Tap the Collective
We think there’s still nothing better than getting an answer from a real person. So we made it easier.

Just ask Fluther, and we’ll direct your question to people who can help.
collaboration  lifehacks  forum  social  search  web2.0 
june 2010 by mandarine
Sleep Cycle alarm clock
The Sleep Cycle alarm clock is a bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase.

Waking up in the lightest sleep phase feels like waking without an alarm clock - it is a natural way to wake up whe
clock  health  iphone  lifehacks 
june 2010 by mandarine
Stain Removal Solutions - University of Illinois Extension
Whether it be egg food, coloring dye, grass, flower pollen, pet/people stains, perspiration stains or baby food stains, we have solutions for all of the top stains in spring.
cleaning  diy  home  lifehacks  reference 
april 2010 by mandarine
» 50 things :mnmlist
This is my personal 50 Things Challenge … I’m listing all my personal possessions and trying to keep them to 50 things.
march 2010 by mandarine
The cell phone accessory wristband that lets you sleep less and feel better! The WakeMate will analyze your sleep to find the optimal time for you to wake up
iphone  lifehacks  clock  health 
march 2010 by mandarine
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