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ChinaFile Presents: The New Yorker on China (Complete) | Asia Society
ChinaFile Presents: The New Yorker on China (Complete)
NEW YORK, December 17, 2015 — Five former China correspondents from The New Yorker — Orville Schell, Peter Hessler, Evan Osnos, Jiayang Fan, and Zha Jianying — discuss their experiences covering the country for the magazine. The conversation was moderated by David Remnick, the magazine's longtime editor. (1 hr., 27 min.)
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january 2016 by lukewrites
The Illusion of Chinese Power
Very good overview of why China isn't as strong as it seems.
The discussion of China's shortcomings in academia and what they mean for the country are especially good.
China’s rampant theft of intellectual property and its government programs to spur “indigenous innovation” (which pour billions into domestic research and development every year) are clear admissions of its failure to create. This may, and likely will, change over time—but to date China is not setting global standards in hardly any technology or product line (or in the natural sciences, medical sciences, social sciences or humanities)…In the world’s most cited articles (across all academic disciplines), Chinese scholars account for only 4 percent—whereas Americans account for 49 percent.
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august 2014 by lukewrites
China Policy Institute Blog » Being a good cadre
Interesting take on the current anti-corruption drive.
If we were to see the anti-corruption campaign as being waged around this single proposition above – the subordination of personal interests to those of the Party – then that at least gives an internal explanation for it. The accusation being made against a number of prominent figures currently is that they were not able to observe this subordination. This was their heresy. They inverted the private and the public in their obligation hierarchy. It is not just about accruing vast sums of money and acting with greed – it is related to what people believe, and how they view the Party they belong to. There is an expectation towards their moral behaviour in being Party members, no matter how eroded and devalued this has become since the time of Liu. It might also explain why some figures associated with huge amounts of assets have not been touched. They didn’t violate the obligation code, at least in terms of their beliefs.
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july 2014 by lukewrites
Fast, Cheap and In the Red: Beijing’s Subway System Bled $558 Million Last Year
The Beijing Subway need a ¥6 fare to break even; they apparently aren't considering that.

Like this quote:
“A cheap public transit system will eventually crush Beijing,” wrote one Weibo user earlier this month. “There’s a large number of migrant population that’s pouring into Beijing. The system will collapse someday.”
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july 2014 by lukewrites
Undermining China, One Knockout at a Time
Guy writes ultra-nationalist, poorly reasoned diatribe about the US trying to poison's China via "US values" (that come at the expense of Chinese 'heroes' like Lei Feng); essay gets national play in Party publications.
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july 2014 by lukewrites
Crowdsourced Translation Site Gets ‘Erased From the Planet’
Students (from BFSU!) start open-source news translation site that has social media accounts. All get nuked by Mud Grass Horse. Students lose faith, plan to go abroad for grad school.
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july 2014 by lukewrites
Win8禁令源于“云泄密”担忧移动端亡羊补牢为时未晚 | 每经网
China not adopting Win 8 due to concerns over security of cloud services; part of a previously unpublicised 'unwritten rule' phasing out MS and western software.
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may 2014 by lukewrites

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