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Forging Python by Miki Tebeka [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Python/programming book recommended by Gabor of Perl Maven.
python  Book  Gabor 
13 days ago by lost_in_space
Run any language (except Perl) on a virtual machine.
java  programming  python  NodeJs  JavaScipt  VirtualMachine  polyglot 
9 weeks ago by lost_in_space
Web application from scratch, Part I · Bogdan Popa
Web development tutorial basics. Goes into the fundamentals of HTTP.
python  programming  HTTP  HTTPS  webDev 
march 2018 by lost_in_space
GitHub - oliver006/elasticsearch-gmail: Index your Gmail Inbox with Elasticsearch
Setting up elastic search. Using it to search Gmail. May be useful for email archiving project, etc.
search  python  email  ElasticSearch  Migrate  JSON 
december 2017 by lost_in_space
Java web development tutorials
Great stuff here for PostgreSQL and probably much more.
java  programming  PostgreSQL  SQL  Database  Tutorial  Learning  Python  Vi  Vim 
may 2014 by lost_in_space

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