How poverty changes your mind-set | Chicago Booth Review
Understanding psychology may be key to addressing the problem
poverty  psychology  brain 
february 2018
PHP VM introduction
april 2017
Great public data sets
Curated list of public data sets and data sets provided by Sajari.
data  database 
november 2016
Grab the low hanging fruit of user onboarding — Medium
Startups are knee deep in customer acquisition metrics. Click through rates, cost per click, cost per lead, conversion rate, cost per…
july 2016
Doctrine ORM Hydration Performance Optimization
Hydration is the most expensive operation performed by Doctrine ORM: how do we prevent it from killing our applications?
doctrine  php  performance  databases 
july 2016
braydie/HowToBeAProgrammer: A guide on how to be a Programmer - originally published by Robert L Read
HowToBeAProgrammer - A guide on how to be a Programmer - originally published by Robert L Read
development  book 
july 2016
GreenSock | Homepage
Ultra high-performance, professional-grade animation for the modern web using javascript. The new standard for HTML5 animation.
javascript  animation  ui 
february 2016
graphaware/reco4php - PHP
reco4php - Neo4j based Recommendation Engine Framework for PHP
php  neo4j  database 
february 2016
The Phrasebook Pattern
Separation of languages. The foreign language code is separated from the rest of the application. This makes it easier to change and manage these artifacts independently. There is less danger that refactoring and bug fixing in one language will affect the code in the other language. This will also make the application code more readable and the foreign language code more accessible since it is not scattered in many different places.
patterns  programming 
january 2016
Thread carefully :: madewithlove
An introduction to threading in PHP
november 2015
Disaggregated disk
Hardware performance “obviously” affects software performance and affects how software is optimized. For example, the fact that caches are multiple …
hardware  network  performance  storage  architecture  infrastructure  memory  latency  networking 
november 2015
InnoDB Locking Explained with Stick Figures
When does InnoDB lock a row? Multiple rows? Why would it lock a gap? How do transactions affect these scenarios? Locking is one of the more opaque features of …
mysql  innodb 
october 2015
fastlane - Connect all iOS deployment tools into one streamlined workflow
automation  deployment  ios 
october 2015
Cross-Funktionale Team bei Stylight
Presentation given by our CTO, Sebastian Schuon, at K5 Conference 2015
management  engineering 
september 2015
Docker Misconceptions
Docker Misconceptions / When to Use It / Tips for Production Use.
devops  docker  tips  Archive  best-practice  Dotcloud_Docker  gotcha  reading 
august 2015
fpm - Effing package management! Build packages for multiple platforms (deb, rpm, etc) with great ease and sanity.
debian  sysadmin  packaging  rpm  deb  linux  ruby  package  fpm  devops 
july 2015
swarrot - A lib to consume message from any Broker
php  broker  consumer  github  worker 
july 2015
ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhost
ngrok secure introspectable tunnels to localhost webhook development tool and debugging tool
development  networking  proxy  tools  tunnel  localhost  server  http  webdev  ssh 
june 2015
orchestrator - MySQL replication topology manager/visualizer
march 2015
#define CTO
I joined Stripe as an engineer in 2010. I began by working on the backend infrastructure: designing the server architecture, creating our credit card vault, and producing internal abstractions to make people’s jobs easier. I loved writing... | Greg Brockman | Svbtle
management  cto  vp-engineering 
october 2014
RestProblemBundle - Allow to manage Rest Problems with Symfony2
api  rest  symfony 
september 2014
BazingaHateoasBundle - Integration of the Hateoas library into Symfony2.
symfony  rest  api 
september 2014
RestHalBundle - Allow to manage HAL Rest API with Symfony2
rest  symfony  api 
september 2014
NelmioApiDocBundle - Generates documentation for your REST API from annotations
api  documentation  symfony  php  rest 
september 2014
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