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Affinity - by astolat - fandom Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Tags: Arranged Marriage

[A cute AU that incorporates CA:TWS canon in a cute way, if your definition of cute includes abduction and attempted assassination, which mine does. -L]
captain_america  slash  fanfic  nsfw  steve_rogers.sam_wilson  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2015 by lorem_ipsum
Weak Point - by imogenbynight - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

The St. Alphonso’s Academy drama club website is still there in the browser history that night after Sam goes to bed, and as soon as Dean hears his door click shut he opens it and scrolls through the club’s contact list.

It’s been bothering him, the idea of subtext.

Because he’s read a few of Chuck’s original books, and he remembers how accurate a lot of it was, and he can’t help but wonder if there’s… well. If maybe it’s not just him.

This afternoon, when the thought had already been swimming around in his head for a few hours, he’d considered looking up the newer books to read them himself, but the more he thought about it the more he’d realized that he’d be reading with a bias. He wants to know what it looks like from an outside perspective.

Short of asking Sam--which is not going to happen--or Charlie--who is currently in Oz and therefore kind of hard to get in touch with--the high school fangirl who knows his story back to front is kind of the only other option he’s got.
spn  fanfic  slash  sfw  dean_winchester.castiel  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
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What Happens Next is Up to You - by winterhill - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011), Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas - Ursula K. Le Guin [Archive of Our Own]
Raven’s feet hurt.

She’d been walking for years, since she had reached her fourteenth summer. She thought that she might be eighteen now, or twenty. Perhaps thirty. She didn’t know for certain — it was hard to tell the time out here on the plains. She’d worn through the bottom of her last pair of shoes, right at the ball of her foot, but she felt that she should keep them on; she was, after all, civilized. Even if the nights were getting cold again, even if she was thinner than she had been last winter, even if she’d been unable to find the golden gates of the city again.

Selfishly, she’d wanted to. Heavy and tired, her limbs blue and numb with cold, she’d wanted to find Omelas again and go home, back to her mother’s arms, and try to forget that in Omelas, happiness had a price.

A light shone up ahead — a fire, bright-hot against the night sky. She broke into a run; people, actual people. The worst they would do was to tell her to keep walking; the people who walked from Omelas were not unkind, but they were not kindly.
xmfc  charles/erik  fanfic  gen  author.winterhill  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
october 2013 by lorem_ipsum
the things we did and didn't do - by pocky_slash - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

The doctors say the best thing for Charles as he learns to cope with his paralysis is positivity from those around him. Erik is so tired of being positive that it's making him sick.
xmfc  fanfic  slash  sfw  charles/erik  author.pocky_slash  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
october 2013 by lorem_ipsum
i once knew a woman from boobville - Fic: Cast Stones At Dragons (PG-13)
Title: Cast Stones At Dragons
Author: Troll Princess
Fandom: Supernatural
Spoilers: “All Hell Breaks Loose”
Summary: It’s been a decade since Dean’s year was up.
supernatural  fanfic  gen  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
june 2013 by lorem_ipsum
Hands, From Which All Things Are Built - by MajorEnglishEsquire - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Castiel travels with the angel tablet and without the Winchesters.
One day, Dean gets a text from some anonymous number.
(They speak in the language of need.)

A post-08.17 Goodbye, Stranger story.
supernatural  fanfic  slash  sfw  dean_winchester.castiel  author.MajorEnglishEsquire  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
april 2013 by lorem_ipsum
proxydialogue: Fic: And the Angel said: "Fuck it." And All the Bullshit of Heaven Could Not Convince Him Otherwise
The rehabilitation is designed to put soldiers back in the war, and it's counterproductive to break something you plan to use again. So no: they didn't break him. 

[Spoilers to the end of season 5. This is beautiful and devastating, and it just changed my headcanon.]
supernatural  fanfic  slash  sfw  dean_winchester.castiel  author.proxydialogue  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
april 2013 by lorem_ipsum
Vena Amoris and Other Old-Fashioned Bullshit - by pyrebi - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
In which angelic marriage bonds are apparently stupidly easy to trigger, Cas wages multidimensional war in Heaven, Dean can't catch a break like ever, Sam rather enjoys being a dick, love saves the day, and nobody consummates anything.

Dean instantly decides that he doesn't like where this is heading, so he decides to nip it in the bud and just say, "Cas, just to check--you and I aren't married, right?"

Castiel goes a bit...shifty. "The first thing to go in any anarchy state is the civil services. But rest assured, I'll have it annulled as soon as I'm back in power."


And just like that, Castiel vanishes.
supernatural  fanfic  slash  sfw  dean_winchester.castiel  author.pyrebi  rec.all_fanfic  rec.funny  rec.flawless 
march 2013 by lorem_ipsum
Battering Ram - by astolat - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
The Impala goes out in a blaze of glory in 2014, when they're out of belts and hoses and down to the last three cans of scavenged gasoline, and trying not to think about what's coming soon. They finish what she's started, Dean putting two bullets into the head of the last of the gang of human jackals she'd smashed through, and then he staggers around back to open the trunk. The two of them wrap their hands in rags and pull out everything they can: their one duffle, the knives and the guns and ammo. Then they stand back and just watch her burn, thundercloud black smoke rising in a pillar straight to heaven.
supernatural  fanfic  slash  sfw  apocafic  wincest  dean_winchester.sam_winchester  author.astolat  rec.all_fanfic  rec.style  rec.flawless 
march 2013 by lorem_ipsum
Incy Wincy Spider - Chapter 1 - by Tawabids - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

Erik Lehnsherr is a renowned homicide detective, with his husband Charles at home and his partner on the job, Moira MacTaggert. When a twisted serial killer starts targeting mutants, Erik and Moira are the perfect team for the job, especially since Erik himself is the mutant poster-boy of an NYPD trying to improve their image.

But what they don't yet know is that the serial killer is an old soul out of Erik's past, and his next move is to pull Charles into his web.

[Violence and serious injury. Gripping plot. -L]
x-men  fanfic  slash  charles/erik  author.tawabids  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2013 by lorem_ipsum
Equanimity - by Resonant - fandom Skyfall (2012) [Archive of Our Own]

"As I never know when someone might try to push my buttons, I find it useful to know where they are."
fanfic  slash  nsfw  james_bond.q  author.Resonant  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2013 by lorem_ipsum
You Could Turn It On Like A Light - by nightcamedown - fandom Sports Night [Archive of Our Own]

In which Dan and Casey are not fraught. Or so they say.

"Have a seat." Sam closed the door and turned to face Dan.

Dan looked around. "This is Isaac's office."

"I'm aware of that."

"It's just - I only mention it because I thought we were going to your office." Dan took a seat. "And this is not your office so much as it's Isaac's."

"When you two are done with your little skit," Isaac sighed from behind his desk, "please leave quickly and quietly."
sports_night  fanfic  slash  sfw  casey_mccall.dan_rydell  author.nightcamedown  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2013 by lorem_ipsum
On Solitude - by Toft - fandom Aubrey-Maturin Series - Patrick O'Brian [Archive of Our Own]
[Cracktastic fannish trope + O'Brianish sensibility in plot and narrative style. -L]

"The doctor 'as tellypathised 'im. Which as 'e 'as hentered into a mens communis" - Killick laboriously pronounced the phrases with absolute incomprehension, the sounds acquired only by dint of the number of times he had heard Stephen repeat them through the door - "in consequence of a wicked fish what they ate in Portsmouth."

Bonden whistled. "A bad fish can set you down something cruel. My cousin Bob Sullivan - you remember him, out of the Minerva - ate a nasty old plaice in Gibralter that had him laid up for a week. Running back and forth to the head on the hour, he was, until the first lieutenant, a right hard horse, had him stay there until he didn't have nothing more left in him to shit out. But you mark my words, the doctor will set the captain up with a purge and a draft, and he'll be better before you know it."
aubrey-maturin  slash  sfw  fanfic  author.Toft  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2013 by lorem_ipsum
Eyeliner - by TurtleTotem - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

Charles is a science nerd. He has no shot with a glamorous bad-boy like Erik Lehnsherr, even if they are both mutants. (Inspired by this picture.)

[Completely adorable. -L]
x-men  fanfic  sfw  charles/erik  author.TurtleTotem  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
december 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Paralyzer - Chapter 1 - by Yahtzee - fandom X-Men - All Media Types, X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary:
In 1965, Erik Lehnsherr has infiltrated the NYPD for his own purposes -- but his powers make him a brilliant detective. Yet that's not why FBI agent Charles Xavier has sought him out. It's because the mysterious killer they're both trying to find is murdering people like them: other mutants.

Their search for a madman binds them together. Their inner demons may tear them apart. But the greatest danger comes when the killer they're looking for looks back ...

[This AU is actually not very far from the movie XMFC; you can spot the point of divergence from canon. Mind the warnings. -L]
x-men  fanfic  nsfw  charles/erik  slash  author.Yahtzee  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
december 2012 by lorem_ipsum
interesting_gin: FIC: The Usual Silence
Fandom: X-Men
Characters/Pairing: You, Erik, Charles, Hank, Raven, Kurt
Rating: PG
Warnings: Heavy references to the Holocaust. Potentially triggering.
Summary: Take the path of least resistance. Stay safe. Don't speak up, if you're not one of them. What does it matter to you?

[Super depressing. -L]
x-men  fanfic  gen  sfw  author.interesting_gin  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
november 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Ornithologies - Chapter 1 - by tahariel - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

It’s bewildering, this matter of being mortal, and mammalian, and human.

He had spent the first few days on Earth confused and awkward as a newborn, this strange new fleshy body making demands of him he did not know how to interpret - that he feed it, water it, empty it of waste (or, as he found to his disgust, it would empty itself, as it chose.) His spirit self had slammed into the ground - into meathood - with the force of Jupiter’s gravity behind it, like being sucked into a black hole, slowly becoming heavier and thicker and more solid as he fell, comet-like, from the heavens. Burnt by the rushing wind and stung by the contemptuous stars as he passed them.
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  author.tahariel  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
november 2012 by lorem_ipsum
The Politician’s Apprentice - by avanti_90 - fandom Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]

In the early years of Emperor Aral Vorkosigan’s reign, a young Vor lord faces trial for violating Vorloupulous’s Law.
vorkosigan  fanfic  sfw  author.avanti_90  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
november 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Fifteen Detentions - by Kaneko - fandom Breakfast Club (1985) [Archive of Our Own]

Vernon stared at him for a long moment. He turned his face up to the ceiling. "I count one- two- three-" His mouth moved silently. "Fifteen more Saturdays. Plus the one you still owe me."

Bender made a noise that maybe sounded like a laugh, and felt like rage. "Whatever," he tried to say.

[If you are into the kind of story where the narrator's self-esteem has taken such a beating he has no idea other people care about him even though several people have obviously decided to take action for his sake (and also, the narrator is less weepy rag-doll, more spitfire) then this is the story for you. -L]
breakfast_club  fanfic  sfw  slash  john_bender.brian_johnson  author.Kaneko  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
november 2012 by lorem_ipsum
L'oiseau qui vole - by hedda62 - fandom Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]

Aral, in a fit of wickedness, assigns someone to follow Simon everywhere and keep notes, to see how he likes it.
fanfic  slash  vorkosigan  author.hedda62  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
november 2012 by lorem_ipsum
the mystery which binds me still - by pocky_slash - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

It's been seventeen years since Charles lived at the house in North Salem. It's big and imposing and filled with memories he thinks he's repressed for a reason. But after a strange man breaks in during a storm, demanding to see people Charles is sure died years ago, Charles finds himself investigating his past for the first time, venturing into the burnt out catacombs that hold the secret to the childhood he doesn't remember.
fanfic  slash  sfw  x-men  charles/erik  author.pocky_slash  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
november 2012 by lorem_ipsum
The Pinocchio Fallacy - by Toft - fandom MythBusters RPF [Archive of Our Own]

Sci-fi AU. Adam is a sexbot on the lam with a developing personality. Grant and Tory dreamed of changing the world, but sold out to the man. Kari works in robot rights activism in her off-hours. Jamie specializes in making things do what they weren't supposed to.

"Adam, this is a complicated situation, but as it seems that Mr. Demanes has not yet completed his payments to Myth Incorporated for you, Myth retains a stake in your ownership, and we have been able to make a deal with him that Dr. Imahara will retain you in San Francisco for three months, at which point we'll make a further assessment of the possibility of repurchasing you from Mr. Demanes, pending an internal review of the viability of Dr. Imahara's research."

Adam's face has gone totally blank as she talks, which Grant has to remind himself doesn't mean he's mad or upset. It means, probably, that he's trying to process what she's saying and hasn't got the RAM to spare to also decide on an appropriate facial expression. He can't blame him; Grant isn't sure what's appropriate either.

[Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. -L]
mythbusters  fanfic  slash  author.Toft  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
november 2012 by lorem_ipsum
kalichan: Ficlet: A Faithful Narrative [Darcy, Wickham, post-slash]
Characters/Pairing: Darcy/Wickham
Author's Note: The title is taken from a line in Darcy’s letter to Elizabeth: “This, madam, is a faithful narrative of every event in which we have been concerned together; and if you do not absolutely reject it as false, you will, I hope, acquit me henceforth of cruelty towards Mr. Wickham.”

[missing scene]
pride_and_prejudice  sfw  fanfic  slash  author.kalichan  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
october 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Appropriate Boundaries - Chapter 1 - by Yahtzee - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men (Movies), X-Men - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

Charles has been having serious problems with back cramps in the year and a half since he's been in a wheelchair. His doctor prescribes massage therapy. But when Charles meets his masseur, Erik, in some ways they begin to heal each other. So how do you cross the boundaries between professional touch -- and the personal?
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  alternate_universe  author.Yahtzee  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
october 2012 by lorem_ipsum
The Photograph - by copperbadge - fandom The Avengers (2012), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary:

Steve had body-modesty trained out of him in boot camp, and apparently his attitude is infectious.
avengers  fanfic  gen  humor  author.copperbadge  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
october 2012 by lorem_ipsum
The King Of Second Chances - by luninosity - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
The kitten, with a tiny wail of protest, landed safely in Charles’s hands, and then tried to bite him. Erik tried not to laugh. “Are we done now?”
x-men  fanfic  slash  sfw  charles/erik  author.luninosity  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
october 2012 by lorem_ipsum
The Gunpowder Files - Chapter 1 - by Tawabids - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
In a 19th century Britain, the wealthy Xavier-Marko couple pay Erik, a hired killer, to put their disabled son Charles "out of his misery". Instead, Erik saves Charles from dealing with those kind of parents ever again. Charles follows Erik back to London and eventually convinces the assassin to take him under his wing and teach him the trade. When their lives cross paths with a destructive opium cartel led by the shadowy Sebastian Shaw, they decide to take down the businessman down no matter the cost.
x-men  fanfic  slash  sfw  charles/erik  author.tawabids  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
september 2012 by lorem_ipsum
A River in Winter - by arcapelago (arcanewinter) - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
The months crawl one to the next. He no longer remembers the feel of the things he's lost. He no longer remembers the absence of anger.

Winter finally breaks, but not for him.
x-men  fanfic  sfw  author.arcapelago  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
september 2012 by lorem_ipsum
my heart pumps yet the poison - by coloredink - fandom Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
"Hit me." Sherlock cocked his head at John and gave him a thin, devilish smile. "We’ve been through this once already. Don't tell me you don't want to."
sherlock  fanfic  bdsm  author.coloredink  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
september 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Handle with Care - by pocky_slash - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

Moira thinks Erik Lehnsherr is a liability despite his skills and knowledge, but she's not above using Charles Xavier to keep him in check.

[Missing scene.]
x-men  fanfic  sfw  slash  charles/erik  author.pocky_slash  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
august 2012 by lorem_ipsum
First Aid - by Philomytha - fandom Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]
"He's been there almost five hours, sir," Briggs said. "He refuses to move, he refuses to let my men take him anywhere else, he won't even accept a coat and it's been raining all night. The last time I tried to talk to him, he pulled out a nerve disruptor and said he'd shoot the next ImpSec bastard who bothered him. And I know we're not supposed to upset him, but that was an hour and a half ago, sir. We can't go on like this."

Simon could picture it all too clearly. "And where are you?" he asked.

"Well, that's the thing. We're in Turnpike Street, just past the monorail bridge."

A five-minute walk from Simon's apartment. He could see where this was going.

"And you want me to come and see if I can talk some sense into him?"

"Well, sir..." Briggs sounded timid, as if asking a tremendous favour. But then, he could have no way of knowing that it wasn't even a question: when Aral needed him, Simon would go, day or night, on duty or off.
vorkosigan  fanfic  slash  nsfw  aral_vorkosigan.simon_illyan  author.Philomytha  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
august 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Bifurcation - Chapter 1 - by spicedpiano - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
[Erik is a pathologist who destroys dangerously sloppy doctors. Charles is a heart surgeon with a dead patient.

This story convinced me (incorrectly) that the author actually is a medical doctor.]
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  alternate_universe  author.spiecedpiano  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless  rec.detail 
july 2012 by lorem_ipsum
it's like one of us woke up - by kaydeefalls - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
[Charles and Erik find Shaw in Russia. Longish and plotty. Includes a brilliant (and chilling) explanation of where Shaw's helmet came from. -L]
x-men  fanfic  slash  sfw  charles/erik  alternate_universe  author.kaydeefalls  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
july 2012 by lorem_ipsum
A Very Special Episode - by winterhill - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Erik Lehnsherr is surprisingly ordinary when he’s not douching it up at an awards night or spilling spoilers to Youtube. He offers me a scotch, and then stretches out on the couch to talk. There’s no sign of a PA or hangers-on anywhere; Lehnsherr infamously refuses to employ assistants unless he’s on a film set, and even then he does so reluctantly.

“I prefer to do things myself,” he says. “And what I don’t want to do, Emma does.”

He’s talking about Emma Frost, his agent and long-time friend. Erik and Emma have been romantically linked dozens of times across his career, a claim which Lehnsherr vehemently rejects.

“I’m gay,” he reminds me. “While I appreciate that Emma has fantastic tits, she’s missing other vital parts of anatomy. Total deal-breaker.”

“You choose very action-oriented roles, and you’ve never brought a boyfriend to anything,” I tell him. “Do you think that’s why people match you with women?”

“I don’t want to play what Hollywood thinks is gay,” says Lehnsherr. “Then I’d have a choice of dying of AIDS; being ashamed of my sexuality until I just find the right guy; or being someone’s sassy best friend. I’d prefer to shoot aliens and bring down terrorists. Fuck you. You want me to bring a boyfriend somewhere? Fine. You’re my date to the Oscars.”

“Done,” I reply, hoping I won’t have to put out. He looks like a biter.

“I could,” he says, leaning forward. “I could do something all about sexuality, but it would have to be the right thing.”

“I hear Hasbro is looking for guests for their new run of My Little Pony,” I tell him, mostly to watch him explode.

He doesn’t disappoint.

"Oh for fuck’s sake. I will work for Hasbro the moment the Sparkly Hooves pony comes out of the closet. Until then, give me a break."

Hank McCoy, "Fuck You, I’m Erik Lehnsherr," Rolling Stone, January 2012
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  author.winterhill  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
july 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Hollow Minds and Dead Souls - by helens78 - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary:

When Charles and Erik take a portable version of Cerebro out to New Mexico as part of their mutant recruiting trip, they aren't expecting to find out the town's falling victim to an epidemic. But things are far worse than they seem, because this is no ordinary virus. Will Charles and Erik find their way home in time to help save the world... from zombies?
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  author.helens78  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
july 2012 by lorem_ipsum
The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco - Chapter 1 - by fengirl88 - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
“You're out of touch, Charles,” Erik says. “Folk music is the in thing these days. It's practically groovy.”

Charles is beginning to wish he'd never heard the word.

“I got a lead on our man,” he says hastily.

“Good,” Erik says, looking sharkishly pleased. “Almost makes the last hour worthwhile.”

“I thought you fitted in rather well.” He knows he sounds jealous and that makes it even worse.

“I'm sure you could pass for a hep cat,” Erik teases him, “especially if you keep stealing my clothes.”

“That won't happen again,” Charles says stiffly. He can feel that he's blushing again, which is seriously annoying. This is officially the worst recruiting expedition ever.
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  author.fengirl88  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
july 2012 by lorem_ipsum
lo0o0ony_lauren: climb the wall to make the sun rise in time, but the night had already begun.
He wondered when it was going to be a good time to mention that he needed glasses and he'd left them somewhere, or that they didn’t know each other, or that he had, in fact, spent the previous night running round in a forest, mauling things, and Mitchell appeared to have forgotten that. In fact, he was right in the midst of this thought process when Mitchell said, "I’m a vampire, by the way."

being_human  fanfic  slash  sfw  author.lo0o0ony_lauren  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
july 2012 by lorem_ipsum
In a Field of Stone - by pearl_o - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Author Summary:

Erik is called to help deal with a changeling, but when things go badly, he makes a harsh realization.
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  author.pearl_o  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
july 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Hug Therapy - by astolat - fandom The Avengers (2012), Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

"I am hugging you," Thor explained. "That you may know I love you, despite your madness."

[Seriously, fandom, stop it, I do not want this pairing, but oh the the excellent Thor-centric crackfic that y'all are writing...

Case in point. Here we have noncon hugging and dubcon sex. And ALL THE FUNNY. -L]
avengers  fanfic  slash  nsfw  crack  author.astolat  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless  rec.funny 
july 2012 by lorem_ipsum
the bite that binds; the gift that gives - by ozmissage - fandom Being Human [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary:

He’ll be coming for them soon. He’ll be coming for George. (AU from 2x07.)

[Warning: Horror.]
being_human  fanfic  author.ozmissage  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
july 2012 by lorem_ipsum
xahra99: In God's Country
It was six days, two months and twenty-two years since Mitchell had died, some ninety miles south of the Flanders fields in which he now found himself. The landscape was far prettier than he recalled. It was all a world away from the marshy shell-scarred craters of the Somme.

The war felt the same.
being_human  fanfic  gen  author.xahra99  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
july 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Passing-bells - by LithiumDoll - fandom Being Human [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary:

Nina's impending motherhood has a lot of question marks over it - some are annoying her more than others.

[Post-season 3.]
being_human  fanfic  sfw  author.LithiumDoll  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
july 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Curve Fitting - by kianspo - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Charles likes to pick up strays. His mother cites non-existing allergies and never allows him to keep the abandoned kittens or puppies, instead making the servants take them to an animal shelter. Charles visits them regularly and is torn between happiness and sadness when someone adopts his former charges.

However, one day he drags in not another street cat, but a shivering, frightened Raven. She's dirty and hungry and still wearing bruises her drunk of a father left on her arms and back. Sharon Xavier isn’t thrilled, but then she wasn’t thrilled even when she gave birth to her own child, so it’s not something that can be held against her.

Raven stays.

A year later, Charles stumbles over Erik, who’s trying to survive on the street.
x-men  fanfic  slash  charles/erik  author.kianspo  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
june 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Thanks, Biology - by Unforgotten - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Charles snarls, a primal sort of snarl, an I-mean-business sort of snarl, a don't-you-fuck-with-me sort of snarl, the sort of snarl that makes alphas' blood freeze in their veins.

Erik suddenly looks from side-to-side, faux casual, as though he hasn't taken any interest in Charles at all and certainly didn't hear him snarl.
x-men  fanfic  slash  sfw  charles/erik  alternate_universe  author.Unforgotten  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless  rec.funny 
june 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Zweiundachtzig - by Dow - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Modern AU. Erik M. Lehnsherr is a private man, a jeweler that’s just looking for a studio to work in. But floorspace in New York is limited, so he ends up sharing a space with a beautiful mutant painter named Raven. Above them is a huge furry blue physicist, i.e. Mad scientist, and a glassblower that breaks half of what he makes when he starts laughing.

Drawn into their intricacies, Erik finds himself not only with friends but something that’s starting to frighteningly resemble a family. Then enter one, Charles Xavier; geneticist, lecturer, telepath, and mutant rights activist. Suddenly Erik is faced with dealing with a past he’s trying to forget and feelings he’s never had before.
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  alternate_universe  author.Dow  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
june 2012 by lorem_ipsum
the sea, the sea - by disenchanted - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
They were in Maine, and the water was cold, and the air was cold, and they raced to the rocks of the winter-black coast, and they slowed, then, when the ocean was in sight. They breathed long, and they breathed deep; Erik bent, rested his hands on his knees, and Charles could see the way that his back rose and fell, could see the condensation from his panting breaths. Erik lifted his head, then, and smiled, and a wave broke behind him—dashed itself against the rock, scattered itself into sea-foam and the hush of falling water.

[Mutant-recruiting road trip, told in atmospheric style.]
x-men  fanfic  nsfw  charles/erik  author.disenchanted  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
june 2012 by lorem_ipsum
A Man of Light Virtue - by cygnaut - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
[My summary: Erik has plans. Charles helps.]

Erik stands indecisively in the street, weighing whether it's worth his trouble to wait. He wants further confirmation of Schmidt's location, but maybe the banker can't give him that. He has other leads, clues he's neglecting by following the banker here [...]

"There's no point in haggling when I've already made up my mind," Erik answers, his own accent sounding harsh in comparison. "We can flirt on the way to your room if you like." [...]

"I'm Erik." He says it too loudly and Charles looks over his shoulder at him, smiling like he already knew.
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  author.cygnaut  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
may 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Everything About It Is a Love Song - by pocky_slash - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Erik's spent fifty years being a figurehead and he's ready to leave that behind. Luckily, so is Charles.

(aka Old Retired Dudes in Love)
x-men  fanfic  slash  sfw  charles/erik  author.pocky_slash  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
may 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Nickel Content - by Unforgotten - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
He's not expecting anyone else to still be up, so it's a surprise in more ways than one when he stumbles into what he expects to be an empty room to find that Erik is already - or is it still? - there, with a mostly empty tumbler in his hand and several rather large and decidedly empty bottles on the end table next to him.

There's something dangerous in the atmosphere here, and Charles has just decided to leave Erik to it when he's spotted.

[Chilling. -L]
x-men  fanfic  gen  sfw  author.Unforgotten  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
april 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Waking. - by quigonejinn - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

Question: how many people did you kill to get to Shaw? Answer: you don't know, because you didn't see fit to count.
x-men  fanfic  gen  sfw  author.quigonejinn  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless  pov.2nd 
april 2012 by lorem_ipsum
I'll Do Anything - by helens78 - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

Charles has been in this collar ever since Kurt got Charles's status changed from "free" to "slave". He'd do anything to get out of it, including being sold to the highest bidder.
x-men  fanfic  sfw  charles/erik  alternate_universe  author.helens78  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
april 2012 by lorem_ipsum
To the Victor, The Spoil - by Annakovsky - fandom Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins [Archive of Our Own]
He drinks his way through the year, like every other year, but the difference is that this time he has to go on the fucking Victory Tour. Watch Katniss look older every day, the circles under her eyes getting darker. He thought watching his tributes die every year was bad -- he didn't think watching them survive would be worse. Well, live and learn.

[...] The afternoon sun is falling on her face, making her look as bright and shining as the city outside the window. "Stop acting like I'm some innocent little girl," she says, desperate and furious both, that flash back in her gray eyes. "I'm not. I'm a murderer. You can't corrupt me, because they already did. It wasn't even hard."

[Mind the warnings.]
hunger_games  fanfic  nsfw  het  katniss/haymitch  author.Annakovsky  angst  alternate_universe  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
march 2012 by lorem_ipsum
From Westminster With Love - by thehoyden - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011), Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary:
NATO intelligence says there’s an omega-class telepath who sleeps under Westminster. Major Erik Lehnsherr is about to find out the truth for himself.


The good humour drained off Xavier’s face in a flash, leaving his countenance haggard. “Someone is hunting us, Major Lehnsherr,” he said, voice low.

Erik leaned forward just a bit. “Why call on NATO?” he asked, well aware that M was watching him carefully. “If you have -- what, a serial killer targeting mutants? -- then surely it’s a domestic matter.”

“Not serial killing,” Xavier said, and his knuckles were white where they gripped cup and saucer. “Trafficking. Whoever this is, he wants them alive. He moves them across Europe. He makes use of them.”
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  author.thehoyden  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
march 2012 by lorem_ipsum
The Salmon, Downstream - by Cesare - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011), Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
So Charles has a thing for picking up strays, right?

Strays like one tall, lean, sharp-eyed, dangerously driven young man on a quest for vengeance against the cruel sadistic son of a bitch who tore him away from his natural family and turned him into a living weapon with the aim of having his protege destroy the world...

I'm talking about Loki, of course.

[Charles's characterization in this vignette is fascinating. -L]
x-men  avengers  fanfic  slash  sfw  author.cesare  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
march 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Tabula Rasa - by o2doko - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
[Exploration of telepathy--Erik learns to speak Charles's language. Implied asexuality.]
x-men  fanfic  slash  sfw  charles/erik  author.o2doko  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
march 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Grace - Chapter 1 - by Yahtzee - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
[A few years after Charles leaves the priesthood to be with Erik, their relationship faces a crisis.

Uh, you know how in comics canon Magneto had a small daughter who died in a fire? This story is related to that painful history in a way that... well, there was some uncontrollable sobbing on my part.

This story is devastating and lovely and bittersweet, a perfect followup to Yahtzee's "Sacrament", and like "Sacrament" it concludes with a sense of love and tenderness and hope glowing through the whole world.

But it goes beyond "Sacrament", achieving a combination of suffering and hope that reminds me of synecdochic's "Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose".

x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  angst  author.Yahtzee  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
february 2012 by lorem_ipsum
You Know My Name - by dvs - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
[Fun and not entirely weightless James Bond AU.]

The first time Erik sees Agent X is in an expensive hotel in Geneva. Erik is sitting at the bar and watching the mirror on the wall behind it, getting a good look at his surroundings. He notices the man at the end of the bar watching him very closely. When Erik meets his gaze in the mirror, he is rewarded with a suggestive smile. If there's one thing the Secret Service is good at doing, it's training its agents to respond to certain suggestions.

Erik picks up his drink and approaches Agent X on the pretext of asking for a cigarette. In a few moments, X will introduce himself as William Stroker while smiling rather lasciviously and smelling the flower in his lapel to indicate that he is 007's contact. Erik will look him up and down and introduce himself in a manner suggesting they will both get to know each other very well.

This is not a profession known for its subtleties.
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  alternate_universe  author.dvs  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
february 2012 by lorem_ipsum
etirabys: Nandago Da Senya [1/1]
His hatred is being starved of fuel, and at the same time he is being weaned off it.

[Kinky, trippy, and extraordinary. -L]

x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  author.Etirabys  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless  via:ratcreature 
february 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Sacrament - by Yahtzee - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men - All Media Types, X-Men (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
From the author's summary:

It's still the early 1960s. Charles grew up devoutly religious, went to seminary and took orders.

And for the few years he's been a priest, he's been a good one. He coordinates volunteering and assistance for several charities in New York City, where his parish is, and doesn't mind the life of poverty he leads ...

Then he meets Erik Lehnsherr, the devout Jew and Holocaust survivor who runs that other charity, who is so fiercely protective of his charges that it moves Charles' heart ...

Charles has powers - he just doesn't know it.

[You might assume this is fetish fuel, but no. It's a tender, thoughtful story of love and faith. Bittersweet but not tragic. -L]
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  author.Yahtzee  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless  rec.insightful 
january 2012 by lorem_ipsum
After the War, Before the War - by kindkit - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
From one camp to another, that's liberation. In this camp Erik still has a number, but he's not tortured. There are no crematoria. He's called a displaced person, not a filthy Jew.

[triple drabble]
x-men  fanfic  gen  author.kindkit  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2012 by lorem_ipsum
harriet_spy: Okay, one *tiny* post-X3 fic
[Untitled, dated 2006-05-27]

He wakes in the night with the sudden, absolute conviction that he is still on a different train, and has been all this time, his life nothing but a child’s futile dreams of escape and power. He can’t move, but after an agonizingly slow moment, he recognizes the feel of the pillow under his head, the plasticky Amtrak blankets. Charles, he thinks, reaching out automatically, Charles…But there is no answer. The world is silent, and will be from now on.

He opens his eyes, and Pyro is leaning against the door, watching him, passing lights throwing his face in and out of shadow. This is something Erik had always taken care not to let him see.
x-men  fanfic  slash  sfw  magneto/pyro  author.harriet_spy  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2012 by lorem_ipsum
kindkit: The Death of Arthur

This is the first lesson of Moise's new life: invisibility doesn't need a mutation. Getting old will do it. Being harmless--neutered, normal, nothing--will do it.

Of all the dead people he's been, Magneto is the deadest of all.
x-men  fanfic  slash  sfw  charles/erik  author:kindkit  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2012 by lorem_ipsum
The Emperor's Man - by Philomytha - fandom Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]
"How can you even... oh, I don't care. If you can make it stop... I Request and Require you to make it quiet here, Miles," Gregor finished. "Please," he added.

"Yes, Sire," Miles said, beginning to bubble over with excitement. "I won't fail you, Sire."

He dashed out of the bedroom. Lord Vorthalia the Bold had travelled day and night across Barrayar, fighting bandits and monsters, to find a rare medicine to cure his Emperor from a deadly sickness. Miles had loved that episode. And now it was his turn to save the Emperor.

[Adorable. -L]
vorkosigan  fanfic  gen  author.Philomytha  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2012 by lorem_ipsum
72 Hours - by unveiled - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
[Magneto evaluates the school as a possible home for several children. Absolutely do read the sequel, linked at the bottom. -L]

Erik took the ultimatum as well as can be expected: badly. Charles watched the tectonic plates of Erik's face shifting, rearranging his handsome countenance into the very personification of rage. Spoons rattled against saucers, the fire grate moaned in its hearth. Once upon a time, Charles thought, he would've tried to assuage Erik's anger, persuade Erik to come around to his point of view with carefully-honed words.

Not now, possibly not again for a long time, not since he failed when it mattered most.
x-men  fanfic  slash  sfw  charles/erik  author.unveiled  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Still Life with Cookies - by stlkrchck - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
[Erik gets stalked by a model who keeps giving him cookies. This story is as sweet and ridiculous as you'd expect. -L]
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  alternate_universe  author.slkrchck  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Little Birds - by winterhill - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Charles was delighted to show Erik his nests the following day. It was sickening. Charles the magic dove looked after a colony of sparrows that lived right where the humans could get them; they begged for scraps from humans [...]

“So pigeons,” said Darwin. “You’re going to do what, exactly, with the pigeons?”

[Charming. Fable, not crack. -L]
x-men  fanfic  slash  charles/erik  alternate_universe  via:blueMeridian  author.winterhill  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Always Starts the Same, with a Boy and a Girl - by lightgetsin - fandom White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary: Summer, 1998. Neal Caffrey robs the gallery where Elizabeth O'Dell is working late, and comes away with a lot more than art. Agent Burke has no idea what's about to hit him.

Most of the heist wasn't on film. They clearly knew exactly where the cameras were, which still needed an explanation. There was half an hour of them mingling downstairs; Caffrey's hand rested low on her back, and they launched a double blue-eyed charm offensive at everyone who came within range. Then Elizabeth excused herself to the ladies' room, Caffrey went to fetch her a fresh glass of champagne, and they vanished for seventeen-and-a-half minutes, just long enough to get by the motion detectors, the alarms, and the guards.

They met up in a second-floor reception room. Did they not know about that camera, or did they just not care?
white_collar  fanfic  nsfw  het  slash  threesome  alternate_universe  peter/neal/elizabeth  author.lightgetsin  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2012 by lorem_ipsum
ristrettoette: The Rest (X-Men: First Class, 1/1)
Erik sleeps on Charles' sofa, and soon in Charles' bed. This is what happens when someone saves you from drowning. He hasn't anywhere to go, any life to return to. "Erik, what on earth did you do before I found you?" Charles says.

He finds it difficult to explain, not least of all in a foreign language. He wasn't Erik. He was an arrow then. [...]

He doesn’t speak German anymore, if he can help it. Everything he wants to say, he says in English. He made the decision a long time ago. English is like a second layer of skin, separating him from the force of the words.
x-men  fanfic  slash  sfw  charles/erik  author.ristrettoette  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless  rec.style 
january 2012 by lorem_ipsum
metisket: beautiful ideas
Author's Note: So it cracks me up that the entire plot is pretty much Mike Stamford’s fault, and yet he manages to completely dodge the fallout. SIR, I SALUTE YOU.
sherlock  fanfic  gen  author.metisket  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Replay - by Unforgotten - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary: After Magneto of an X2-ish future succeeds in the unthinkable, Charles sends his consciousness back to 1962 to guide Erik away from the path that will lead to the genocide of the human race forty years hence.

Charles knows that Erik has always loved him, and intends to use this knowledge + sex to seduce Erik away from his ideals in his youth.

There's no way this well-thought-out, sensible, debugged and 100% bulletproof plan can possibly go wrong.
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  timey-wimey  author.Unforgotten  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless  rec.funny 
january 2012 by lorem_ipsum
penknife: Closer
Jean wishes sometimes that she could just have sex with Scott without having him in her head.

[Short and to the point.]
fanfic  scott_summers.jean_grey  x-men  charles/erik  sfw  author.penknife  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless  rec.insightful 
january 2012 by lorem_ipsum
Nameless - C. Elisa - November 17, 2003
She was supposed to have another name but no one gave it to her yet.
x-men  fanfic  slash  sfw  charles/erik  author.C_Elisa  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
december 2011 by lorem_ipsum
flambeau: SGA: Over the hills and far away
[A really subtle and disturbing take on the "Shep is a fairy" concept. -L]
stargate_atlantis  fanfic  gen  sfw  author.flambeau  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
december 2011 by lorem_ipsum
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