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The Metropolitan Museum of Art - MetPublications
free art books online from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
art  books  arthistory  fineart  ebooks 
october 2013 by maki
Archive: Search : an alphabet for gourmets
The text of MFK Fisher's classic An Alphabet For Gourmets on the site
gourmet  magazine  mfkfisher  foodwriting  classics  books  writing 
april 2009 by maki Buy Used Books to Fund Literacy Worldwide
A used book store site that ships free within the US, $2.97 elsewhere, and helps fund literacy. (via mefi)
books  shopping 
january 2008 by maki
Medi-novels is a wiki devoted to novels about Dark Ages and Medieval England. A bit sparse at the moment but looks promising.
books  historicalnovel  england 
october 2007 by maki
Please suggest great books for girls. | Ask MetaFilter
Such great recommendations here. I can't wait for my niece to get old enough to read some of these.
reading  books  children  girls 
december 2006 by maki
The Online Books Page
links to thousands of copyright free books online.
books  copyrightfree  reading 
june 2006 by maki
self-publishing for bloggers
weblogs  publishing  books 
march 2006 by maki
Turning the Pages™, the British Library
Mozart, Lewis Carroll, Jane Austen, and more
art  history  books  music 
january 2006 by maki

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