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Economics Nobel laureate Paul Romer is a Python programming convert — Quartz
"Romer believes that open-source notebooks are the way forward for sharing research. He believes they support integrity, while proprietary software encourage secrecy. “The more I learn about proprietary software, the more I worry that objective truth might perish from the earth,” he wrote."
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october 2018 by macloo
Millennials Are Screwed - The Huffington Post
Cool example of a design that responds to user's scrolling actions.
css  economics  design  scrolling  huffPo  animation  webapps 
august 2018 by macloo
Yes, You Can Measure White Privilege
Factual ways of measuring, and a good analogy
america  economics  education  race 
april 2017 by macloo
Kind of a game, and kind of journalism.
games  poverty  economics  webapps  examples 
november 2016 by macloo
Democracy’s Detectives — James T. Hamilton | Harvard University Press
Democracy’s Detectives: The Economics of Investigative Journalism
James T. Hamilton - October 2016
book  journalism  investigative  economics  2016 
october 2016 by macloo
Turkey and the Taper Tantrum | Foreign Affairs
Economic impacts - "Turkey’s central bank has a serious credibility problem which markets are no longer willing to ignore."
turkey  economics 
june 2015 by macloo
A Terrible Year for Newspapers, a Good Year for News - The Atlantic
"There is no universal portable formula for making money on the news. "Do great journalism" isn't a distribution plan. "Do worthless journalism" isn't a business plan. Paywalls work, but only sometimes. Higher subscription pricing works, but only sometimes. With so many business plans sort-of-working, continuing to madly experiment seems preferable to doubling down on any one idea."
newspapers  economics  business  journalism  businessmodel  from twitter
august 2014 by macloo
Is It Better to Buy or Rent? -
Very interactive data! "... our calculator takes the most important costs associated with buying a house and computes the equivalent monthly rent."
data  interactive  examples  economics  2014  webapps 
may 2014 by macloo
Washington: A world apart | The Washington Post
"Super Zips": Zip codes with nation's highest income and college education levels.
census  economics  education  maps  interactive  examples  wapo 
may 2014 by macloo
Daily chart: The longer walk to equality | The Economist
South African inequality over the lifetime of Nelson Mandela - two charts.
africa  economics  charts  examples 
december 2013 by macloo
Free exchange: Net benefits | The Economist
Convenience afforded by Internet access has a quantifiable value, and some people are studying it.
internet  access  economics 
march 2013 by macloo
Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks | Neighborhood income maps of U.S. cities
"See how much money people make in every neighborhood in every city in America." Source on income data: 2006-2010 U.S. Census' American Community Survey. All figures are in 2010 dollars. All map boundaries are Census Tracts.
maps  visualization  economics  unitedstates 
january 2013 by macloo
Academic publishers make Murdoch look like a socialist | The Guardian
"Academic papers are published in only one place, and they have to be read by researchers trying to keep up with their subject. Demand is inelastic and competition non-existent, because different journals can't publish the same material. In many cases the publishers oblige the libraries to buy a large package of journals, whether or not they want them all."
academic  scholarly  publishing  journals  research  university  economics  library 
september 2011 by macloo
Pain at the pump - Associated Press Interactive
Segment "Oil's Trip to the Pump" is a very good visual explainer
graphics  visual  infographics  examples  economics 
june 2011 by macloo
Africa Map: A New Gold Rush -
Five maps of the continent: Facts. Foreign Direct Investment. Gross Domestic Product. Population Density. Landscape. I like it. Pop-ups on rollover on some of the maps, not all.
flash  maps  Flashjournalism  examples  mmc4341  africa  economics 
january 2011 by macloo
10 Ways Journalism Around the World Is Being Revived and Reinvented - Poynter Online
Bill Mitchell finds "a significant shift in attention from the diminishment of journalism to its rediscovery and reinvention."
journalism  economics  future  newsbusiness  businessmodel  international 
september 2010 by macloo
The future of the internet: A virtual counter-revolution | The Economist
"Fifteen years after its first manifestation as a global, unifying network, [the Internet] appears to be balkanising, torn apart by three separate, but related forces." Governments (nation-states). Giant IT companies. Those who own the networks (enemies of net neutrality).
internet  future  economics  business  mmc6612 
september 2010 by macloo
Interactive Infographic of the World's Best Countries - Newsweek
By Thomas Klepl, Adam Clarkson, Newsweek. Visual representation of health, education, quality of life, and other indicators, in 97 countries. 2010.
statistics  visualization  economics  infographics  interactive  data  international  examples  journalism  flash  nov2010 
august 2010 by macloo
Africa’s middle class: Striving to develop a continent | Global Post
50 years after Africa's independence boom, middle class drives economic growth, democracy.
economics  education  politics  africa 
may 2010 by macloo
How to Save the News - Magazine - The Atlantic
James Fallows on aggregators, Google, and how to pay for good journalism.
journalism  news  economics  google  ideas 
may 2010 by macloo
Inside the Private Equity Game - Business and Financial News - The New York Times
Very slick and easy to understand interface for multi-part video. Original. Flash.
interface  usability  video  journalism  examples  economics  nyt  mmc4341  week5 
october 2009 by macloo
Burma and China - Emerging Fault Lines in Sino-Burmese Relations - The Jamestown Foundation
"in 2008-2009 China emerged as Burma’s number one investor, pumping $856 million into the country, or 87 percent of all foreign investments (Deutsche Presse-Agentur, July 14). Close relations with Burma have also enabled China to improve its energy security situation. In March, after several years of negotiations, an agreement was signed to build twin oil and gas pipelines from the port of Kyaukphyu in Arakan State to Kunming, Yunnan Province. Construction of the 1,200 mile pipelines is scheduled to begin this month, with China footing the $2.5 billion bill."
economics  china  burma  asia  2009  politics  international  ASEAN 
september 2009 by macloo
What Washingtonians Make -
This ridiculously simple graphic (with good reporting behind it) really held my attention for about 10 minutes or so - longer than I usually spend on any one Web page. Why? I think largely because of the photos!
graphics  informationdesign  visual  simple  onlinemedia  journalism  WaPo  photography  examples  economics 
september 2009 by macloo
The Death of the Download?
Great food for thought - student discussion starter - why do you pay for something? How do you make people want to pay for something. Radiohead and Danger Mouse teach us. Good links here too.
freeculture  economics  digital  future  ideas  music  mmc6612 
july 2009 by macloo
How the web changed the economics of news - in all media | Online Journalism Blog
List of 10 ways things have changed from an economic standpoint:
1. Atomisation of news consumption
2. Measurability
3. Mutually conflicting business models
4. Reduced cost of newsgathering and production
5. End of scarcity of time and space
6. Devaluation of certain types of journalism
7. The end of monopolies
8. Cutting out middlemen
9. Creating new monopolies
10. Digitisation and convergence
11. The rise of the PR industry
12. A new currency
businessmodel  economics  journalism 
june 2009 by macloo
The Long Tail: How big is the free economy?
This fits in well with "Convergence Culture" and "The Network Economy."
mmc6612  economics  socialnetworks  convergence 
july 2008 by macloo

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