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30+ Responsive Free AngularJS Admin Themes
AngularJS is a popular javascript framework to create web applications. It is an open source framework that addresses some of the challenges of single page web applications. Regardless of the size of the application, the browser is going to load a single page. Additional contents will be loaded into the application as they needed. Some way this is going to be faster since the site only loads the content it needs instead of an entire page. A great dashboard design involves plenty of data visualisation elements work togather. AngularJS is a great technology for building dashboards. We have found some great free AngularJS admin themes. These are a perfect data visualisation. See also : 65+ Best Free Bootstrap Admin Templates Angular Bootstrap Dashboard Angular Bootstrap Dashboard is a web dashboard application based on Bootstrap and AngularJS. Live Demo DownloadFree Responsive Bootstrap Joli Angular JS Admin Template Joli is a free admin template/Dashboard/Web App based on Angular JS. Live Demo DownloadngAdmin Admin template width angular and bootstrap. Live Demo DownloadRDash Angular rdash-angular is an AngularJS implementation of the RDash admin dashboard. The dashboard uses a small number of modules to get you started, along with some handy directives and controllers to speed up development using the dashboard. Live Demo DownloadAngular Material Dashboard Responsive Angular admin dashboard with material design based on Angular Material. Live Demo DownloadSB Admin BS4 Angular 2 Simple Dashboard Admin App built using Angular 2 and Bootstrap 4. Live Demo DownloadRDash Angular2 AngularJS 2 implementation of the RDash admin dashboard theme. Live Demo DownloadAngularJS Material Design ECMA6 Dashboard This is an opinionated AngularJS dashboard using Material Design, ECMA6 and Traceur. DownloadAngularJS Dashboard with D3JS This is a simple implementation of D3JS in an Angular app. It’s not meant to be a finished product, but just an example of how you might integrate the two. Live Demo DownloadRin A brilliant Angular 1 & Bootstrap 4 dashboard boilerplate. It’s structure follows John Papa’s Angular Style Guide closely, but has some minor changes. Live Demo DownloadItemsAPI dashboard ItemsAPI dashboard is fast angular.js web application for managing items and demo purpose. Live Demo DownloadAngularjs MDL Dashboard Simple init project using dashboard example from material design lite. Live Demo DownloadPagerDuty Dashboar
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テンプレートエンジン不要?JavaScriptで文字列処理を簡潔にするTemplate literal |
連載: ECMAScript 2015(ECMAScript 6)特集 (7)ECMAScript 2015(ES6)の概要と次世代JavaScriptの新たな機能ECMAScript 2015のブラウザ対応状況と実践投...
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