Censorius millenials are the new Victorians
"I turned 60 last week and expected by now to find myself in periodic, grumpy disapproval of the younger generation’s scorn for tradition, love of change and tolerance of 'anything goes'. Instead I find something approaching the opposite. Many people of my generation have mentioned the same experience recently: the terrifying censoriousness of the young, even sometimes their own children, and the eggshell-treading dread of saying the wrong thing in front of them. The young are a bit like our parents were, in fact."
culture  feminism 
4 days ago
Key papers in deep RL
"What follows is a list of papers in deep RL that are worth reading. This is far from comprehensive, but should provide a useful starting point for someone looking to do research in the field."
machinelearning  deep  reinforcement  learning 
4 weeks ago
The Coddling of the American Mind
"The current movement is largely about emotional well-being. More than the last, it presumes an extraordinary fragility of the collegiate psyche, and therefore elevates the goal of protecting students from psychological harm. The ultimate aim, it seems, is to turn campuses into 'safe spaces' where young adults are shielded from words and ideas that make some uncomfortable. And more than the last, this movement seeks to punish anyone who interferes with that aim, even accidentally. You might call this impulse vindictive protectiveness. It is creating a culture in which everyone must think twice before speaking up, lest they face charges of insensitivity, aggression, or worse. [...] The dangers that these trends pose to scholarship and to the quality of American universities are significant; we could write a whole essay detailing them. But in this essay we focus on a different question: What are the effects of this new protectiveness on the students themselves? Does it benefit the people it is supposed to help? [...] Today, what we call the Socratic method is a way of teaching that fosters critical thinking, in part by encouraging students to question their own unexamined beliefs, as well as the received wisdom of those around them. Such questioning sometimes leads to discomfort, and even to anger, on the way to understanding."
academia  education  haidt  usa 
6 weeks ago
A Peace of London
"A freelance blogger and copywriter on a mission to find unusual corners of London, away from the crowds."
7 weeks ago
‘Hyperalarming’ study shows massive insect loss
"Each technique revealed the biomass (the dry weight of all the captured invertebrates) had significantly decreased from 1976 to the present day. The sweep sample biomass decreased to a fourth or an eighth of what it had been. Between January 1977 and January 2013, the catch rate in the sticky ground traps fell 60-fold."
insects  climate 
7 weeks ago
Darts, dice, and coins
An explanation of the alias method for simulating categorical distributions.
sampling  probability  math  statistics 
12 weeks ago
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Quasirandom Sequences
Improving the efficiency of quasi-random sequences in high dimensions.
math  randomness 
august 2018
Einsum is all you need
"If you are anything like me, you find it difficult to remember the names and signatures of all the different functions in PyTorch/TensorFlow for calculating dot products, outer products, transposes and matrix-vector or matrix-matrix multiplications. Einsum notation is an elegant way to express all of these, as well as complex operations on tensors, using essentially a domain-specific language."
einsum  machinelearning  programming 
august 2018
Leibniz Integral Rule
"Today’s article is going to discuss an obscure but powerful integration technique most commonly known as differentiation under the integral sign, but occasionally referred to as “Feynman’s technique” due to his popularization of this technique in his book, and properly known as the Leibniz Integral Rule."
math  leibniz  feynman 
july 2018
Gradient checkpointing
Reducing the memory cost of gradient computations by dropping most hidden layer activations in the forward pass and then recomputing them in the backward pass.
machinelearning  memory  optimization 
july 2018
Distributed TensorFlow
"Distributed TensorFlow allows us to share parts of a TensorFlow graph between multiple processes, possibly each on a different machine."
programming  tensorflow 
july 2018
Employee’s agreeableness
“Speaking in Chicago at the annual conference of the Society for Human Resource Management, Grant said he separates workers along two axes: givers and takers, and agreeable and disagreeable. Givers share of themselves and make their colleagues better, while takers are selfish and focused only on their own interests. The agreeable/disagreeable spectrum is what it sounds like: some workers are friendly, some are grouchy.”
work  management 
june 2018
Doctors hail world first as woman’s advanced breast cancer is eradicated
"A woman with advanced breast cancer which had spread around her body has been completely cleared of the disease by a groundbreaking therapy that harnessed the power of her immune system to fight the tumours"
cancer  medicine 
june 2018
Mushrooms: coming soon to a burger near you
"Big burgers and petrol-guzzling vehicles: it’s a match made in the United States, with its drive-through fast-food joints. But last month, the US fast-food chain Sonic Drive-In tweaked its menu to introduce something different: a burger with some of its beef replaced with mushrooms."
food  vegetarianism  meat 
april 2018
Understanding L-BFGS
A concise explanation of BFGS and L-BFGS.
optimization  machinelearning  bfgs 
february 2018
Pace Layering: How Complex Systems Learn and Keep Learning
"Fast learns, slow remembers.  Fast proposes, slow disposes.  Fast is discontinuous, slow is continuous.  Fast and small instructs slow and big by accrued innovation and by occasional revolution.  Slow and big controls small and fast by constraint and constancy."
learning  plasticity 
february 2018
Sessions: The vim feature you probably aren't using
"When you’ve been working for awhile and you’re all moved in to your new digs — maybe it’s the end of the day, maybe it’s been 71 days and you finally have to give in and restart your computer, you just save the session file to anywhere you’d like."
vim  programming 
february 2018
Kolmogorov-Smirnov vs Mann-Whitney test
"The KS test is sensitive to any differences in the two distributions. Substantial differences in shape, spread or median will result in a small P value. In contrast, the MW test is mostly sensitive to changes in the median."
statistics  testing 
january 2018
Write tests. Not too many. Mostly integration.
"You may also find yourself testing implementation details just so you can make sure you get that one line of code that’s hard to reproduce in a test environment. You really want to avoid testing implementation details because it doesn’t give you very much confidence that your application is working and it slows you down when refactoring. You should very rarely have to change tests when you refactor code."
programming  testing 
october 2017
Insects Are In Serious Trouble
"By analyzing the Krefeld data—1,503 traps, and 27 years of work—Hallmann and his colleagues have shown that most of the flying insects in this part of Germany are flying no more. Between 1989 and 2016, the average weight of insects that were caught between May and October fell by an astonishing 77 percent. Over the same period, the weight of insects caught in the height of summer, when these creatures should be at their buzziest, fell by 82 percent."
bees  insects  animals 
october 2017
Vim after 15 years
"Vim 8 added a lot of much-needed functionality, and new community sites like VimAwesome have made plugin discovery and evaluation easier. I’ve been doing a lot more work with Vim lately and have spent some time configuring my workflow for peak efficiency, so here’s a snapshot of my current state."
vim  programming 
october 2017
Perceptually uniform color spaces
"The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) created the aforementioned chromaticity diagram in the 1930’s to solve this problem. This diagram is actually a 2D view of a color space called CIEXYZ, which in the 1970’s was replaced with the slightly improved CIELUV and CIELAB color spaces. It is hard to describe how these color spaces work without going into the underlying math, but they generally allow you to specify color, not in light mixes, but in dimensions that relate more to the human vision, and they do sophisticated color transformations to ensure that these dimensions reflect how the human vision works."
color  vision 
october 2017
Retabbing files in VIM
How to replace indentation with N spaces by M spaces in vim.
vim  programming 
october 2017
The rise of robots in the German labour market
"Robots have had no aggregate effect on German employment, and robot exposure is found to actually increase the chances of workers staying with their original employer. This effect seems to be largely down to efforts of work councils and labour unions, but is also the result of fewer young workers entering manufacturing careers."
robots  jobs  employment  research 
september 2017
Minibatch Metropolis-Hastings
An approach to using minibatches in Metropolis-Hastings sampling.
mcmc  metropolis  hastings  sampling  machinelearning 
september 2017
Feather Icons
Beautiful open source icons.
icons  graphics  webdesign 
august 2017
First thorium reactor experiment in over 45 years
"​This tiny set of crucibles is the world's first thorium molten salt reactor (TMSR) experiment in over 45 years."
thorium  energy  technology 
august 2017
We’ll Never Know Whether Monorepos Are Better
"We had access to all of the data you could possibly want to evaluate the decision. The same engineers working with the same codebase had seen what it was like in the monorepo model and the multirepo model. We knew exactly how much it had actually cost to switch. We had lived with the advantages and disadvantages of both models. But still we couldn’t come to an agreement. [...] Today, when asking myself whether to work on wide-reaching infrastructure projects, I ask myself: Is this change obviously an improvement? If I think I’m right, but I can’t get a supermajority of the engineering team to agree, I don’t do it."
engineering  productivity  versioning 
june 2017
Data Driven Products Now!
Fun presentation on data-driven product development at Etsy.
data  development 
june 2017
Culprit hidden in plain sight in Alzheimer disease development
"[...] highly oxidative, combustion nanoparticles entering young developing brains—the culprit hidden in plain sight in Alzheimer's disease development—constitute a very serious public health issue, with grave social and economic consequences."
medicine  alzheimer 
june 2017
Data alignment: Straighten up and fly right
"[...] your computer's processor does not read from and write to memory in byte-sized chunks. Instead, it accesses memory in two-, four-, eight- 16- or even 32-byte chunks. We'll call the size in which a processor accesses memory its memory access granularity. The difference between how high-level programmers think of memory and how modern processors actually work with memory raises interesting issues that this article explores."
programming  alignment 
june 2017
The AI Misinformation Epidemic
"Complicating matters, the wave of enthusiasm for / interest in machine learning has spread far beyond the small group of people possessing a concrete sense of the state of machine learning. Both in industry and the broader public, many people know that important things are happening in machine learning but lack any concrete sense of what precisely is happening. [...] This pairing of interest with ignorance has created a perfect storm for a misinformation epidemic. The outsize demand for stories about AI has created a tremendous opportunity for impostors to capture some piece of this market."
ai  journalism 
march 2017
I am a member of the intellectual, liberal elite – it's time we stood up for ourselves and our ideas
"The new philistine oligopoly has pulled off a devastating coup. It has diverted public anger away from financial and corporate power and turned it onto experts, politicians, journalists and intellectuals: those who keep us safe, improve society, hold our leaders to account, and increase the sum of human knowledge."
politics  society  culture 
february 2017
Folding cycle attempted to overtake normal bike
"The owner of a folding bicycle has narrowly survived after attempting to overtake a cyclist with normal-sized wheels."
humor  cycling  london 
january 2017
HTML5 templates which use Bootstrap released under Creative Commons.
html  webdesign 
january 2017
Peter's Choice
'Given that experience, he has concluded, "for those people who have no political voice and come from states that do not matter, the best thing they can do is try to send in a wrecking ball to disrupt the system." When Peter finished with that last line, there was a slight gasp from someone in the class—then silence, then applause. They felt like they got it. [...] But while Peter's analysis is at odds with much of the data, his overall story does fit a national pattern. Trump voters report experiencing greater-than-average levels of economic anxiety, even though they tend have better-than-average incomes. And they are inclined to blame economic instability on the federal government—even, sometimes, when it flows from private corporations.'
politics  conservatism  trump 
january 2017
If you don’t finish then you’re just busy, not productive
"One of the biggest realisations I’ve come to as part of my PhD, is how little people care about how I spend my time, they only care about what I am able to deliver. Yet in order to deliver, you need to finish."
productivity  time  management 
january 2017
Preparing for the future of artificial intelligence
"One important concern arising from prior waves of automation, however, is the potential impact on certain types of jobs and sectors, and the resulting impacts on income inequality. Because AI has the potential to eliminate or drive down wages of some jobs, especially low- and medium-skill jobs, policy interventions will likely be needed to ensure that AI’s economic benefits are broadly shared and that inequality is diminished and not worsened as a consequence."
ai  jobs  white  house 
december 2016
I make $2.35 an hour in coal country. I don’t want handouts. I want a living wage.
"My family has always understood that we can’t wait for a savior at the ballot box to shepherd in the change we so desperately need. If we want a shot at a decent life, working people must fight for it together. That’s why, last month, I followed in my grandfather’s footsteps and went on strike, joining with tens of thousands of service workers in 340 cities to fight for $15 an hour and the right to organize unions."
december 2016
Donald Trump's war on science
"The first sign of Trump’s intention to spread lies about empirical reality, '1984'-style, was, of course, the appointment of Steve Bannon, the former executive chairman of the Breitbart News Network, as Trump’s 'senior counselor and strategist.' This year, Breitbart hosted stories with titles such as '1001 Reasons Why Global Warming Is So Totally Over in 2016,' despite the fact that 2016 is now overwhelmingly on track to be the hottest year on record, beating 2015, which beat 2014, which beat 2013. Such stories do more than spread disinformation."
science  trump  usa  climate  change 
december 2016
The Dividends of Funding Basic Science
"At its height in the 1970s, government funding for basic research represented more than 2% of U.S. gross domestic product. Known as 'R&D intensity,' this ratio measures society’s commitment to science, and by 2014 it had dropped to just 0.78% of GDP."
science  research  funding 
december 2016
This is the most dangerous time for our planet
"The concerns underlying these votes about the economic consequences of globalisation and accelerating technological change are absolutely understandable. The automation of factories has already decimated jobs in traditional manufacturing, and the rise of artificial intelligence is likely to extend this job destruction deep into the middle classes, with only the most caring, creative or supervisory roles remaining. [...] For me, the really concerning aspect of this is that now, more than at any time in our history, our species needs to work together. We face awesome environmental challenges: climate change, food production, overpopulation, the decimation of other species, epidemic disease, acidification of the oceans."
stephen  hawking  society  politics  inequality  climate  change  technology 
december 2016
German Leaders at Odds with Industry over Electric Cars
"The government in Berlin fears that German automobile companies are lagging behind as electric cars pick up speed around the world. Faced with immense challenges and the potential loss of tens of thousands of jobs, the industry is still pushing its gas guzzlers."
germany  electric  cars 
december 2016
Designing and documenting interfaces
"Good software engineering is about dividing code into modules that separate concerns and localize them within modules. These modules then interact via interfaces that provide abstraction barriers supporting local reasoning. Let's look more closely at the problem of designing good interfaces."
interface  software  engineering 
december 2016
The Gift
A science fiction short film.
science  fiction  film 
november 2016
Finland set to become first country to ban coal use for energy
"Finland could become the first country to ditch coal for good. As part of a new energy and climate strategy due to be announced tomorrow, the government is considering banning the burning of coal for energy by 2030."
climate  change  finland 
november 2016
Siemens-Chef sieht bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen als „unvermeidlich“
"Durch die Digitalisierung fallen Arbeitsplätze im produzierenden Gewerbe zu Hauf weg, Menschen müssen sich neu orientieren. Der Siemens-Chef sieht das bedingungslose Grundeinkommen hier als Chance."
basic  income  siemens  society 
november 2016
All around the world, nationalists are gaining ground. Why?
"In rich countries, pessimism plays a role. As chart 3 shows, slower growth lowers support for globalisation. Inequality hurts, too. Educated people may be doing just fine, but blue-collar workers are often struggling. Mr Trump did remarkably well among blue-collar white voters. One of the best predictors of support for Brexit or Ms Le Pen is a belief that things were better in the past."
economist  politics  society 
november 2016
David Letterman interviews Narendra Modi
David Letterman visits India to talk about its plans for renewable energies.
climate  change  renewable  energy  india  letterman 
november 2016
"The best editor is neither Emacs nor Vim, it's Emacs and Vim!"
spacemacs  emacs  vim  programming 
november 2016
An American Tragedy
"Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate but a resilient, intelligent, and competent leader, who never overcame her image among millions of voters as untrustworthy and entitled. Some of this was the result of her ingrown instinct for suspicion, developed over the years after one bogus “scandal” after another. And yet, somehow, no matter how long and committed her earnest public service, she was less trusted than Trump, a flim-flam man who cheated his customers, investors, and contractors; a hollow man whose countless statements and behavior reflect a human being of dismal qualities—greedy, mendacious, and bigoted."
nyt  usa  election 
november 2016
History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
"My point is that this is a cycle. It happens again and again, but as most people only have a 50–100 year historical perspective they don’t see that it’s happening again. As the events that led to the First World War unfolded, there were a few brilliant minds who started to warn that something big was wrong, that the web of treaties across Europe could lead to a war, but they were dismissed as hysterical, mad, or fools, as is always the way, and as people who worry about Putin, Brexit, and Trump are dismissed now."
trump  brexit  war 
november 2016
How Steve Jobs Became a Billionaire
“Steve is the guy who owns us—but he’s never been one of us,” Pam explained. “We’ve long felt unvalued, unappreciated. People worry that if he gets too close, he’ll ruin Pixar, and destroy our culture. And now, you’re the guy he has sent to whip us into shape.”
pixar  steve  jobs 
november 2016
In Germany, Syrians find mosques too conservative
"A 2008 survey of Muslims and Christians in Europe by the state-funded WZB Berlin Social Science Centre found fundamentalist attitudes were less prevalent among German Muslims than elsewhere in Europe, but still quite widespread: For example, nearly half the Muslims it surveyed in Germany felt religious law to be more important than secular law."
religion  islam  germany 
october 2016
Recognition of hand-drawn shapes, hand-written text, and LaTeX equations.
latex  recognition 
october 2016
Young, talented and fed-up: scientists tell their stories
"Scientists starting labs say that they are under historically high pressure to publish, secure funding and earn permanent positions — leaving precious little time for actual research."
science  academia  funding 
october 2016
How Do We Beam Pictures Back From Jupiter? It Takes A Village
"Juno’s maximum capacity of 25 kilobytes per second is based on the 70-meter dishes. In contrast, Kurth told me, the 34-meter dishes have a capacity closer to 3.75 kilobytes per second."
space  juno  nasa 
october 2016
Fizz Buzz in Tensorflow
"interviewer: OK, so I need you to print the numbers from 1 to 100, except that if the number is divisible by 3 print 'fizz', if it's divisible by 5 print 'buzz', and if it's divisible by 15 print 'fizzbuzz'."
fizzbuzz  tensorflow  machinelearning 
october 2016
Foie Gras: Cruelty to Ducks and Geese
"To produce 'foie gras', workers ram pipes down the throats of male ducks twice each day, pumping up to 2.2 pounds of grain and fat into their stomachs, or geese three times a day, up to 4 pounds daily, in a process known as 'gavage.' The force-feeding causes the birds’ livers to swell to up to 10 times their normal size. Many birds have difficulty standing because their engorged livers distend their abdomens, and they may tear out their own feathers and attack each other out of stress."
animals  vegetarianism 
october 2016
The Age Of The Superbug Is Already Here
"The U.N. is convening a landmark meeting this week on antibiotic resistance, but scientists are concerned the action may be too late."
antibiotics  medicine  un 
september 2016
A Soviet scientist created the only tame foxes in the world
"Belyaev had one main goal at the beginning of experiment: to reproduce the process of historical domestication at the experiment, during a short time," says Trut. "This goal didn't change. But during the experiment the understanding of evolutionary process changed." By the fourth generation, the scientists started to see dramatic changes.
evolution  foxes 
september 2016
Morocco Unveils A Massive Solar Power Plant In The Sahara
"Morocco has officially turned on a massive solar power plant in the Sahara Desert, kicking off the first phase of a planned project to provide renewable energy to more than a million Moroccans. [...] The ability to store the heat to make energy when the sun is not immediately shining is a major advantage of solar thermal power (also called concentrated solar power or concentrating solar power). Unlike photovoltaic systems, thermal systems don't suddenly drop in output when a cloud passes over the sun, and you don't need batteries to store some energy for nighttime use."
energy  solar  morocco 
september 2016
Companies would benefit from helping introverts to thrive
"MOST companies worry about discriminating against their employees on the basis of race, gender or sexual preference. But they give little thought to their shabby treatment of introverts. [...] The biggest culprit is the fashion for open-plan offices and so-called 'group work'. Companies rightly think that the elixir of growth in a world where computers can do much of the grunt work is innovation. But they wrongly conclude that the best way to encourage creativity is to knock down office walls and to hold incessant meetings."
work  introversion 
september 2016
‘Superbug’ scourge spreads as U.S. fails to track rising human toll
"Fifteen years after the U.S. declared drug-resistant infections to be a grave threat, the crisis is only worsening, a Reuters investigation finds, as government agencies remain unwilling or unable to impose reporting requirements on a healthcare industry that often hides the problem."
antibiotics  health  medicine 
september 2016
The Price of Solar Is Declining to Unprecedented Lows
"Despite already low costs, the installed price of solar fell by 5 to 12 percent in 2015."
solar  energy 
august 2016
A suggestion on how to spend a day at home
"Wake up in the morning, put on a comfy sweater, and make a pot of tea (or coffee if you're into that). Make yourself a light breakfast -- biscotti or a scone, toast with jam. Sit down, stare out a window, drink your hot beverage and eat your breakfast. If your neighbor does Tai Chi every morning in their backyard and your window overlooks their backyard, you have my permission to watch them do Tai Chi."
humor  breakfast 
august 2016
You may think the world is falling apart. Steven Pinker is here to tell you it isn't.
"Rates of death in war show something of an uptick because of the war in Syria — but that’s still a fraction of the levels they were in the 1960s through the early 1990s, and that’s to say nothing of the World Wars.

There has probably been a slight increase in the rate of violent crime in the US in 2015, and I say probably because the FBI figures are still not out for that year.

But even then that wouldn’t even be as high as it was in 2012, just three years ago, and that itself is a huge decrease in the levels of '60s, '70, and '80s in the US, where violent crime has fallen by more than half. So there is probably an uptick for 2015 and 2016. But it’s just a wiggle in a curve that’s been going down, down, down."
violence  history 
august 2016
Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy
"This year we will follow the campaign as always, offering honest views on all the candidates. But we cannot salute the Republican nominee or pretend that we might endorse him this fall. A Trump presidency would be dangerous for the nation and the world."
trump  usa  democracy  politics 
july 2016
Video Conference Part 1: These Things Suck
"I wrote my own (prototype) video conferencing app. It turned out pretty well. And that’s what these posts are about."
video  compression 
july 2016
Silicon Valley's Bloody Plant Burger Smells, Tastes And Sizzles Like Meat
"The demand for meat is going through the roof, and the world is not going to be able to satisfy that using animals — there's just not enough space, not enough water," says Brown, Impossible Foods' founder and CEO.
food  meat 
june 2016
You and Your Research
"At a seminar in the Bell Communications Research Colloquia Series, Dr. Richard W. Hamming, a Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California and a retired Bell Labs scientist, gave a very interesting and stimulating talk, `You and Your Research' to an overflow audience of some 200 Bellcore staff members and visitors at the Morris Research and Engineering Center on March 7, 1986. This talk centered on Hamming's observations and research on the question ``Why do so few scientists make significant contributions and so many are forgotten in the long run?'' From his more than forty years of experience, thirty of which were at Bell Laboratories, he has made a number of direct observations, asked very pointed questions of scientists about what, how, and why they did things, studied the lives of great scientists and great contributions, and has done introspection and studied theories of creativity. The talk is about what he has learned in terms of the properties of the individual scientists, their abilities, traits, working habits, attitudes, and philosophy."
hamming  research 
june 2016
My First 10 Minutes On a Server - Primer for Securing Ubuntu
"My First 5 Minutes on a Server, by Bryan Kennedy, is an excellent intro into securing a server against most attacks. We have a few modifications to his approach that we wanted to document as part of our efforts of externalizing our processes and best practices."
ubuntu  linux  server 
june 2016
Mathematicians are chronically lost and confused (and that’s how it’s supposed to be)
"If you’re going to get anywhere in learning mathematics, you need to learn to be comfortable not understanding something."
june 2016
Y Combinator announces basic income pilot experiment in Oakland
"Y Combinator announced today that it would launch its first basic income experiment in Oakland, CA. The startup accelerator began researching the concept of basic income last fall and will soon start paying salaries."
income  jobs  experiment 
june 2016
Why women earn less: Just two factors explain post-PhD pay gap
"But after controlling for differences in academic field, the researchers found that women still lagged men by 11% in first-year earnings. That difference, they say, was explained entirely by the finding that married women with children earned less than men. Married men with children, on the other hand, saw no disadvantage in earnings."
jobs  income 
may 2016
Antibiotics Are Dead; Long Live Antibiotics!
"But this pessimism rests entirely on one assumption: that we have no realistic prospect of developing new classes of antibiotics any time soon, antibiotics that our major threats have not yet seen and thus not acquired resistance to. And it now seems that that assumption is unwarranted. It is based on history—on the fact that no new antibiotic class with broad efficacy has been identified for decades. But very recently, a novel method was identified for isolating exactly those—and it seems to work really, really well."
antibiotics  research  edge 
may 2016
Keep Your Identity Small
"What's different about religion is that people don't feel they need to have any particular expertise to have opinions about it. All they need is strongly held beliefs, and anyone can have those. No thread about Javascript will grow as fast as one about religion, because people feel they have to be over some threshold of expertise to post comments about that. But on religion everyone's an expert."
religion  politics  graham 
may 2016
Face recognition app taking Russia by storm may bring end to public anonymity
"If the founders of a new face recognition app get their way, anonymity in public could soon be a thing of the past. FindFace, launched two months ago and currently taking Russia by storm, allows users to photograph people in a crowd and work out their identities, with 70% reliability."
face  recognition  privacy  technology 
may 2016
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