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Pinterest Pinit button
Pinterest Pinit button Javascript code
pinterest  webdev 
october 2013 by maki
Acquia out of beta |
The Drupal Acquia bundle looks very handy for many sites.
drupal  webdev 
september 2008 by maki
Campaign Monitor |
A Campaign Monitor module for Drupal!
drupal  webdev  campaignmonitor. 
may 2008 by maki
Handy HTML table generator
webdev  webdesign  html  tables 
may 2008 by maki
Drupal Code Search
search drupal code using regex
drupal  webdev 
april 2008 by maki
A page to clear your cache |
now why did i now find this before? Invaluable.
drupal  webdev 
april 2008 by maki
Blindtextgenerator » Lorem ipsum für Designer
A "lorem ipsum" generator. Handy especially if you need accented characters.
loremipsum  webdesign  webdev  webservices 
january 2008 by maki
Amy Editor - A Collaborative Text and Source Code Editor for Developers
An in-browser text editor that supports several programming languages for online collaborative editing.
webservices  webdev  writing 
january 2008 by maki | Drupal vs. WordPress: Which is better for blogging?
Very good comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. Point of interest: Drupal is easier to create a custom design in.
drupal  wordpress  webdesign  webdev 
march 2007 by maki
Broken Rights
How should dialogue be marked up? Or for that matter, something like a script? No definite answer but food for thought here.
markup  html  dialogue  webdev 
october 2006 by maki
Dreamweaver Design Challenge: Tables vs. Layers
"Is it better to use layers or tables to design a Web page? We explain the pros and cons of each." Hard to believe this is from October 2006, but Dreamweaver still only does absolutely positioned 'layers'!
webdesign  webdev  dreamweaver  css  webdev,  dreamweaver, 
october 2006 by maki
Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site
Take advantage of open source tools, including Drupal, MySQL, PHP, Apache, Eclipse, and CVS for web site development (a great series on the IBM site)
cms  webdev  drupal  mysql  apache  php  ibm  cms,  webdev,  drupal,  mysql,  apache,  cvs,  php, 
october 2006 by maki
Vanilla One
open source forum software.
php  forum  webdev  webserver 
july 2006 by maki
quickr pickr
Generates HTML based on what photos you want to display from flickr. A bit limited though.
flickr  photo  taggenerator  webdev 
may 2006 by maki
Ajax Linking and Embedding
Description of a method of interacting with rich context documents in the web browser
webdev  ale 
april 2006 by maki
Yahoo! Design Pattern Library
Solutions to all kinds of web page navigation problems
webdev  webdesign  UI 
february 2006 by maki

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