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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy organizes scholars from around the world in philosophy and related disciplines to create and maintain an up-to-date reference work.
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april 2016 by maltodextrin
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has achieved what Wikipedia can only dream of — Quartz
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy may be the most interesting website on the internet. Not because of the content—which includes fascinating entries on everything from ambiguity to zombies—but because of the site itself.

Its creators have solved one of the internet’s fundamental problems: How to provide authoritative, rigorously accurate knowledge, at no cost to readers.
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april 2016 by maltodextrin
Innovation Masters Series | Stanford University, December 9-11, 2015
Learn how to build an innovative workforce with a two-and-a-half day design thinking program for executives, business leaders, decision makers and their teams.
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march 2016 by maltodextrin
The's environment supports the core values of our work: human-centered design, a prototyping culture, mindfulness of process, and a bias towards action. You bear a shared responsibility to protect and enhance this environment. See below for resources and guidelines that help make the a great place to learn and work
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march 2016 by maltodextrin
Stanford Live
Stanford Live is the new Stanford Lively Arts, ranging in 2013 from Stanford’s distinguished resident ensemble, the St. Lawrence String Quartet, to other longtime Stanford favorites and a wealth of newcomers representing a wide range of genres, including chamber and symphonic music, jazz, and world music.
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june 2012 by maltodextrin
CAAN - Free Treatment
Stanford psychological study looking for participants.
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october 2009 by maltodextrin
Entrepreneurship Week at Stanford University
Come join us February 18-25 for Entrepreneurship Week 2009 at Stanford. Most events are free and open to all students, parents, alumni and members of the public. Click on individual events below to see details or view the calendar summary page for a schedule overview
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february 2009 by maltodextrin
Folding@Home Distributed Computing
Distributed computing project to tackle protein folding computations.
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june 2007 by maltodextrin
Harvard Business Online's Bob Sutton
Bob Sutton's Harvard Business School Publishing weblog.
robertisutton  stanford  hbsp  management  Innovation 
april 2007 by maltodextrin
Stanford Technology Ventures Program
Technology ventures project within Stanford's School of Engineering.
Innovation  stanford  startups  Entrepreneurship 
march 2007 by maltodextrin

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