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Under The Weather
The flu season is in full swing and this year Sonic, among other people, becomes one of its unfortunate victims. Naturally, Shadow takes a temporary role as the hero's caretaker.
Part 8 of the ‘Moments’ series
fanfiction  Sonic  Sonic/Shadow  author:Tirainy  romance  hurt/comfort  sickfic  emotional_hurt/comfort  established_relationship  word_count:1-5k 
5 days ago by lostinreverie
Of Emeralds and Nymphs
There are pressing matters he needs to take care of—Shadow is well aware of that—and yet he cannot bring himself to walk away, too fascinated by the strange nymph that just seems to love throwing him for a loop.
fanfiction  Sonic  Sonic/Shadow  author:Tirainy  AU  Mythology_AU  romance  angst_with_a_happy_ending  emotional_hurt/comfort  hurt/comfort  word_count:10-20k 
5 days ago by lostinreverie
Hold On
At the end of SA2, Shadow uses Chaos Control one last time to save himself from falling...but he ends up in a different world, and face-to-face with a different Sonic.
fanfiction  Sonic  Sonic/Shadow  author:Skyblaze  SA2  SatAM  canon_divergence  AU  romance  hurt/comfort  emotional_hurt/comfort  parallel_universes  word_count:30-40k  incomplete   
10 days ago by lostinreverie
Knowing Me, Knowing You
-What was he really feeling? It was all so confusing.-
Banjo and Kazooie are out revisiting some of the worlds while Banjo tries to figure out his feelings for Kazooie. But, seeking revenge, Grunty is back and watching over them. What is she plotting?
fanfiction  Banjo-Kazooie  Banjo/Kazooie  author:girlperson2235  post-canon  romance  emotional_hurt/comfort  pining  shipper_on_deck  word_count:10-20k 
13 days ago by lostinreverie
On Hold
Morty goes off to college and he is not as thrilled with the experience as he thought he'd be.
fanfiction  Rick_and_Morty  Rick/Morty  author:Blue10spades  post-canon  romance  angst_with_a_happy_ending  emotional_hurt/comfort  hurt/comfort  pining  word_count:1-5k   
20 days ago by lostinreverie
sleeping on the other side of the bed
Almost in her thirties and stuck in a failing marriage, Summer really isn’t in the holiday spirit. The fact that she’ll be spending it with her estranged grandfather—the same one who broke off all contact with her after she got married—was just the icing on her shitty cake.
fanfiction  Rick_and_Morty  Rick/Summer  author:Blue10spades  post-canon  romance  angst_with_a_happy_ending  emotional_hurt/comfort  infidelity  sexual_content  word_count:5-10k   
20 days ago by lostinreverie
You are a hypocrite because you say that you have nothing to do with him but at the dead of the night when you are feeling worn and tired he is still the center of your world.
fanfiction  House_M.D.  House/Chase  author:darksapphire-flame  HMD:S4  HH&WH  romance  emotional_hurt/comfort  angst_with_a_happy_ending  pining  word_count:1-5k 
25 days ago by lostinreverie
4 am
It turns out that House doesn't have cancer, but that doesn't mean Chase can take the hug back. Now faced with a curious boss and stressful night-time habits, seven days have never been looked upon with more worry, anticipation and confusion.
fanfiction  House_M.D.  House/Chase  author:JennMel  HMD:S1/2/3  episode:3.15:Half-Wit  romance  emotional_hurt/comfort  word_count:1-5k   
25 days ago by lostinreverie
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