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STS-93: Dualing computers | Wayne Hale's Blog
It is one of those procedures that Capt. Young used to describe as “keeping busy while you wait to die.”
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october 2014 by maciej
Richard M. Mullane Oral History
I mean, after a launch abort, I swear, you could take a gun and point it right at somebody’s forehead, and they’re not even going to blink, because they don’t have any adrenaline left in them; it’s all been used up. To be strapped in out there and then to be told, “Oh, the weather’s bad. We got a mechanical problem,” and to be pulled out of the cockpit, and now it’s all going to start over. Twenty-four hours you go back, you’re exhausted, you go back, have a shower, meet your wife, say goodbye again, and then start the process all over the next day. And you do that two or three times in a row, and you’re ready for the funny farm. It really is a very emotionally draining thing.
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october 2014 by maciej
Maxime A. Faget Oral History
What was also a factor in the design of solid rockets was that you can't make them but so long. The length-to-diameter ratio is a limiting design factor, and consequently we limited the total amount of impulse, thrust times time. The total amount of propellant in the solid rockets was limited by that, which meant that the solid rockets would only be able to help during the first couple of minutes of flight, as opposed to being attached longer. We staged those solid rockets at only a little over 4,000 feet a second, which really meant that the Shuttle and its tank had a big job to do, and it really limited the performance and inhibited any growth in the payload capability, which the program has had to suffer with all this time.
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october 2014 by maciej
Shuttle communications antenna bolts a concern
antenna box might come loose on launch, hard to fix on pad
shuttle  risk  space  nasa  doh 
august 2006 by maciej
Getaway special cans (Phil R. Karn)
more info on the severe constraints of the shuttle's (discontinued) "getaway special" program
shuttle  space  econ  nasa  leo 
april 2006 by maciej
Shuttle escape ball (Henry Spencer)
early escape system for in-orbit transfer of people from shuttle A to shuttle B
shuttle  nasa  space  rescue 
april 2006 by maciej
Tank foam lost during shuttle wind tunnel test
foam ramp redesign actually makes things worse. More evidence that no one understands the process of foam shedding
shuttle  risk  nasa  testing  space  engineering  design 
april 2006 by maciej
Horrible shuttle manifest diagram
A master class in bad information design
huh  tufte  aargh  horror  shuttle  nasa  design  idiot  no 
march 2006 by maciej
"Tiger Team" report on external tank foam loss in Discovery launch (eg, a TPS report)
apparently the foam is more sensitive than previously thought to damage in handling
shuttle  space  report  pdf  discovery  foam  nasa 
october 2005 by maciej
NASA Internal Memo from Michael Griffin to William Gerstenmaier: In-Guide Option for FY 2007 Budget | SpaceRef - Your Space Reference
Griffin appears to be seriously considering serial processing of shuttles, which would cut total future flights to eight (seven ISS, one Hubble)
space  nasa  shuttle  memo 
october 2005 by maciej
Plans for Crew Exploration Vehicle
it's like the Shuttle never happened. Note horribly inconsistent lighting in the topmost artist's rendering, too
space  shuttle  astro 
october 2005 by maciej
Buran (Soviet Space Shuttle)
horribly designed but excellent reference page on the Soviet air/space vehicle program
shuttle  cccp  reference  space 
august 2005 by maciej
Prometheus: Space Policy Archives
includes detailed shuttle launch cost spreadsheet
space  reference  shuttle  nasa 
august 2005 by maciej
John Glenn Shuttle & Masonic Numbers - Shuttle Tuttle Tempel Templar?
John Glenn launch was some kind of Masonic comet conspiracy
crank  space  shuttle  ha 
august 2005 by maciej
Glenn: Tito flight a 'misuse' of space station - May 6, 2001
John Glenn slags Dennis Tito for frivolous space flight
space  iss  shuttle 
august 2005 by maciej
good all-in-one summary of shuttle payload capabilities, launch and landing weights, and other minutia
shuttle  nasa  space  reference 
august 2005 by maciej
Master sniffer clears Shuttle for lift-off
article describes the team of people whose job it is to smell-test spaceborne materials
chem  shuttle  space  nasa 
july 2005 by maciej
Famous Mormons in the Military
Mormon conspiracy: in charge of NASA, the Shuttle program, and piloting an orbiter
mormon  shuttle  jeebus  ha  nasa 
july 2005 by maciej
Space Shuttle Observing
guide to observing space shuttle launch and re-entry
astro  shuttle  space 
july 2005 by maciej
One NASA plan to save astronauts would ditch shuttle
mentions the politics around omitting auto-land capability from the orbiter (it exists, except gear can't be dropped)
space  shuttle  nasa 
july 2005 by maciej
Technical Report on Space Debris
assessment of probablities and methodology for calculating risk of collisions
space  risk  nasa  shuttle 
july 2005 by maciej
Space Shuttle & NASA Stock Footage - Royalty Free By Footagehouse
a whole stack of low-res quick time Shuttle porn movies
space  movie  shuttle  nasa  cool 
july 2005 by maciej
apparently shuttle external tanks are free for the taking, if you promise not to drop them on anyone
space  nasa  shuttle  ha  rocket 
july 2005 by maciej
NASA numerical simulations
A lot of broken links, but the Shuttle images are stunning
sim  nasa  shuttle  space  aviation  grocklebar 
july 2005 by maciej
Arnold Engineering Development Center - Major Systems Tested (wind tunnel photographs)
some lovely shock wave shots of the shuttle and various rockets and aircraft
mil  space  aviation  shuttle  sim  img  cool 
july 2005 by maciej
KSC Photo Archives - 1981
slide sheet of shuttle photos from the Kennedy Space Center
shuttle  img  space  nasa 
july 2005 by maciej
NASA 747 - shuttle carrier aircraft
specs on the tricked out (but production, not custom-built!) 747s used to ferry the Shuttle
aviation  space  shuttle  nasa 
july 2005 by maciej
Shuttle SRB Separation
Great piece of shuttle porn
shuttle  space  img  cool  nasa 
july 2005 by maciej -- Debris is Shuttle's Biggest Threat
internal risk assessment said to assign half of all mission risk to debris strikes while in orbit (1 in 200 chance)
nasa  risk  space  rocket  shuttle  iss 
july 2005 by maciej
Getting Space Exploration Right
very good Zurbin critique of the Bush Moon/Mars 'vision'
mars  space  nasa  shuttle  astro  rant 
july 2005 by maciej
MTKVA - original Soviet shuttle design
silly-looking precursor to the Buran, shelved because of engineering problems
shuttle  rocket  cccp  aviation  space 
july 2005 by maciej
New Scientist - Columbia's final launch left lingering sky glow
Columbia high-altitude launch plume apparently migrated to antarctic within four days
shuttle  space  nasa  eco  climate  weather  antarctica 
july 2005 by maciej
Space Rose Pleases the Senses
Company develops perfume fragrance from massively subsidized launch of rose into space
bio  nasa  space  idiot  shuttle 
july 2005 by maciej
HSF - Space Shuttle Benefits
self-parodying official NASA page on benefits the shuttle brings to you and me
shuttle  space  idiot  ha 
july 2005 by maciej
The SLC-6 Saga (history of the Vandenberg shuttle launch facility)
the Vandenberg facility was never used, and the Shuttle has never launched in a polar orbit
shuttle  nasa  mil  sdi  cold_war  waste 
july 2005 by maciej
Shuttle Get Away Special
weird NASA program leasing a trash-can sized experiment bin on shuttles for about 10k
shuttle  science  nasa 
july 2005 by maciej
Space shuttle Columbia reentry video reconstruction/The Columbia accident California to Texas
stitched together video coverage of the Columbia re-entry, with mission control audio and some explanatory graphics
shuttle  disaster  space  nasa 
july 2005 by maciej
History of Liquid Hydrogen as a Propulsion Fuel
NASA history of the decision to use H2 in the space program, and the development of the technology
chem  nasa  space  hist  us  cold_war  mil  nukes  shuttle 
july 2005 by maciej
"5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Goodbye, Columbia" by Gregg Easterbrook
Easterbrook later became an idiot but this is a very good shuttle-bashing article from 1980
shuttle  politics  us  hist  nasa  space 
july 2005 by maciej
Buran reusable shuttle
chronology page of the Soviet shuttle with a nice set of photos
space  cccp  shuttle 
july 2005 by maciej
Nasa's not-so-shining moments
Feb 2001 SciAm article about sloppiness and worker error in the shuttle program (drill bit left in a main engine, for example)
nasa  shuttle  space 
july 2005 by maciej
Space Shuttle Main Engines
more detailed description, with photos, of how the main shuttle rocket engines work
shuttle  nasa  tech  space 
july 2005 by maciej
CNN - NASA: Loose pin caused space shuttle hydrogen leak - July 30, 1999
1999 incident in which a pin used to plug cooling tubes came loose and nearly caused a main engine shutdown
nasa  shuttle  space 
july 2005 by maciej
Air & Space article on shuttle pad abort procedures
There have been five pad aborts (launch aborted after main engine ignition)
shuttle  space  nasa 
july 2005 by maciej
Number of Engines - Design Criteria Relation to Reliability and Other Factors
spreadsheet for probabilistic risk assessment of changes to shuttle booster configuration
shuttle  nasa  math  risk  space 
july 2005 by maciej
Firsthand descriptions of a Shuttle launch, including discussion of survivable and fatal abort modes
"if the only engine you've got running is one of the side engines, it's problematical and nobody has a whole lot of success in completing those in the simulator"
shuttle  nasa  space 
july 2005 by maciej
SRB failure (Dani Eder)
brief Boeing email message about the catastrophic effects of asymmetrical solid rocket booster ignition
shuttle  disaster  nasa  space  aviation  tech 
july 2005 by maciej
Shuttle range safety system (RSS, har)
I'm curious to find out what the shuttle trajectory redlines are that would prompt use of this. Also, hope it's encrypted
nasa  shuttle  space 
july 2005 by maciej
Space Shuttle News Reference Manual
technical low-down on all aspects of the space shuttle
nasa  shuttle  space  tech  reference 
july 2005 by maciej

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