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PHP VM introduction
april 2017 by lstrojny
Doctrine ORM Hydration Performance Optimization
Hydration is the most expensive operation performed by Doctrine ORM: how do we prevent it from killing our applications?
doctrine  php  performance  databases 
july 2016 by lstrojny
graphaware/reco4php - PHP
reco4php - Neo4j based Recommendation Engine Framework for PHP
php  neo4j  database 
february 2016 by lstrojny
Thread carefully :: madewithlove
An introduction to threading in PHP
november 2015 by lstrojny
swarrot - A lib to consume message from any Broker
php  broker  consumer  github  worker 
july 2015 by lstrojny
NelmioApiDocBundle - Generates documentation for your REST API from annotations
api  documentation  symfony  php  rest 
september 2014 by lstrojny
opensky/Symfony2-coding-standard at master - GitHub
symfony  php 
august 2011 by lstrojny
Symfony2 Bundles
Comprehensive list of Symfony2 Bundles ordered by relevance and integrated with GitHub
symfony  php 
december 2010 by lstrojny
Announcing the Bamboo 2.3 Early Access Program for PHP developers - Atlassian Developer Blog
The next release of Bamboo 2.3 is right around the corner, and we're excited to introduce new features which should help PHP developers take advantage of Bamboo for continuous integration
php  phpunit  bamboo  atlassian 
july 2009 by lstrojny
bovigo - Google Code
vfsStream to ease unit testing of filesystem interactions
php  mock  unittest  development 
july 2009 by lstrojny
Using the Overview Pyramid
Explaination of the overview pyramid
php  metrics  qa  oop 
march 2009 by lstrojny
pexi - Google Code
Message oriented middleware in PHP
php  sap  middleware 
february 2009 by lstrojny
Extending PHP
Documentation about how to extend the PHP interpreter delivered by Project Zero
php  java  runtime  project_zero 
january 2009 by lstrojny
The Cost of Test Isolation
Performance penality of static/globals backup and --no-syntax-check --no-globals-backup --no-static-backup
development  php  performance  testing  phpunit 
january 2009 by lstrojny
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