So I Stayed in the Darkness with You by Dollsome
"you shouldn't have stayed," haymitch tells her on the worst day of her life.
hungergames  haymitch/effie  author:dollsome 
november 2015
"Los Angeles, You're All Right" by Dovingbird
i mean...it was a joke, michael. jokes. you know what those are, right? like, we literally make a living with them?"
rtah  geoff/michael  author:dovingbird  wip 
june 2015
Do Not Call List by Crality
"well, sorry i don't fit into your hip austin expectations, asshole."
rtah  geoff/michael  author:crality 
may 2015
"he's the nice." "he's the dynamite."
may 2015
Drive It Like You Stole It by Giddygeek
he could resist ronan's courtship..but he knew...that what he could do and what he would do were very, very different things.
ravencycle  adam/ronan  author:giddygeek 
april 2015
Grounding by Punkfairyprinxe
when ryan’s tired he trips over his words more, and she has never known him not to stumble over his words when they’re in bed together.
rtah  ryan/jack  author:punkfairyprinxe 
march 2015
Temptation by Alligatorjigglinfever
“uh, because i’m a normal guy who watches porn alone in the dark like you’re supposed to do?”
rtah  michael/ray  author:alligatorjigglinfever 
march 2015
Nowhere to Land by Eponymous_Rose
carolina actually flinches, and then, without missing a beat, snaps to perfect attention.
rvb  carolina/kimball  author:eponymous_rose 
february 2015
Spread by Micheoff
"seriously, michael, you're in a room with five other guys. reign in the wingspan."
rtah  geoff/michael  author:micheoff 
february 2015
Slowed Down by AbstractArchetype
"i will neither confirm nor deny that i'm currently hotboxing one of geoff's closets."
rtah  ryan/ray  author:abstractarchetype 
january 2015
Local Gods by Oct1en3one
flashes of dark words as they argue and laugh, lads, gents, blessings and curses on los santos, may the fake ah crew have mercy on the city's soul.
rtah  ahot6  author:oct1en3one 
january 2015
untitled by AbstractArchetype
they share a cigarette (“it’s not gonna kill you,” geoff says, and it doesn’t) and their knees touch, and ryan’s not anywhere close to the water but he’s pretty sure he’s drowning anyway.
rtah  geoff/ryan  author:abstractarchetype  au 
january 2015
A Deal's a Deal by GiveMeYourMilk
"it's ok. i understand. i'm irresistible. it's a curse. but sadly for any of your little fantasies, the lovely mrs. jones over here got first dibs."
rtah  michael/gavin/lindsay/meg  author:givemeyourmilk 
january 2015
untitled by Punkfairyprinxe
he has no idea why he hired these two idiots (oh, that’s right, once upon a time they were competent at their jobs, before they started playing the ‘who’s daddy’s favorite’ game).
rtah  geoff/michael/ryan  author:punkfairyprinxe 
january 2015
Say Geronimo by Cautionzombies
"he requests 'a delicate and sneaky individual' for an outing at the storm coasts, and requests lead scout harding by name, as she is 'a small package of murder.' she'll be delighted by the description."
dragonage  krem/harding  author:cautionzombies 
january 2015
Pursuit of Happiness by Oct1en3one
they're robbing a bank, which, c'mon, cliche, but ray likes the bank jobs, they're fun and messy and they dirty up the city a bit.
rtah  ahot6  author:oct1en3one  au 
january 2015
Picking Your Battles: An Unauthorized Los Santos Survival Guide by Abstractarchetype
ryan's looking at him. "what are you thinking about?" ..."not sucking dick, that's for sure." nailed it.
rtah  ryan/ray  author:abstractarchetype  au 
december 2014
Choreographers' Notes by Mosca
this one time, at champs camp, someone commanded an unprepared and possibly drunk johnny weir to advise future olympians, and he said, "never believe anything you read about sex on the internet."
dwts  skatingrpf  meryl/maks  author:mosca  yuletide 
december 2014
Winner Takes All by Novelized
"false. the grammatically-correct shall inherit the ear. earth! earth!!!! i hate technology."
ocean'srpf  matt/ben  author:novelized  yuletide 
december 2014
Quae Omnia Vincit? by Cefyr
"together, we forged this tool, this offspring of our all-too-alike brains."
20000leagues  gen  author:cefyr  yuletide 
december 2014
Two Left Feet by Annundriel
the bull hands him another tankard. tells him to stop fretting and just grab the bull by the horns for once. "you're not my type, sir. but the offer's appreciated."
dragonage  krem/harding  author:annundriel 
december 2014
Petty by Punkfairyprinxe
a business card that on one side read in messy handwriting, "meet me here at seven pm tomorrow. don't be late." and an address. on the other side was printed "ramsey" in a blocky script.
rtah  geoff/ryan  author:punkfairyprinxe 
december 2014
Wake the Sun by Psikeval
maker only knows where his tent has gone now, giving shelter to some new friend of red jenny back in adamant or hurled cheerfully into a tree; either option seems equally likely.
dragonage  krem/cullen  author:psikeval 
december 2014
Seven Nationed Army by MelodramaticMrTails
"you're just being a fucking cock block now." "geoff's dick, confirmed cube shaped."
rtah  ahot6  author:melodramaticmrtails  au 
december 2014
Half Doomed and Semi Sweet by Chailattemusings
if one thing could be said for gavin, it was that he liked his routines. (note: villain!burnie)
rtah  gavin/ryan  author:chailattemusings  au 
december 2014
Life Left In The Soil by Impertinence
she knew who it was before the door opened. three solid knocks was peeta; a knock and a half-assed tap was haymitch.
hungergames  katniss/haymitch  author:impertinence 
december 2014
Com Freq by Punishandenslavesuckers
"you are possibly the biggest fuckup i have encountered, pfc tucker."
rvb  tucker/479er  author:punishandenslavesuckers 
november 2014
untitled by Punishandenslavesuckers
four-seven-niner does not know how to accept things given.
rvb  gen  author:punishandenslavesuckers 
november 2014
The Kid I'd Follow to the End of the World by Punkfairyprinxe
he had made this tiny girl into a fighter, into someone who could hold her own against kids older and bigger than herself.
rtah  gen  author:punkfairyprinxe  au  sexorgenderswap 
november 2014
A Loose Bolt of a Complete Machine by Chailattemusings
the speech program had worked perfectly. until griffon got her filthy little paws on it.
rtah  michael/gavin  author:chailattemusings  au 
november 2014
On the Importance of Workplace Synergy by Abstractarchetype
"let's fucking brady bunch this shit and have one big, happy - " "family?" "orgy."
rtah  ahot6  author:abstractarchetype  au 
november 2014
Something Fishy by Dovingbird
"i have rare moments of sanity. and one of those is that i wanna seduce the guy, not make him laugh himself to death."
gg  holly/ross  ross/dan  author:dovingbird 
november 2014
Press Start by Dxtr
it's not like galacticraft was a prison or anything; he just missed the little things. grass. clouds. non-simulated gravity. the usual.
michael/gavin  author:dxtr  au  rtah 
november 2014
Don't Make This Weird by Tinyfierce
"you're terrifying when you do that thing - what was it? oh, right. flirting."
dragonage  f!hawke/varric  author:tinyfierce 
november 2014
Freedom of Action by Achievemenhunter
"sorry, boss. i'll stop talking now. right now. words will stop coming out of my mouth and i'll be completely silent - " "i'm going to kill all of you."
michael/ryan  author:achievemenhunter  rtah 
october 2014
And When You Talk in Code by Leonhardts
gavin is good with his hands...gavin is an alright sign linguist and ray is pretty good at video games.
michael/gavin  author:leonhardts  au  rtah 
october 2014
Relative Peace by Anneapocalypse
hell, even wash knows what she looks like naked, which bothers epsilon a lot more than it does her.
rvb  carolina/kimball  author:anneapocalypse 
october 2014
Untitled by Punishandenslavesuckers
“i could kiss it and make it better if you like.” tucker opens his mouth to say something, but nothing really comes out because he’s trying to remember what to do when someone comes onto him and not the other way around.
rvb  tucker/south  author:punishandenslavesuckers 
september 2014
Plan 3G by Stinacat
ray without missing a beat just says, "do you mean like a sex thing?"
gavin/geoff/griffon  author:stinacat  rtah 
september 2014
The Mistake by Mightbeanasshole
"michael," ray narrates seriously into the microphone, "wondering if all of his fantasies are finally about to come true. geoff, contemplating whether or not he is, in fact, for realsies."
geoff/michael  author:mightbeanasshole  rtah 
september 2014
A Minor Hiccup by DailyDaves
"and you're alright with it?" "i'm into it, gav."
gavin/geoff  author:dailydaves  rtah 
september 2014
Blinded with Science by Larissa
"yeah, that's right, you don't even have one of your dumb one-liners, do you?"
rvb  church/tex  author:larissa 
august 2014
Without Wings, but Burning Anyway by Thought
"motherfucker. stop being inaccurate so i can proposition you properly."
rvb  carolina/479er  carolina/york  author:thought 
august 2014
Satellite Mind Eponymous Rose
"you can't blame me for all your social missteps, york." "i can try, d. i can try."
rvb  carolina/york/delta  author:eponymous_rose 
august 2014
A City of Fools by Kazoobie
he's wanted in georgia for killing a man. it wasn't the first time. it wasn't the last time. it was just - a time.
ahot6  au  author:kazoobie  rtah 
august 2014
Alpha by Punishandenslavesuckers
“january 24th,” says alpha. “year: 2551, gst 10:23 pm. mother of invention. theta liked your skateboard. you showed him and north how to do a noseslide on deck three, wing d-4 and you didn’t fuck it up like you did on january 2nd, 2551, gst 8:44 pm, on deck two, wing b-2 when you wiped out in front of agent maine.”
rvb  various  author:punishandenslavesuckers 
august 2014
untitled by Eponymous Rose
"shush. i'm contemplating the virtues of a tucker-less universe. there are a lot of 'em. it's gonna take me a while."
rvb  carolina/tucker  author:eponymous_rose 
august 2014
Wanna Teach You a Lesson in the Worst Kind of Way by Callmearcturus
basically, the ramseys had never steered him wrong. they may have steered him haphazardly and towards what was most entertaining, but in the end, gavin could not fault them that.
gavin/geoff/griffon  michael/gavin  author:callmearcturus  bdsm  favorite  rtah 
august 2014
Millstone by Jolach
"i am sure that many smarter people than me have told you in extreme detail how and where you should go fuck yourself." (bodyguard au)
michael/gavin  author:jolach  au  rtah  favorite 
august 2014
Things to do in: Minecraft - Hot Foot X - YouTube
"i blew air into your mouth at the last second!" "...is that what that was?"
july 2014
Lets Play Tuesdays - Let's Build in Minecraft - Team Nice Dynamite's Secret Room Part 1 - YouTube
"that could be why we're not friends anymore. bad sex. it could ruin our relationship."
july 2014
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