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Stainless steel made to order. Rather fancy. Located in Nanterre.
stainlesssteel  france  design  house 
march 2012 by maki
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Bento and bento box giveaway
Pikko of Adventures in Bento is giving away a stainless steel bento box. Plus check out the adorable Goldilocks and the Three Bears bento.
cute  kawaii  bento  charaben  giveaways  bentobox  stainlesssteel  kids 
march 2009 by maki
Bento&co | The Bento Shop | Zen 01
They now carry stainless steel bento boxes from (I think) Aizawa Kobo. I have this one and it's my favorite box!
shopping  bento  bentobox  stainlesssteel 
march 2009 by maki

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