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Kyle and Eric have a pretty nice set up, or at least Eric thinks so. Eric is in South Park, Kyle is in Phoenix, and they have a great time whenever they see each other. But when an opportunity arises for Kyle that could change all that, Eric doesn't know whether to embrace it or run from it. Or, Eric has commitment issues and the flu.
fanfiction  South_Park  Kyle/Cartman  author:shortstackedcheesecake96  post-canon  romance  hurt/comfort  sickfic  emotional_hurt/comfort  established_relationship  sexual_content  pining  shipper_on_deck  site:AO3  word_count:5-10k 
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Dark In My Imagination
There are times when Shadow is violently reminded that the blood flowing through his veins is in fact alien.
fanfiction  Sonic  Sonic/Shadow  author:Tirainy  romance  angst_with_a_happy_ending  emotional_hurt/comfort  established_relationship  shipper_on_deck  site:AO3  word_count:10-20k 
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