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NancyBrown - Tuesday's Dead - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary: Cutting a möbius strip is harder than it looks.

[Groundhog Day, but not from the pov of the person who's trapped in the loop.]
torchwood  fanfic  slash  sfw  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  author:nancybrown  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
december 2011 by lorem_ipsum
Torchwood: Miracle Day – Finally Getting to America « Letters from Titan
...my weird show about dysfunctional people trying to save the world with not enough resources while distracted by interpersonal dramarama is back. It’s even in America; one I recognize, finally, because my family came through Ellis Island too and sometimes uses some pretty terrible words.
torchwood  episode_review  author.rm 
august 2011 by lorem_ipsum
golden_d: FIC: The Opening Universe (The Awful Mystery) (1/2)
Summary: Welcome to the year 2000 and the first Torchwood team that Jack can call his own—and they’re just as broken as he is.

[I am tempted to say that this is essentially a horror story. A much sadder one than, say, most of the tie-in novels. -L]
torchwood  fanfic  gen  author.golden_d  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
august 2011 by lorem_ipsum
beccaelizabeth: Torchwood audio: House of the Dead
See, I thought I was done with them, I thought I wasn't into the story, I thought there wasn't much left to say.

Then I realised [...]

... if we're very very lucky that was an intentional message.
torchwood  review  author.beccaelizabeth 
august 2011 by lorem_ipsum
xtricks: Fic: One Ticket, One Turn - Tochwood, explicit: sex
Jack wanted to kiss the kid, buy him a drink, throw him a party because there was nothing like a little ritual - and a little booze - to make a boy feel like a man. It beat joining the army, any day.

[Very dirty, surprisingly romantic.]
fanfic  slash  nsfw  torchwood  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  jack_harkness.various  author.xtricks  rec.all_fanfic  rec.hot 
july 2011 by lorem_ipsum
Systematic Disarmament - Saucery - Torchwood, Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
An Iron Man crossover! Jack Harkness is Tony Stark. Ianto Jones is Pepper Potts. That is all ye know, and all ye need to know.

[Starts funny, ends satisfyingly sweet.]
torchwood  slash  crossover  fusion  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  iron_man  author.saucery  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
july 2011 by lorem_ipsum
k_haldane_fic: New fic: Second Chance for a Third Life
Jack's genetic profile helped him to decide on a place and time - Europe, 20th century - and with not one but two "World Wars" in that bracket he could hardly fail to find profitable ideas. But even a charming amoral conman can find himself taken unawares by a romantic impulse, and when presented with a challenge suddenly rise to the occasion.
fanfic  torchwood  gen  jack_harkness  auth.k_haldane  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2011 by lorem_ipsum
cupidsbow: "Weapon of Choice" by cupidsbow (TW, No Pairing, PG-15)
...her main objection to her makers' credo is this: destroying life merely because it exists is irrational.
torchwood  gen  fanfic  auth.cupidsbow  rec.all_fanfic  rec.fixit 
june 2011 by lorem_ipsum
cupidsbow: "Tradition" by cupidsbow (TW, No Pairing, PG-13)
They seemed like good people, a bit weird, of course, but they were getting the job done.

"I know it's Torchwood procedure to Retcon witnesses, but we're going to have to change our procedure, aren't we? It's not like we can Retcon the whole world, anyway. That Genie's well and truly out of the bottle and there's no putting it back in."
gen  fanfic  torchwood  childrenofearth  rec.all_fanfic  auth.cupidsbow 
june 2011 by lorem_ipsum
And the Beast - kindkit - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
When they're finally alone together, Jack sits beside Ianto and strokes his hair. It feels like he imagined it would, springy and crisp, as precise as Ianto's well-cut jackets and perfectly composed sentences. No one, Jack should have known, is that controlled without chaos underneath.
fanfic  torchwood  angst  ep.cyberwoman  auth.kindkit  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
june 2011 by lorem_ipsum
nancybrown: TW Fic: The Measure of Our Sorrows
"Now," he said as he approached, loudly enough to be heard over the running shower, "someone here is disobeying my orders. You should know this means I get to have a free show."

He waited out of sight for a moment, which would allow whoever it was to grab a towel. Jack tried to play fair sometimes.

"And now we … "
fanfic  gen  torchwood  ep.countrycide  suicide  author:nancybrown  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2011 by lorem_ipsum
rexluscus: FIC: The Art of Giving (Torchwood - G - Gwen + Ianto)
Everything he did was calculated to say, "It's just me; nothing complicated here; I'm exactly as I seem." She'd fallen for it once; maybe she had fallen for it again.
torchwood  fanfic  gen  gwen_cooper  ianto_jones  author:rexluscus  rec.all_fanfic 
april 2011 by lorem_ipsum
These Are the Stories - NancyBrown - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
He tells himself stories. He tells himself things were different. He creates histories that cannot all be true, but are true in the sense that they should have been true.

These are the stories he tells himself:...
torchwood  fanfic  gen  jack_harkness  angst  author:nancybrown  rec.all_fanfic 
april 2011 by lorem_ipsum
hauldyourwhist: Fic: (All)Ways
It wasn’t a good day for Jack. It seemed like every corner he turned there was another dead Torchwood agent waiting there for him: irritated, disoriented by their surroundings, touching things they shouldn’t be touching, wanting a pound of his flesh. Tosh, with Louis P. (died 1983, friendly fire) peering over her shoulder curiously and asking all sorts of obnoxious questions, had checked the monitors and found that there were no rift anomalies that even slightly resembled what they’d seen at the hospital with Tommy. If anything, actually, things were more quiet than usual.

They’d just have to stick it out.
torchwood  fanfic  slash  nsfw  jack_harkness.ianto_jones.omc  author:heddychaa  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
february 2011 by lorem_ipsum
azn_jack_fiend: My Reservations about Colorblind Writing and Casting
...the original casting call [was] for a white actor to play Rex and a woman of color to play Esther, so it wasn't race-neutral at all to begin with. The actual casting has that switched so that Esther is white (Alexa Havins) and Rex is black (Mekhi Phifer). ...Jane Espenson said that they had written the characters to be "colorblind" in the first place, so they didn't make any changes. And that they wouldn't want to make Rex's character "sound stereotypical."

...the implied attitude "we're going to ignore race of the characters entirely and why would we want to do it any other way" is especially grating when contrasted with the heavy emphasis on respecting Welsh versus US cultural differences.

...I actually raised this point already with Jane Espenson on Twitter, publicly, and she responded pretty gracefully...
torchwood  racism 
february 2011 by lorem_ipsum
Wacky Rooftop Hijinks - Booster - Batman - Fandom, Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
Maybe Batman was caught in traffic? God knew that damn Batmobile of his had to take time parking occasionally...

Finally there was a crunch of gravel behind him, and Gordon turned around. "About time, Batman," he started to say, before pausing. That was definitely not Batman.
batman  torchwood  fanfic  gen  crossover  author:Booster  rec.all_fanfic  rec.funny 
february 2011 by lorem_ipsum
Welsh for Beginners - derryderrydown - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
"You're twenty seconds early," Ianto said, frowning at her. "I was expecting you to at least say bore da to Jack."

"I don't want to risk talking Welsh to him," Gwen said. "Not when he's still got that alien lube applicator gun to hand."
torchwood  fanfic  author:derryderrydown  rec.all_fanfic  rec.funny 
february 2011 by lorem_ipsum
sam_storyteller: Symmetry
Summary: Ianto buys Tosh a drink. It's just symmetry.
Notes: For my <1000 project. Clocks in around 1200 words.

"I think," he says slowly, measuring out each word, pouring a bit more alcohol into both their glasses, "that there are evil things. I didn't used to. Seems a bit mumbo-jumbo, yeah?"
fanfic  torchwood  gen  ianto_jones  toshiko_sato  episode:greeksbearinggifts  author:sam_storyteller  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2011 by lorem_ipsum
nancybrown: TW Fic: The Day the Dragons Came (by Mica Davies, Age 7) (1/4)
Grim, suspenseful fusion crossover with the movie Reign of Fire. Apocalypse, major character death.
torchwood  fanfic  author:nancybrown  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2011 by lorem_ipsum
kayliemalinza: Tw fic: "Calling in Sick" (835 words, PG)
The phone rang one and a half times.

"The armageddon can get stuffed," Ianto said, "because I'm not coming in to work today."

"...hello?" said Tosh.
fanfic  torchwood  gen  ianto_jones  author:kayliemalinza  rec.all_fanfic  rec.no_syrup 
january 2011 by lorem_ipsum
51stcenturyfox: Oh my god. It's full of spoilers...
The BBC press release for Torchwood Series 4. Character names are changed, more details revealed... Changes highlighted in blue, with more info and my notes in red.
january 2011 by lorem_ipsum
hauldyourwhist: Advent '10 Fic: Brittle
Later, it happens while they’re brushing their teeth in Jack’s mirror, shouldering each other back and forth to get to the sink. Jack spits and says, “You know? I think you’re gonna look hot when you start going grey. Dignified.”

Ianto dips his head to get a mouthful of water from the tap and then stands again, swishing it around morosely. He spits, and when he lifts his head, he gives Jack in the mirror his best bland look, but he can’t help the tension in his jaw, bordering on grinding his teeth. “I’m surprised I’m not grey already,” he says...
fanfic  slash  nsfw  torchwood  author:heddychaa  rec.all_fanfic  rec.insightful 
december 2010 by lorem_ipsum
pocky_slash: [fic] torchwood - the world spins madly on - gwen, ianto - pg
She tries not to do this. She knows it's a crutch, that it's just going to make things worse, more painful in the long run.
gen  fanfic  torchwood  author:pocky_slash  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2010 by lorem_ipsum
rm: the St Davids and Hay-on-Wye
But nothing, NOTHING, was as funny as this art in the bathroom. Which I think all of fandom MUST know about immediately and incorporate into all their random stories that involve this hotel.
november 2010 by lorem_ipsum
sam_storyteller: The Theory of Two Centres 1/8
As far as he knew Jack didn't have a secret flat somewhere but, even if he did, there would probably be less pink and more model airplanes or something.

There was a photo on the nightstand -- Gwen, leaning over Rhys, arms wrapped around his shoulders.

Oh, well then. Mostly-naked in Gwen's bed. He wasn't sure if that was better or worse than mostly-naked in a stranger's bed. Surely, though...after all this was Gwen...but on the other hand Jack had a weird thing for Gwen and it wasn't like Ianto hadn't noticed she was attractive and always smelled nice. He was only human. So, if he and Jack were both here, there was at least one logical conclusion he could draw, if he wanted to fully indulge in the horror of it.

Oh god, Rhys was going to wring his neck.

[I reread this every couple of weeks. Nothing is wasted in the plot; characterization is layered and plausible. Theme: memory.]

Alternate URL: http://archiveofourown.org/works/854595/chapters/1635460
torchwood  fanfic  slash  nsfw  by:sam_storyteller  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless  rec.funny 
november 2010 by lorem_ipsum
lyryk_fics: Fic: You push the button, we do the rest.
Summary: Four photographs Estelle takes with her Brownie, and one she doesn’t.
fanfic  gen  torchwood  author:lyryk  rec.all_fanfic 
november 2010 by lorem_ipsum
xtricks: Fic: Outlook: Weekly View. Adult, kinky
"Did you … know her?"

Turning around, Ianto saw Gwen hesitating at the steps as if her role in Suzie's suicide made her unwelcome here. "Do you mean, did I know her or know her?" He raised his brows and tucked his hands in his pockets, fingering the clamps idly. "Because, no I didn't really know her. Even though I knew her very well. That's kind of the way Torchwood works, Gwen."
fanfic  torchwood  slash  het  nsfw  ianto_jones.everyone  bdsm  author:xtricks  rec.all_fanfic  rec.hot 
october 2010 by lorem_ipsum
pocky_slash: [fic] torchwood - the spine of your body and its bones - r - jack/ianto
He's done a lot of staring at Ianto since this change, spent a fair amount of time wondering what, exactly, was under the tight blouses and skirts, but now that he's actually looking, the feeling of strangeness is back. [...] He missed the scratchiness and the red-rimmed eyes, the way Ianto can be unkempt and rough...
torchwood  fanfic  slash  almost_perfect  retconbookwrite  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  author:pocky_slash  rec.all_fanfic  rec.detail 
september 2010 by lorem_ipsum
garnettrees: In Amnion
The world itself wasn't real, because Hua She Street was the world. [...]

When he confided in Ianto, it was small things-- broken, blunt-edged moments. His lover kept secrets like priests kept confession. [...] Then he could get up in the morning and be Jack Harkness, who began with Alice Guppy's Victorian script and now ended with the documents transferring Torchwood authority to Gwen.
'I couldn't let you go, Ianto',

[Needs moar beta, but the narrative makes me want to roll around in it; good use of flashbacks. This COE fixit is both romance and horror story. Blood drinking, bad magic, psychic powers, and soul-bonding that doesn't feel cliched. WIP - wilo:ch13]
torchwood  slash  fanfic  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  angst  author:garnettrees  rec.all_fanfic  rec.style 
september 2010 by lorem_ipsum
nancybrown: TW Fic: From the Cold Coast of Norway to the Beaches of Maui, Just You and Me
"We've been known to provide transportation from time to time," he drawled casually in the common language of this part of the galaxy. Ianto spoke it brokenly. He learned languages during the long periods between ports under Jack's haphazard tutelage. The first words Jack taught him in any tongue were those for restrooms and body parts, which unfortunately meant Ianto was in many languages only capable of asking about putting his cock in the loo. (Jack thought this was funny as hell.)
torchwood  fanfic  slash  nsfw  author:nancybrown  'verse:intersections  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  rec.all_fanfic 
september 2010 by lorem_ipsum
black_eyedgirl - Torchwood FF: Time doesn't stop for the world's ending (Team, R)
Jack had lost the ability to inspire fear in Owen, though it was unclear whether the reason was their new situation – reality worse than any bare threats – or whether Owen had finally chosen a cause.

And that was not quite right, he thought, watching Owen patch up their seventeenth refugee. Owen had always been a doctor, and Jack had made him a soldier too. You do not close your ears to a voice in pain; you do not leave a man behind; you do not sit and watch.
torchwood  gen  fanfic  angst  author:black_eyedgirl  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
september 2010 by lorem_ipsum
derryderrydown: FIC: Must Have An End (Torchwood)
"There was a bomb," she said. "It caused some problems with our systems and your cryogenic chamber went offline for a few hours. Once the defrosting process had started, I didn't know if it would be safe to refreeze you."

"And you didn't ask anybody because…?"

Poppy glanced away and, for the first time, Jack noticed the shadows under her eyes. "There isn't anybody to ask."
torchwood  fanfic  timey-wimey  jack_harkness.jack_harkness  author:derryderrydown  ep:exit_wounds  ep:captain_jack_harkness  rec.all_fanfic 
september 2010 by lorem_ipsum
lookninjas: I'M SORRY. I'M SO, SO SORRY.
"Look," he said. "You can keep your dignity and get mauled to death by seven-foot aliens, or you can wear the pajamas and save the world. Which is it going to be?"

"When you say mauled, do you mean a fast mauling, or a slow mauling?"
torchwood  fanfic  gen  rec.all_fanfic  rec.funny  author:lookninjas 
september 2010 by lorem_ipsum
rm: Dragon*Con panel recap - Fannish response to character death (Anime/Manga fandom studies)
...I started this research really in response to what I was seeing and experiencing in the Torchwood fandom, which didn't feel new to me, so much as very, very old.

Most of the time there's a lot of anger when I talk about this topic. The Torchwood fandom isn't just still gutted by the narrative events of its third season, but large swathes of it remain in conflict -- with the show writers and producers, and with other fans who have had different responses not just to the program, but to their feelings about it.

And, of course, it's not just Torchwood fandom. Joss Whedon fans are still nursing wounds from deaths like that of Tara on Buffy, and those wounds are very real, even if I posit that they are less likely to create a ritualized mourning response because of the way Whedon structures his narrative arcs.
torchwood  btvs  meta.any_fandom  meta.character  author:rm 
september 2010 by lorem_ipsum
paperclipbitch: And When We Collide We’ll See What Gets Left Over
Within two months of Jack’s disappearance, Owen and Ianto have put aside their differences and fucked on every flat surface in the Hub, and on several surfaces that don’t really qualify as ‘flat’, and this includes the invisible lift, in the cold February air, tourists milling about and taking pictures of the fountain (which is faintly worrying, because Ianto hasn’t yet figured out if the chameleon circuit/filter thing works in photographs), shivering and swearing and losing all feeling in their extremities, but refusing to give in and go somewhere warm, because they have some kind of inane point to prove.
torchwood  slash  fanfic  ianto_jones.owen_harper  rec.all_fanfic  author:paperclipbitch 
september 2010 by lorem_ipsum
hauldyourwhist: Fic: Innumerable, Intimate [One-Shot]
Harkness just looks at him with his eyebrows raised, smiling placidly like he’s enjoying watching Rex squirm. Well, if he wanted to make Rex uncomfortable, eulogizing his dead coworker with a big gay poetry recitation is a step in the right direction.
torchwood  fanfic  slash  childrenofearth  angst  jack_harkness.rex_matheson  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  author:heddychaa  rec.all_fanfic 
september 2010 by lorem_ipsum
blackfic: Looking In
Jack slipped into Ianto's flat late, after midnight. He made his way easily in the dark, knowing the layout well. He had his hand on the door knob to Ianto's bedroom when it registered that Ianto never kept his door closed when he was home alone.

Well, good for him. Jack wondered momentarily why Ianto didn't say anything. He'd gone out pulling before, but he always mentioned it. Curious, Jack turned the knob and opened the door only wide enough to see inside.
torchwood  het  fanfic  nsfw  ianto_jones.alice_carter  author:lionessvalenti  rec.all_fanfic 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
In the bleak December - Hope - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
She'd always, always thought the Hub was haunted. [...] And not just in the part of it that sported a wall of corpses.
torchwood  fanfic  gen  alternate_universe  ep.exit_wounds  author:hope  rec.all_fanfic 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
Limbo - miss winterhill (winterhill) - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
They shared a cigarette on a rough-hewn landing strip, mammoths grazing up and down the sides of it. Diane's hands were shaking so much at meeting her that she was sure she wouldn't get a word out at all.

"Have you noticed that you never run out of fuel?" Amelia asked.
fanfic  gen  torchwood  diane_holmes  author:misswinterhill  ep:out_of_time  rec.all_fanfic 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
Hope: Well Played - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
"I believe it was your turn, sir," Ianto says, propping his elbows on the arms of the chair and cradling the bell of his champagne flute with his fingertips.

Jack watches him calculatingly for a few moments. "Dare." [...]

The first time they'd played this particular game, Ianto had wondered at what it said about their maturity. But the way he and Jack play it--play each other with it--well, Ianto's sure there's no universe in which it'd be considered juvenile.

And this round, perhaps, carries more weight than the others; though Jack doesn't know that, not yet.
torchwood  fanfic  slash  nsfw  author:hope  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  rec.all_fanfic  rec.hot  genderswap 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
Amand_r - Pilot: The Inquisition - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
Lois swore out in the main atrium. "You're a monster!" The coffee machine (they secretly called it 'the ghost of Ianto Jones', but never whilst Gwen was around) whistled and shrieked. "YOU'RE NOT EVEN PLUGGED IN YOU POSSESSED THING!" Lois shouted.

[This is ep 1 in an alternate season 4 which is not yet complete. I came for the automatic Bechdel win, but I stayed for the narrative of endless funny.]
torchwood  fanfic  gen  author:amand_r  gwen_cooper  lois_habiba  childrenofearth  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless  rec.funny 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
rm: [TW fic] The Seventh Time Jack Shagged Ianto Silly
Ianto sighs, as one doesn't just walk into Thames House at the end of the world looking rumpled, but there's not really much for it.
torchwood  fanfic  slash  nsfw  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  childrenofearth  rec.all_fanfic  author:rm 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
sam_storyteller: Price (Rewritten)
He felt a horrified blush creep up his throat, and looked in panic from Gwen to Jack, back to Gwen, to Jack...Jack looked startled, and Gwen looked bewildered. Surely, given that he'd made his own peace with Jack and Gwen's bizarre sexless love affair, they had known they were having it.
torchwood  slash  het  jack_harkness.ianto_jones.gwen_cooper  nsfw  author:sam_storyteller  rec.all_fanfic 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
eumelia: The Sacred Band of Torchwood
Jack and Ianto's relationship always reflected that kind of devotion and it was certainly brought to the foreground in Children of Earth, in which Jack and Ianto fight along side each other [...]

In addition to that, there's the scar on Ianto's cheek. I've spoken before on the fact that it is shaped like a Lambda, physically marking him as Queer. I didn't know at the time, but I was later told that the Lambda was a symbol emblazoned on the shields of Spartan warriors, which further strengthens my point of Ianto as a Queer Warrior.

My point is, despite the sweet slow dance at Gwen and Rhys' wedding, the reason Ianto and Jack are awkward about the whole "couple" thing is because, well, they're not really a couple in the modern romantic sense that we think of.
meta  torchwood  jack_harkness.ianto_jones 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
paperclipbitch: "Could've Been Anyone", Torchwood, Ianto-centric mainly gen
“I don’t want a life,” Ianto replies firmly. “If I had a life I wouldn’t be able to walk in here every morning and do what I do. I’d go mad.”
torchwood  gen  author:paperclipbitch  ianto_jones  rec.all_fanfic 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
cupidsbow: "Rebound" by cupidsbow (TW, Jack/Ianto, PG-13)
When she speaks again her voice is barely audible, and there are tears on her face. "Do you ever wonder if this is the right timeline?" [...]

It doesn't feel real. But then, it never does.
torchwood  doctor_who  author:cupidsbow  fanfic  au  childrenofearth  rec.all_fanfic  rec.makesyouthink 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
cupidsbow: "WYSIWYG" by cupidsbow (TW, Ianto/Lisa, Jack/Ianto, PG13)
"Don't be like that, Ianto. Whisper sweet nothings in my ear. Let me revel in that silver tongue of yours."

"I got the accent out of a catalogue, actually," Ianto replied. "Four major 21st-century Earth languages, with eleven regional dialects and sixteen accents at no extra cost."
torchwood  author:cupidsbow  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  ianto_jones.lisa_hallet  rec.all_fanfic 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
cyus: Fic: "Benchpress"
"The food, enjoy the food, Jack?" Ianto asked. Jack managed a slow nod. "And the stashes of chocolate and cakes and custard that you hide like you are five, those are good, too?" Jack nodded. "Getting sideswiped by the weevil because you weren't fast enough, good, too?"

[Okay, so the food/fat/fitness issues mixed with control issues are So Not My Kink, but on the other hand the narrative style is great, tight third person pov.]
torchwood  slash  fanfic  nsfw  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  bdsm  rec.all_fanfic  rec.style 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
amand_r - Fic: High, Hot and Heavy (Ianto/Owen)
Ianto slips the clipboard under his arm and cocks his head at Owen. "This is going to be difficult. I can tell." And without looking away, he reaches to his right for the box of latex gloves... | Not my kink except insofar as I really like characterization-through-porn.
torchwood  slash  ianto_jones.owen_harper  author:amand_r  nsfw  rec.all_fanfic 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
misswinterhill: Fic: Four, Five, Six (Torchwood, mature)
The corridor outside his thesis supervisor’s office was cold, and he fought down the nausea that was threatening to overwhelm him. As he waited, he tried to read the notices that fluttered on the board. There was a room to rent in the lower fourth. Someone was offering tutoring in mathematics; that one half-covered a poster about drugs. DRUGS WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE, written in big frightening letters. Ugh.

“All right,” said his supervisor, and he looked up with two of his heads, the third still staring at the floor. “I’m ready for you now.”
torchwood  gen  rec.all_fanfic  darkfic  darkdarkdark  childrenofearth  author:misswinterhill 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
rm: [TW fic] The Use of Bones (Jack; PG-13)
When you kill an animal, you use all its parts. Jack remembers his father teaching him this as he teaches him to clean fish and open oysters. If nothing else, bones can be ground into soil to make it stronger. And so tomatoes and melons, he learns, are made of fish.

Later, in wars sometimes, this conversation is all Jack can think of as the bombs fall and the gas chokes, and he wonders how best to use all the parts of him.
torchwood  gen  jack_harkness  author:rm  rec.all_fanfic  rec.insightful 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
hauldyourwhist: Fic: Three Times Ianto Jones Met James Bond, Including One Time He Remembered It [Complete, 1/2]
Disgruntled university grad and professional layabout Ianto Jones had gone to the bar on his last night in Cardiff with the intention to get pissed. What he didn’t expect was to get tangled up with an international superspy cum antiques dealer cum black market buyer cum intergalactic conman in the middle of a relationship crisis. And he definitely didn’t expect to end the night in another man's blood-spattered suit.
torchwood  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  john_hart  author:heddychaa  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
pocky_slash: Separation Anxiety: The Continuing Adventures of Club Wales | TARDIS Big Bang Round 3
First things first, Gwen and I are both alive, obviously, so at no point while reading this report should you actually panic.
torchwood  fanfic  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  gwen_cooper  plotty  rec.all_fanfic 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
jackxianto: Title: A thousand years of loneliness
Premise is a bit soppy for my taste, but this constructed reality vid sneaks up on you and starts doing unexpectedly cool stuff about forty seconds in.
torchwood  rec.vids  author:baiba69  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  angst  romance 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
Pounce - Basingstoke - True Blood, Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
"East? That's interesting. Most people are heading west," says dinner. Eric reaches over and breaks his finger and he cries out. It pops back into place a moment later.
torchwood  crossover  fanfic  slash  nsfw  jack_harkness.eric_northman  rec.all_fanfic  author:basingstoke 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
All These Days After Tomorrow - rm (arem) - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
Ianto glances over at him and wishes there were something he could do that would actually be of help. But there isn't. He can't make Alice like her father and he can't make Jack stop trying to wedge all their lives into either the habits of some normal mortal earth that has never actually existed or some colony not even yet to be.
torchwood  fanfic  jossed  gen  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  author:rm  rec.all_fanfic 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
Nancy Brown: The Roots of the Quadratic (TARDIS Big Bang Round 3)
The prequels, "Intersecting Geodesics" and "In My Unique Position", are both must-reads as well. Lengthy, gracefully-handled timey-wimey shenanigans, well-thought-out canon continuity, and touching character development; Nancy fixes CoE without in any way taking the easy way out, right down the to last three mind-blowing paragraphs of "Quadratic".
torchwood  whoniverse  gen  plotty  timey-wimey  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  jenny.alice_carter  fanfic  childrenofearth  rec.all_fanfic 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
mellacita: FIC: Everywhere is Walking Distance, If You Have the Time
A fixit as horrifying and more wonderful than canon... and it's entirely canon-compatible. Features a plot point that gives me the heebie-jeebies.
torchwood  fanfic  post-childrenofearth  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  timey-wimey  rec.all_fanfic  author:mellacita 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
audrarose: FIC: Old Ghosts (TW) Jack/Ianto, PG
Ianto let Martha take his other hand and sighed. "And now?"

"We summon." Gwen closed her eyes and turned her head toward the ceiling far above. "Oh, spirits of -- wait a minute, where are we again?"

"Hell," Ianto said.

"Drummond Castle," Martha replied, elbowing Ianto hard.

Gwen cleared her throat. "Oh, spirits of Drummond Castle, we call upon you! Show yourselves!" She paused. "If you'd like. Please?"
torchwood  author:audrarose  fanfic  rec.all_fanfic  jack_harkness.ianto_jones 
august 2010 by lorem_ipsum
apiphile: [fic] Lost Woman Song
He's crude and ridiculous and not always bright, and he's gobby and he eats like a locust and he makes her laugh until she cries, so easily, so easily. And she loves him with a fierce possessiveness that borders on the demented; when he lies across the bottom of the bed and pretends to bite her toes. When he rests his head on her thigh and says, "How many worlds do you reckon there are?" and "Have you met many aliens?" and "What do they look like?" with the eager excitement of a child, unafraid and interested; he knows it's dangerous but he has accepted that Gwen will be okay on trust; Jack told him so. Rhys trusts Jack because Gwen trusts Jack. That's all.
torchwood  fanfic  gwen_cooper  post-exitwounds  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2010 by lorem_ipsum
blue_fjords: FIC: Conversing in Words, Fists, and Grunts
Ianto drives into a ditch and Rhys gives him a ride. This is a short one that will make you smiley-faced without any twee.
torchwood  fanfic  gen  author:blue-fjords  ianto_jones  rhys_williams  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2010 by lorem_ipsum
_lullabelle_: (Fic) The Secret of a Happy Marriage Remains a Secret
Lisa jerked awake, which jerked Ianto awake. He had no idea what time it was, but it was still completely dark out, and the rain had subsided from a deluge to a drizzle.

"Bad dream?" he asked into her hair.
torchwood  fanfic  ianto_jones.lisa_hallet  jack_harkness.ianto_jones  rec.all_fanfic  ep:something_borrowed  author:_lullabelle_ 
june 2010 by lorem_ipsum
solsticezero: Nothing Can Happen More Beautiful
Prepared: knowing what he would need to do if she was dead, a list that had been made his on his first day at Torchwood Three and stuck to his mind’s refrigerator door. Unprepared: she couldn’t possibly be dead. It couldn’t happen, not to Gwen, because everyone died, but not people Ianto loved, not like that.
torchwood  fanfic  gen  author:solsticezero  ianto_jones  gwen_cooper  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2010 by lorem_ipsum
apiphile: [fic] Boiling a Frog
And around Jack's head a whole panoply of sea life in phantasm is circling like a halo.

"It's not just creepy," Ianto corrects. He is carrying a shiny silver thermos. "It's also weird."
torchwood  humor  fanfic  author:apiphile  timey-wimey  rec.all_fanfic  jack_harkness.ianto_jones 
june 2010 by lorem_ipsum
smallfuzzy: Love of the Common People
Though he answered her mother's calls -- that much was required to stop Mum setting off to London, all ready to arrange his funeral -- it was some time before he called Rhiannon again. When he did, the happy buzz had left his voice again, a raw, hurt note replacing it. She barely dared ask about Lisa, and when she did, he ducked the subject. A break-up then, she surmised, likely a bad one. Those happened. She only wished Ianto felt more able to talk to them about it.
torchwood  gen  fanfic  rec.all_fanfic  ianto_jones  rhiannon_davies  pre-canon  author:smallfuzzy 
june 2010 by lorem_ipsum
hauldyourwhist: Fic: Management of Dead Bodies in Disaster Situations, A Field Manual [One Shot]
“Listen, I’m looking for Jack Harkness,” she says. He mentally goes over the names of the dead, and when that doesn’t work, he flicks through the sheaf of paper in front of him. “Wearing an RAF coat,” she elaborates, and suddenly he knows.
torchwood  fanfic  childrenofearth  rec.all_fanfic  author:heddychaa 
june 2010 by lorem_ipsum
bjewelled: FIC: Potentiality 1/8 (Torchwood)
In Torchwood London’s heyday, the fourteenth floor was something of a rite of passage. It was the done thing for new members of a department to get sent up there on some meaningless errand, while their much more knowledgeable colleagues took bets on how long it would take them to get back.

[Jack sends Ianto for some special training. Adventure ensues.]
rec.all_fanfic  rec.insightful  torchwood  fanfic  gen  ianto_jones  ep.cyberwoman  ep.countrycide 
june 2010 by lorem_ipsum
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