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Nudelsalat mit Rucola und Pinienkernen in Balsamico-Dressing
200 g Nudeln
(50 g Pinienkerne)
100 g Rucola
400 g Tomate(n) (Cocktailtomaten)
2 kleine Gurke(n) (Minigurken), alternativ 1 kleine Salatgurke
3 Paprikaschote(n) (Spitzpaprika), rote, alternativ 2 kleine normale Paprikaschoten
2 Kugeln Mozzarella
5 EL Aceto balsamico
3 EL Olivenöl
1 Knoblauchzehe(n)
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february 2016 by luthien82
Love On The Rink
Honestly, the first one is an accident.

Or, how Sidney Crosby finds love through message boards, heaving bosoms, boat rides and a lot of grand gestures.

Or: the one where I grinned my way through because CHEESY ROMANCE NOVELS ARE THE BEST!
author:agirlnamedfia  f:hockeyrps  p:sc/em  rating:pg  type:slash  cat:humor  words:5.000-10.000  like:a++  #saved 
january 2015 by luthien82
Joghurt - Bowle
3 Flaschen Saft (Maracuja-Nektar)
1 Flasche Rum (Bacardi-Rum), weiß
3 Becher Schlagsahne (nicht geschlagen)
4 Becher Joghurt, (Pfirsich-Maracuja)
3 Dose/n Pfirsich(e)
2 Pck. Vanillezucker

Alle Zutaten in den Bowle-Eimer und gut verrühren. Fertig!
Tipp: Wer keine Früchte in der Bowle mag, ersetzt die Pfirsichdosen durch 1-2 Flaschen Grannini Pfirsich-Nektar.

Man sollte auch beim Maracuja-Nektar auf einen herb fruchtigen Geschmack achten. Sonst schmeckt’s quäkig! Gut gekühlt servieren!!
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january 2015 by luthien82
I Never Shook My Shadow
Clint has thought about it, maybe more than is strictly healthy; sometimes he’d tell himself stories about what would happen if Phil just showed up one day, alive.

Or: the one where Clint meets Skye and Phil has been dosed with Truth Serum.
author:laurakaye  f:avengers  p:clint/phil  rating:nc-17  type:slash  cat:humor  cat:smut  cat:romance  words:10.000-15.000  like:a++  #saved 
september 2014 by luthien82
Easy Truffles
This is the fastest and easiest recipe for making delicious, perfectly flavored chocolate truffles. Customize the flavors and toppings to suit your exact tastes. You'll get hooked on trying to come up with the perfect combinations, and your friends and family will be more than happy to help judge their favorites!
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september 2014 by luthien82
Scattered Pieces of My Mind
After one scandal too many, Patrick Kane gets traded. Eventually it stops being the worst thing that's ever happened to him.

// Surprisingly good mix of ouchy-chest-aching angst, tears and laughter. Geno and Pat are bros, yo.
author:calliotrope  f:hockeyrps  p:pk/jt  p:sc/em  rating:pg-13  type:slash  genre:au:canondivergence  cat:angst  cat:hurt/comfort  cat:humor  words:20.000-25.000  #saved  like:a++ 
march 2014 by luthien82
King and Lionheart
Sidney’s wedding day doesn’t go quite as he’d planned. When he’d bothered to imagine it at all, he’d thought of a nice June wedding in Nova Scotia, outdoors with the sun streaming down. He hadn’t imagined this hurried affair on the tarmac on a rainy and unseasonably cool day in early September, a month after his twenty-fifth birthday.

// This was just so fucking cute. Also loved that all my expectations-slash-fears were unfounded. Just a really, really excellent feel-good fic.
author:thehoyden  f:hockeyrps  p:sc/em  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:marriagefic  cat:romance  cat:fluff  cat:schmoop  words:50.000-60.000  like:a++  #saved 
march 2014 by luthien82
Shadowlord and Pirate King
A fast ship, a good crew, a treasure, a Clan to lead -- that's all Arthur Pendragon has ever wanted. He sits on the Council, he supports his father's kingship, and he keeps an eye on the Imperial Conglomerate when they come too close to Pirate space.

One day the Conglomerate infiltrates the Clans and poisons the King. Arthur must search for a cure to keep his father alive and the Clans from civil war.

An escape route, a sharp knife, a target, the shadows at his command -- that's all Merlin has ever needed. He fulfills his assignments, he uses the Sterling to sustain his once-royal House in their exile, and wages a private war against the Imperial Conglomerate.

When he learns of an elaborate plot to assassinate him, Merlin does the opposite of what's expected. He flees onto a Pirate ship.

There's a saying among the Pirates: that one's fate is written in the stars. Destiny will always set to rights what has been made wrong.

Arthur and Merlin know that they were meant for the other from the moment they meet. They can feel it from across the galaxies separating them. Nothing can stop them from being together or from fulfilling an ancient prophecy.
author:footloose  artist:mushroomtale  f:merlin  p:merlin/arthur  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:au:scifi  cat:action/adventure  cat:romance  cat:angst  words:150.000-250.000  like:a++  #saved 
september 2013 by luthien82
Tour de Force
“Write what you know” was good enough advice for Jo March, so it’s good enough for Patrick Kane.

Or: the one where Patrick is a secret novelist.
author:thehoyden  f:hockeyrps  p:pk/jt  rating:nc-17  type:slash  cat:humor  cat:romance  words:20.000-25.000  like:a++  #saved 
march 2013 by luthien82
a light-handed approach to regulation
They separate out the alphas and omegas for sex ed. Total, they make up about a quarter of Patrick’s eighth grade class, and so there’s only sixteen of them plus Mrs Biermann in the room when she starts talking about what it means to be an alpha.

“Bonding with an omega will be the greatest responsibility any of you ever have,” she says solemnly, and the period just goes downhill from there.

// Locked on AO3. Works surprisingly well as original slash if you have no idea who these people are (like me).
author:hazel  f:hockeyrps  p:pk/jt  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:au:alpha/omega  cat:romance  words:30.000-40.000  like:a++  #saved 
march 2013 by luthien82
For Your Information
When Arthur comes out as gay to his father, Uther decides to be modern and reasonable about it. In his own way. As he doesn't know any gay men, he decides to befriend Merlin, his old friend Gaius' gay nephew and try to learn about the whole gay thing. It takes approximately two minutes before Uther decides that Merlin and Arthur are meant for each other and need to meet.

I just want a scheming, embarrassingly obvious Uther, trying to get Arthur and Merlin together. Bonus points for him having imaginary discussions with Ygraine about this.

Originally posted here:
f:merlin  p:merlin/arthur  rating:pg-13  type:slash  genre:au  cat:humor  cat:general  like:a++  #saved  words:5.000-10.000  author:reni_days 
october 2012 by luthien82
The One Where Derek Is Courting And Stiles Fears The Zombie/Werewolf Apocalypse
Written for this prompt: Awkward courtship funtimes! Derek is courting Stiles in the way that all male animals go about impressing their mates. Giving them practical (if weird, like, Derek gives Stiles 10kg of steak) gifts, making a nice home (he starts renovating the old Hale house), weird shit like that. Stiles is oblivious, and Scott keeps sort of helplessly hinting at what Derek is doing to little effect. Make me giggle and squeal into my pillow anon.
author:im_not_a_lizard  f:teenwolf  p:derek/stiles  rating:pg-13  type:slash  genre:pre-season-2  cat:humor  cat:romance  cat:courting  words:5.000-10.000  like:a++  #saved 
july 2012 by luthien82
Loaded March Series
The reason SAS Captain Arthur Pendragon can't keep a communications specialist in Team Excalibur because none of them are good enough. And then Lieutenant Merlin Emrys gets assigned to his squad, and Arthur does everything he can to prove that Merlin isn't good enough, either. Except he is.

Modern AU series, saved and read up to part 9.

author:footloose  f:merlin  p:merlin/arthur  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:au:military  cat:action/adventure  cat:romance  cat:angst  cat:friendship  cat:humor  like:a++  series:finished  words:1.000.000+  #notsaved 
july 2012 by luthien82
Five Ill-Conceived Valentine's Day Schemes and One Perfectly Romantic Gesture
“You know it's Valentine's Day, sir, right?”

“Yes, what's that got to do with—it's Stark, isn't it? It's always Stark.” Phil braced himself for the inevitable bad news. “What did he do this time?”

Phil Coulson hates Valentine's Day at S.H.I.E.L.D. - until he doesn't.
author:laceymcbain  f:avengers  p:clint/phil  rating:pg-13  type:slash  cat:humor  cat:romance  words:10.000-15.000  like:a++  #saved 
june 2012 by luthien82
Run Program: DUM-E
Timestamp: 03·05·12_01·15
Trigger: Tony hasn't eaten in 12 hours.
Run Program: Feed(Tony).
Trigger: No food.
Run Program: Make(Toast).
Kitchen on fire.

// This is the geekiest story I have ever read! Loved it!
author:amuly  rating:pg-13  type:slash  genre:outsider_pov  words:10.000-15.000  like:a++  #saved  f:avengers  p:clint/phil  p:steve/tony  cat:humor 
may 2012 by luthien82
All in Good Taste
Adorable webcomic inspired by all the coffeeshop/baking/food AUs.
artist:red_rahl  rating:g  type:slash  fanart  like:a++  #saved  genre:au:coffeeshop  p:arthur/eames  f:inception  cat:fluff 
march 2012 by luthien82
Some computer somewhere threw streams of data together that turned into Kurt and Blaine under one roof, made them the rest of the other's life. Assignations are compulsory; who's naïve enough to hope for love?
author:rainjoy  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:au  genre:marriagefic  words:15.000-20.000  like:a++  #saved  genre:bonding_fic  p:kurt/blaine  f:glee  cat:angst  cat:romance 
february 2012 by luthien82
All Our Yesterdays
He leaves the door open a crack because Emily's only four and the dark scares her more than real life, more than uncertainty, more than the evening news reporting lists of dead soldiers overseas.

(The one where Spencer is a Marine deployed to Afghanistan, and Brendon is the military husband trying to be a good father, even when the world starts crashing down around him.)
author:boxparade  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:au  genre:angstangstangst  words:25.000-30.000  like:a++  #saved  p:bu/ss  f:bandom  cat:angst 
february 2012 by luthien82
Hand in hand is the only way to land
Arthur is a vet and owns a pet shop. One day, Eames stumbles into his life with a kitten he found. The rest, as they say, is history.
author:sirona  artist:red_rahl  type:slash  genre:au  words:5.000-10.000  like:a++  #saved  p:arthur/eames  f:inception  cat:fluff  cat:romance 
february 2012 by luthien82
Rituals and Traditions
Draco shackled to a pillar. Harry wielding a sword. One goofy plot device. You do the math.
author:amanuensis1  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:pre-book-6  words:5.000-10.000  like:a++  #saved  p:harry/draco  f:harrypotter  cat:humor  cat:romance 
january 2012 by luthien82
The Disney Network
The story of The Social Network told through Disney songs.

// Oh my god I laughed so hard...
rating:pg  type:gen  like:a++  fanvid  f:tsn  cat:humor  artist:elipie  #notsaved 
december 2011 by luthien82
tranquilize (MASTERPOST)
Mark's relationship with the Phoenix Club had always been simple, and he liked it that way. Now he's investigating a rape that took place at one of their parties, figuring out who his friends and enemies are, and desperately trying to keep his past where it belongs. Nothing is simple, especially now that Eduardo has been punched.

WARNINGS: Trigger warnings for non-graphic descriptions of rape, repeated use of a date-rape drug and implied attempted rape, depictions/descriptions of undiagnosed Rape Trauma Syndrome, a lot of commentary about rape culture coming from characters who are sometimes ignorant or offensive about the subject.
author:oflights  rating:r  type:slash  genre:au:college  words:50.000-60.000  like:a++  #saved  p:es/mz  f:tsn  cat:action/adventure  cat:angst  cat:hurt/comfort 
december 2011 by luthien82
Song & Dance Number
Prompt from tumblr: "A younger Blaine is decked out in Captain America stuff and Tony is face palming himself."
author:ficbypen  crossover  rating:g  type:gen  like:a++  words:<1.000  #saved  f:avengers  f:glee  cat:fluff 
december 2011 by luthien82
Chris Evans is Captain America - GQ July 2011 Cover Story
Most hilarious interview I've ever read in my entire life.
media  non-fandom  like:a++ 
october 2011 by luthien82
MCIS: First Case
First story in a series.

Erik Lehnsherr considers himself a great MCIS agent, and he puts up with a lot from his boss - Moira MacTaggart - in the name of solving crimes against mutants, but he's not so sure about this new empath, Charles Xavier. Their first case together will test Erik's patience, but doubtless be the beginning of a brilliant friendship.
author:pookaseraph  rating:pg-13  type:pre-slash  words:20.000-25.000  like:a++  #saved  p:charles/erik  f:xmfc  cat:action/adventure  series:ongoing 
october 2011 by luthien82
Literal Liminality
A literal play on 'You move me, Kurt.' Kurt works for his father's moving company while his father recovers from a heart attack and is set with the task to move one Blaine Anderson into his first apartment.
author:idoltina  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:au  words:15.000-20.000  like:a++  #saved  p:kurt/blaine  f:glee  cat:fluff  cat:romance 
september 2011 by luthien82
The Luckiest
Blaine broke Kurt's heart 3 months before high school graduation. Now, four years later, their group of friends reunites at a lake house to marry off two of their own. With luck, Kurt and Blaine will also be able to finally mend something that's stayed broken for far too long.
author:wordplay  rating:nc-17  type:slash  words:50.000-60.000  like:a++  #saved  p:kurt/blaine  f:glee  cat:angst  cat:fluff  cat:romance  cat:schmoop 
september 2011 by luthien82
A Weekend at Pete Rose's
Hilarious shit, even though there's tons of second hand embarrassment. The boys are humongous dorks though. That's a plus.
media  like:a++  p:bu/ss  f:bandom  cat:humor  #notsaved 
august 2011 by luthien82
Fanvid: The Tree
Most fascinating piece of art I have ever seen.
artist:newkidfan  fanvid  like:a++  #saved  p:sheppard/mckay  f:sga  cat:angst 
august 2011 by luthien82
Fanvid: Elemental
Merlin is of nature, Arthur of man. Enter conflict. Merlin, Arthur, Merlin/Arthur.
artist:wistful_fever  fanvid  like:a++  #saved  p:merlin/arthur  f:merlin  cat:angst 
august 2011 by luthien82
Juggling Act
So this whole mess begins with Frannie and her goddamned masturbating parrot.
author:cesperanza  rating:nc-17  type:slash  words:25.000-30.000  like:a++  #saved  p:fraser/kowalski  f:duesouth  cat:angst  cat:humor 
august 2011 by luthien82
Black and White
It is so strange that this became this. Blaine wanted to help Kurt, and then wanted to just keep knowing him because he's so awesome, and then Kurt was like, his best friend and Blaine had never really had a best friend, just like, friends, and then Blaine just realised - oh, hi, wow, you're actually perfect, aren't you? The parts of you that aren't perfect just make you even more perfect. And you are really ungodly attractive, why did I not notice that before. Can I please touch you actually all the time, would that be okay?
author:rainjoy  rating:nc-17  type:slash  words:5.000-10.000  like:a++  #saved  p:kurt/blaine  f:glee  cat:fluff 
august 2011 by luthien82
Look to the Beat
It wasn't like David was the first ballet dancer to ever tackle a new dance style, or even the first one trying out for If You Know You Can Move.
author:templemarker  rating:r  type:slash  words:5.000-10.000  like:a++  #saved  f:original  cat:romance 
august 2011 by luthien82
The Sweetest Thing
Arthur thinks it should somehow freak him out, repulse him to think about Eames getting off to the thought of knocking him up. And doesn’t.
author:foxxcub  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:crackfic  genre:mpreg  words:2.000-5.000  like:a++  #saved  p:arthur/eames  f:inception  cat:humor  cat:romance 
august 2011 by luthien82
In Our Line of Work
Arthur wakes up and realizes the last ten years of his life have been a dream. He is nineteen, and he can barely remember where he is. What he can remember is the ghost of Eames’ hands pressed down on his chest trying frantically to stop the blood flooding up around his fingers as Arthur died (as he woke up).
author:enjambament  rating:r  type:slash  genre:au  words:15.000-20.000  like:a++  #saved  p:arthur/eames  f:inception  cat:angst  cat:romance 
august 2011 by luthien82
Lay Your Siege
Haven't you been paying attention? This is a war story.

author:gyzym  rating:pg-13  type:slash  genre:au  words:2.000-5.000  like:a++  #saved  p:arthur/eames  f:inception  cat:humor 
august 2011 by luthien82
Amazing Grace
“Cobb’s in a coma,” Arthur says. It’s the first time he’s said it out loud; the words feel strange in his mouth. “He’s fallen into limbo. Mal and I can’t wake him up.”
author:airgiodslv  rating:pg  type:pre-slash  genre:au:canondivergence  words:15.000-20.000  like:a++  #saved  p:arthur/eames  f:inception  cat:angst 
august 2011 by luthien82
I'm thinking: my plant, his chair, the ashtray that we bought together.
Arthur (and Eames) centric pic-spam of conjectured precanon up to the line of actual canon. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ONE COLLAGE. It got the fuck away from me....clearly....s-sob. yeah image heavy. Siken quotes too tiny to read but sob they're there. Gaiman quotes. Nin quotes. Pieces of collaborations. Yup. Yup. Yup.
artist:fallingstars  rating:pg-13  type:slash  media  fanart  like:a++  #saved  p:arthur/eames  f:inception 
july 2011 by luthien82
The Doors of Time
It’s not like he doesn’t try to fit in and make friends, he really does. It just seems like nothing he does is good enough for them. If he smiles they blink. If he speaks they stare. And whenever they see him coming they get this panicked look in their eyes like they want to run away and they don’t even know why.
Jensen knows why. It’s the same thing that makes his dad worry and his mom cry. That makes Nana tell his parents he’s going to Hell, not even caring that he can hear her.
It’s what makes him ‘weird’.

--- Might vanish at any time. Got the PDF saved. ---
author:felisblanco  rating:nc-17  type:slash  words:100.000-150.000  like:a++  #saved  genre:au:fantasy'n'fairytale  p:jp/ja  f:cwrps  cat:angst  cat:romance 
july 2011 by luthien82
Business and Pleasure
Jared’s a philandering CEO and Jensen’s his overworked assistant – that is, until Jared decides he needs to improve his image by having a serious relationship and chooses Jensen to be his fake boyfriend. But Jensen’s a little in love with Jared and Jared has ideas of his own, and pretty soon no one is certain what’s fake and what’s real anymore. Featuring dancing, denial, a lot of inappropriate work behavior, and an infamous office holiday party.
author:belyste  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:au  genre:harlequin  words:25.000-30.000  like:a++  #saved  p:jp/ja  f:cwrps  cat:angst  cat:humor  cat:romance 
july 2011 by luthien82
Til The Night Closed Her Eyes
Five People That Fucked it Up For Him.

Part of a 'verse by another author in which Jensen and Jared met while he was still part of the GG cast.
author:poisontaster  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:au  words:2.000-5.000  like:a++  #saved  p:jp/ja  f:cwrps  cat:angst  cat:friendship 
july 2011 by luthien82
Semper Fidelis Familia
There is no temp agency for the Mob. You can't just call up an employment office and say, "Hi, I'm a captain in one of the four families, and I need a bodyguard because I blew up the competition's warehouse, and in return someone left a dozen gutted fish outside the front door of my apartment building this morning, which probably means my days are numbered. So, if you could send me a temp to take a bullet or six, that would be great."
author:hackthis  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:au  words:20.000-25.000  like:a++  #saved  p:brad/nate  f:generationkill  cat:action/adventure  cat:humor  cat:romance 
july 2011 by luthien82
Reaper Boy
There had been two cracks, Rube realized later, when he thought it over. Two. One when the bat hit the blonde's head, and then his neck as he dropped to the pavement.

Maybe three. But the third wasn't the kind you hear with your ears.
author:wrenlet  crossover  fandom:other  pairing:other  rating:r  type:slash  genre:au:canondivergence  genre:angstangstangst  words:50.000-60.000  like:a++  #saved  p:brian/justin  f:qaf  cat:angst  cat:drama  cat:hurt/comfort 
july 2011 by luthien82
Zombies Ate Your Idols (They Were Delicious)
In which Gerard Way takes a stand against discrimination, Adam Lambert discovers the importance of dice, Kris Allen is not kidnapped against his will, and the folks at 19E learn to love the stage!(?)gay. Welcome to the Zombies Ate Your Idols tour, 2010!
author:solarcat05  crossover  rating:pg-13  type:gen  words:2.000-5.000  like:a++  #saved  f:americanidol  f:bandom  cat:friendship  cat:humor 
july 2011 by luthien82
Somewhere Between the Lines
After the Jonas Brothers stopped being the Jonas Brothers and went back to being the plain old Jonas brothers, Joe went to LA to work in movies, Nick went to New York to work on music, and Frankie rebelled and ran off to Chicago. Kevin, though. Kevin just got divorced.
author:starflowers  crossover  pairing:other  rating:pg  type:slash  words:15.000-20.000  like:a++  #saved  p:bu/ss  p:mc/kj  f:bandom  f:disney  cat:angst  cat:humor  cat:romance 
june 2011 by luthien82
Fear Of Flying
Spencer Smith, part-owner and celebrated head chef of noted restaurant Panic! At The Disco, is talented, rich, and gorgeous. The rest of the staff can't even seem to remember that Brendon works there.
author:moku_youbi  pairing:other  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:au  words:30.000-40.000  like:a++  #saved  p:bu/ss  f:bandom  cat:angst  cat:romance 
may 2011 by luthien82
Amateur Cartography
In the summer of 2008, Brendon’s still trying to figure everything out. He’s good at keeping his own secrets, but when a prank goes awry, he’s faced with the realization that Spencer has some secrets of his own. They end up stumbling backwards into a complicated relationship—one that definitely doesn’t include sex. Or does it?
author:fictionalaspect  rating:nc-17  type:slash  kink:d/s  kink:bdsm  words:40.000-50.000  like:a++  #saved  p:bu/ss  f:bandom  cat:angst 
may 2011 by luthien82
Adventures in Solitude (We Thought We Lost You)
It's Christmas Eve, and Spencer Smith is not endearing himself to his staff. He's banned decorations, informed his PA that Starbucks red cups aren't welcome in the office, and refused to close early for the holidays. A sort-of Christmas Carol AU.
author:sunsetmog  rating:pg-13  type:slash  genre:au  words:15.000-20.000  like:a++  #saved  genre:christmas_fic  p:bu/ss  f:bandom  cat:humor  cat:schmoop 
may 2011 by luthien82
Working for Joy on Overtime
Frank is a top player in the music industry, once the champion of the underdog, now responsible for manufactured pop on the radio. He's in Los Angeles for the biggest label showcase of the year when his star band turns supernova and completely implodes (possibly taking his job along with them). Frank's got no time and no options, but he does have a little bit of luck left in the form of a chance encounter with Hollywood Boulevard's own Gerard Way. But what happens when he mixes pleasure with business? A Pretty Woman AU.
author:ciel_vert  author:theopteryx  rating:nc-17  type:slash  words:40.000-50.000  like:a++  #saved  genre:au:hooker  p:fi/gw  f:bandom  cat:romance 
may 2011 by luthien82
Mixed Bathing at Home
Gerard's toe gets stuck in a faucet. It's not the super who turns up to help him.
author:bexless  rating:r  type:slash  genre:au  words:5.000-10.000  like:a++  #saved  p:fi/gw  f:bandom  cat:humor  cat:romance 
may 2011 by luthien82
An Emergency of the Heart

Gerard is dreaming. He knows he's dreaming, but that doesn't mean he's not enjoying himself. He's not even really sure what's going on, but he knows he's in a band, a really fucking good band, and he knows there's someone he's really into, someone who's really into him, and he knows he's happy and he doesn't hate anything, so he goes along with it. Just bumps softly from scene to scene, Mikey somewhere in the edge of it, drifting around in this life that doesn't exist, and then someone pulls his fucking hair and he wakes up.
author:bexless  rating:pg-13  type:slash  genre:au  words:10.000-15.000  like:a++  #saved  p:fi/gw  f:bandom  cat:fluff  cat:humor 
may 2011 by luthien82
Greg likes to think it's one of those patterns in nature, like Fibonacci but with narcotics.

It goes like this: codeine, percocet, oxycotin, and when all of that got lost in a blur of doctors who had narrowed their eyes and prescribed group, Greg had gone to their trashier sisters on the strip. He wears their brown and purpling bracelets on the insides of his thin white arms and he doesn't think about Stanford or Berkley or how he was on chart number 9829834739824 of his master's thesis.
author:rageprufrock  p:nick/greg  f:csi:lv  rating:r  type:gen  genre:au:canondivergence  cat:angst  cat:hurt/comfort  words:5.000-10.000  like:a++  #saved 
may 2011 by luthien82
Sara wants to get a life outside of work but she doesn't want to do it alone. Lessons in soup-making, selflessness and getting a life.
author:saras_girl  rating:pg-13  type:pre-slash  words:15.000-20.000  like:a++  #saved  p:nick/greg  f:csi:lv  cat:humor  cat:romance 
may 2011 by luthien82
Greg is sick, and Nick is confused. Soup, sap, misunderstandings. Pre-slash, of course.
author:saras_girl  rating:pg-13  type:pre-slash  words:5.000-10.000  like:a++  #saved  p:nick/greg  f:csi:lv  cat:humor  cat:romance  cat:schmoop 
may 2011 by luthien82
Only Going One Way
Crossover with due South. Constable Gerard Way of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Detective Frank Iero of the Chicago PD team up find Mikey Way in a city where bowling alley score cards hide secret codes, where the good guys are either lying or undercover (and sometimes lying about being undercover), and where criminal bakers make drug-laced frosting.
author:ataratah  author:jjtaylor  crossover  rating:r  type:slash  genre:au:fusion  words:60.000-75.000  like:a++  #saved  p:fi/gw  f:bandom  f:duesouth  cat:action/adventure  cat:humor  cat:romance 
may 2011 by luthien82
Mending Wall
In which Merlin and Arthur have been roommates since university and Arthur has been hopelessly in love with him ever since.
author:frantic_allonsy  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:au  words:5.000-10.000  like:a++  #saved  p:merlin/arthur  f:merlin  cat:angst  cat:romance 
may 2011 by luthien82
The Piano
In which Merlin is a mute pianist.

When Freya dies from fever, unable to fulfill a promise of marriage, Merlin and his daughter Morgana are sent far away to the lonely shores of New Zealand where everything Merlin owns becomes the property of one Stewart Valiant. Silent, with only music for company, Merlin tries desperately to save his piano when Valiant refuses to take it with them and abandons it on the beach. When Valiant sells the piano to Arthur Pendragon, Merlin is forced to make a choice. And so begins a love affair, a journey with irrevocable consequences.
author:fishwrites  rating:r  type:slash  genre:au  words:40.000-50.000  like:a++  #saved  p:merlin/arthur  f:merlin  cat:angst  cat:hurt/comfort  cat:romance 
may 2011 by luthien82
Drastically Redefining Protocol
Fantastic AU wherein Arthur is the modern day Prince of Wales, and Merlin is a medical student. Once they meet, they must deal with the tabloid press, paparazzi, scandal and King Uther. And it comes complete with graphic renditions of newspaper articles, leaked text messages, web sites and a gorgeous vid trailer. It's an entire package of glee!
author:rageprufrock  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:au  words:40.000-50.000  like:a++  #saved  p:merlin/arthur  f:merlin  cat:humor  cat:romance 
may 2011 by luthien82
There is a story that is not told in Ealdor anymore, not for many years now, a story about Beltane Eve.
author:astolat  rating:pg  type:gen  words:1.000-2.000  like:a++  #saved  f:merlin  cat:fluff  cat:general 
may 2011 by luthien82
Hiding In Plain Sight
When a serial killer murders three marines on Atlantis, NCIS are called in to investigate. However, their arrival brings complications for everyone – revealing a lie, a prophecy, a secret and a nemesis.
author:xanthe  crossover  rating:nc-17  type:slash  type:het  genre:au  kink:d/s  kink:bdsm  like:a++  #saved  p:gibbs/dinozzo  p:sheppard/mckay  f:ncis  f:sga  cat:action/adventure  cat:angst  cat:hurt/comfort  cat:romance  words:150.000-250.000 
may 2011 by luthien82
Open Doors, and Other Invitations
Despite all appearances to the contrary, Tony knew how to ignore things. It used to be one of his best coping mechanisms.
author:shrift  rating:nc-17  type:slash  words:5.000-10.000  like:a++  #saved  p:gibbs/dinozzo  f:ncis  cat:humor  cat:romance 
may 2011 by luthien82
Nameless But Not Unknown
Andrew clears his throat. “Emma said you were coming,” he says. He blames his concussion for the fact that he really wants to reach out and find out how springy Jesse’s curls are.

Jesse’s mouth twists up into a smile on one side. “Damn,” he says, “She’s spoiled the surprise. Which wouldn’t have been much of a surprise since you have no idea who I am.”

“Of course I do,” Andrew tells him, “You’re the guy who flies to LA to bring me a cup of tea.”
author:torakowalski  rating:r  type:slash  words:15.000-20.000  like:a++  #saved  p:je/ag  f:tsnrps  cat:amnesia  cat:hurt/comfort  cat:romance 
may 2011 by luthien82
Tree of Life
Most days, Evan Lorne liked his job, as much as you could like a job involving the constant threat of death. Still, if he didn't like it, or at least think it was important, he wouldn't still be with the SGC after five years, and he sure as hell wouldn't be living in another galaxy where freaky alien space vampires were always looking to get you on their lunch menu.
author:lamardeuse  rating:nc-17  type:slash  words:10.000-15.000  like:a++  #saved  p:lorne/parrish  f:sga  cat:romance 
may 2011 by luthien82
Romance at the Roadkill Grill
Doing a friend a favor, star cook Rodney McKay leads a restaurant in the middle of nowhere of Maine for a few weeks. Distraction comes in the form of one John Sheppard, a local fisherman.
author:lamardeuse  rating:nc-17  type:slash  genre:au  words:20.000-25.000  like:a++  #saved  p:sheppard/mckay  f:sga  cat:romance 
may 2011 by luthien82
Eight Days of Lamberkkah
Adam Lambert's eight days of Hanukkah, 2009.

Crossovers with (deep breath): Daily Show, Heroes, The Wire, Political RPF, NCIS, Generation Kill, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Sports Night.
author:roga  crossover  rating:pg-13  type:gen  words:2.000-5.000  like:a++  #saved  f:americanidol  cat:fluff  cat:general  cat:humor 
may 2011 by luthien82
The Tragic, Doomed, and Epic Life and Loves of Elizabeth Jean McKay
All of this drama about her tragic love for Lorne has been distracting Elizabeth from her real priority: The Top Secret, Super Awesome, Ass-Kicking, Name-Taking, Huzzah for the Genius Elizabeth, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, And He Shall Reign Forever and Ever Anniversary Present of Unparalleled Magnificence and Splendor.
author:deastar  rating:pg  type:slash  genre:kidfic  words:10.000-15.000  like:a++  #saved  p:sheppard/mckay  p:lorne/parrish  f:sga  cat:humor 
may 2011 by luthien82
Seventh Inning Stretch
Semi-Sequel to "Do What You Want" - Baseball jerseys and outdoor sex, i.e. the perfect summer porn.
author:foxxcub  rating:nc-17  type:slash  words:2.000-5.000  like:a++  #saved  p:lorne/parrish  f:sga  cat:pwp  genre:au:pornstars 
september 2009 by luthien82
Do What You Want
Sequel to "Stage Fright" - Everyone wanted Evan, and it wasn't as if some soul-deep sex and a fantastic dinner date between the two of them made that fact any less true.
author:foxxcub  rating:nc-17  type:slash  words:5.000-10.000  like:a++  #saved  p:lorne/parrish  f:sga  cat:pwp  genre:au:pornstars 
september 2009 by luthien82

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