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EGODatabase, Finally Released - enormego:developers
EGODatabase uses some code from FMDB, but for the most part, it was completely reworked to use result sets and row objects. One of the biggest differences between FMDB and EGODatabase, aside from EGODatabase being thread-safe, is when selecting data, EGODatabase populates its EGODatabaseRow class with the data from SQLite, as opposed to retaining the SQLite results like FMDB does.
iphone  sql  sqlite 
may 2009 by madmax
iPhone Development: OpenGL ES from the Ground Up: Table of Contents
Great series of articles going through the basics of OpenGL ES for the iPhone
iphone  opengles  opengl 
may 2009 by madmax
iPhone Development
Good articles on iPhone OpenGL development
iphone  cocoa  objective-c  opengles  opengl 
may 2009 by madmax
touchengine - Google Code
Allow syndication of data between the web and the iPhone
development  cocoa  iphone  python  sdk  appengine  project 
january 2009 by madmax
CreoLabs - PayShield
A neat looking iPhone app for viewing and managing your Paypal account. API Credentials are required.
paypal  iphone  app  appstore 
january 2009 by madmax
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