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Re-use code with Perl's anonymous functions
Directory traversal with recursion, functional programming. Good Example.
Perl  closure  FunctionalProgramming  Recursion 
12 weeks ago by lost_in_space
Fast lookup by name or by date - Array - Hash - Linked List
Good article about that encompasses a lot, including linked lists, basic Perl Class creation and data caching.
Perl  DataStructure  LinkedList  Data  Gabor  OO 
12 weeks ago by lost_in_space
How do I install a module? Strawberry Perl issues - Stack Overflow
o conf http_proxy

Setting up a proxy to install Perl modules. Strawberry Perl
proxy  Perl  cpanm  cpan  StrawberryPerl 
march 2019 by lost_in_space
Rex Swain's HTMLified Perl 4 Reference Guide
Perl 4 reference. Try to find any mention of a Hash here???
Perl  Perl4  Reference 
february 2019 by lost_in_space
Perl Advent Calendar 2018 - Validation
Another validation option...
Perl  Validation 
december 2018 by lost_in_space
Perl Advent Calendar 2018 - The future is now
Async future calls with Perl and Net::Async::HTTP and IO::Async::Loop
Perl  Async  Promises 
december 2018 by lost_in_space
Modern Perl 4e Table of Contents
The 4th edition of this book. I believe the final edition.
books  programming  ModernPerl  Perl  Chromatic 
december 2018 by lost_in_space
The Effective Perler
Brian D Foy's effective Perl(er) blog
Perl  Blog  Dfoy 
october 2018 by lost_in_space
TOC | The Effective Perler
The Effective Perler. Very good book, especially for Unicode
Perl  Dfoy  Book 
october 2018 by lost_in_space
webmin/webmin: Webmin source code
Perl administration application for linux/unix with many functionalities built in.
Perl  Admin  Web  UI  linux  unix  apache  Server  user  webmin 
october 2018 by lost_in_space
[no title]
Slideshow with breakdown of useful Perl pasing tools.
Perl  Parse  Tutorial 
october 2018 by lost_in_space
darold (Gilles Darold)
Perl PostgreSQL, formatter, log analyzer and other packages on GitHub
Perl  PostgreSQL  github 
september 2018 by lost_in_space
Ruby's Hashes and Perl's Autovivification, in JavaScript
Trying to implement Perl style Hash with Autovivification in JavaScript.
JavaScript  Perl  Autovivification  Hash 
september 2018 by lost_in_space
article | Character Encodings in Perl
Some very good advice on Perl encode/decode
Perl  Unicode 
september 2018 by lost_in_space
Powerful command-line options | Learning Perl
Some one liner examples from Brian D'Foy with specific emphasis on the -a and @F for splitting up input.
Perl  OneLiner  Dfoy  csv 
september 2018 by lost_in_space
Perl Command-Line Options
Dave Cross's one liners. Good explanation of some of the options.
Perl  OneLiner  Cross 
september 2018 by lost_in_space
Gabor's tutorials on Jenkins
Perl  Jenkins  Automation  Gabor 
august 2018 by lost_in_space
Curtis Poe talk on rescuing a legacy codebase.
Perl  Poe  Legacy  programming 
august 2018 by lost_in_space
Win32::Daemon - not responding to the control function « Windows Perl Scripting Forums
Run a script as a Windows service using Perl and Win32::Daemon. Good example that works.
Perl  Windows  Win32  Daemon  Process  Cron  Services 
august 2018 by lost_in_space
Web bases sysadmin tools built with Perl
linux  sysadmin  tools  Perl 
july 2018 by lost_in_space
XML::Writer examples
XML writing examples from Gabor.
Perl  XML  Gabor 
june 2018 by lost_in_space
SQLite in Memory
Using SQLite in memory with Perl.
Perl  sql  SQLite  Cache  Gabor 
june 2018 by lost_in_space
domm / Perl / Syncing data using advanced SQL
Advanced sql queries with CTE's and PostgreSQL upsert and Perl.
Perl  PostgreSQL  upsert  CTE  sql  database 
may 2018 by lost_in_space
How Regexes Work
How regexes work. By the higher order Perl guy.
Perl  Regex  Regexp  How 
may 2018 by lost_in_space
How to become CPAN contributor
How to become a CPAN contributor by Mohammad Anwar.
Perl  cpan  Module  Anway 
may 2018 by lost_in_space
Moo at System::Image::Update
Another Moo tutorial from Jens Rehsack
Perl  Moo  Rehsack  MooX  MooX::Options 
may 2018 by lost_in_space
advent-calendar/3-medium-scale-part-1.pod at master · wyoung/advent-calendar
Splitting up Dancer2 applications. This is part 1 of an 8 part series ...
Perl  Dancer2  Application  webDev 
april 2018 by lost_in_space
Data Munging with Perl: Read Online or Download PDF
Dave Cross book on parsing data with Perl. Written in 2001 or so.
Perl  Data  DataMining  Parse  Parsing  text  Cross 
april 2018 by lost_in_space
Learn Perl in 2 1/2 hours.
learn  programming  Perl  Tutorial 
april 2018 by lost_in_space
How To Use TheSchwartz Perl Module
Job queues and scheduling using 'TheSchwartz'
Perl  jobs  DevOps  sysadmin  Queue  Maven  g 
march 2018 by lost_in_space
Refactoring Perl code. Looks very useful.
Perl  Refactor  programming 
february 2018 by lost_in_space
Writing a REST client in Perl
How to write a REST client in Perl tutorial using REST::Client.
rest  Perl  Tutorial 
january 2018 by lost_in_space
pgBadger :: PostgreSQL log analyzer
PostgreSQL logging and performance analysis. Pg Badger was built with Perl.
logging  pgbadger  Analysis  Perl  PostgreSQL 
january 2018 by lost_in_space
How to splice a CSV file in Perl (filter columns of CSV file)
Nice simple example of splicing a csv file line by line using Text::CSV_XS
Perl  Maven  Gabor  Splice  csv  Text::CSV_XS 
january 2018 by lost_in_space
Testing Perl CGI application
Testing CGI scripts with some %ENV manipulation. From the maven.
CGI  PSGI  Test  Perl  %ENV  Maven  Gabor 
january 2018 by lost_in_space
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