Unicorn vs. Puma vs. Passenger: which app server is right for you?
An app server's raw speed is unlikely to be a factor for the vast majority of apps.

The execution time of your application code, database queries, and HTTP calls likely dwarfs the microsecond or millisecond difference in response times among Ruby's app servers.
rails  ruby  benchmark  appserver  sysop 
september 2018
How to create a world-wide PostgreSQL database of administrative regions
Usando o ogr2ogr para criar Shapefiles a partir de Geopackages e conseguir importar no Elasticsearch
data  ibge  brasil  postgis  elasticsearch  conversion  geospatial  geo 
september 2018
7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design
Improving your designs with tactics instead of talent.
design  ux  reference 
february 2018
Generating a revocation certificate with gpg
gpg --output revocation-certificate.asc --gen-revoke
gnupg  security  sysop 
october 2017
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