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The Illusion of Chinese Power
Very good overview of why China isn't as strong as it seems.
The discussion of China's shortcomings in academia and what they mean for the country are especially good.
China’s rampant theft of intellectual property and its government programs to spur “indigenous innovation” (which pour billions into domestic research and development every year) are clear admissions of its failure to create. This may, and likely will, change over time—but to date China is not setting global standards in hardly any technology or product line (or in the natural sciences, medical sciences, social sciences or humanities)…In the world’s most cited articles (across all academic disciplines), Chinese scholars account for only 4 percent—whereas Americans account for 49 percent.
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How China will make a fortune by delaying its 4G rollout
China is probably the only country on Earth capable of pulling off such a maneuver thanks in no small part due to its massive population. Hui Yan calls practices like this “indigenous innovation,” wherein China shuts out foreign influence to force domestic players to up their game until their own technology can compete on a global scale. The Chinese market is too big for global companies to ignore, so they are forced to comply with local standards. Censorship has been the preferred method for internet companies. Who knows if Baidu, Weibo, and WeChat would have ever caught on had Google, Twitter, and Facebook been allowed to operate on the mainland? Another method is through heavy subsidies, which got China into a scuffle with the European Union over its solar panel technology.
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