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Twelve South
Expensive Mac/i-device accessories.
mac  ipad  iphone  design  furniture  interior  accessories  apple  shopping 
march 2012 by maki
PowerBook to MacBook (Pro)
Another tale of great customer service from Apple. And people wonder why they have so many fans...
apple  customerservice 
december 2007 by maki
Apple - A Greener Apple
Steve Jobs addresses criticism about Apple's environmental awareness.
apple  mac  environment 
may 2007 by maki
Box Shadow now in Webkit
text-outline, now this...OK now...let's go all the way...rounded corners!
webkit  apple  safari  css  webdesign 
january 2007 by maki
TIME: Gadget of the Year | 2006
Vote for your favorite. I would say for me it's either the MacBook Pro, or the Nintendo DS Lite. Though that little GPS thing looks cool too.
gadgets  apple  mac  dslite  timemagazine 
november 2006 by maki
The great New York breast feeding test
"I don't know if we have a policy that you can or can't do it, but breast-feeding is natural," one [Apple Store] employee tells me. "Now, we do have people who come in and log onto certain sites on the Internet and take out certain body parts - that we do
newyork  nyc  babies  breastfeeding  apple  women  newyork,  nyc,  babies,  breastfeeding,  apple, 
october 2006 by maki

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