Average Avengers Local Chapter 7 of New York City - by hetrez - fandom Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
"You’re wrong," he says in his heavy, calm Captain voice. "The right thing is always the scariest, and the weirdest, and the saddest thing you'll ever have to do. If you're bored, it's because you've stopped doing it and you didn't even notice. Write that down. I can repeat myself if you need me to."
march 2018
Locked Room Puzzle - by Speranza - fandom due South [Archive of Our Own]
"Aileen," Musky said finally, with the air of someone imparting great wisdom, "if you ever have a case gives you the stinkeye, one of the finest policemen in all the world lives not twenty miles past Miller's Hill."

From the author's tags: Established Relationship, Post-Canon, Murder Mystery

[Outsider POV]
due_south  benton_fraser.ray_kowalski  slash  fanfic  sfw  rec.all_fanfic 
january 2015
Affinity - by astolat - fandom Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Tags: Arranged Marriage

[A cute AU that incorporates CA:TWS canon in a cute way, if your definition of cute includes abduction and attempted assassination, which mine does. -L]
captain_america  slash  fanfic  nsfw  steve_rogers.sam_wilson  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2015
Dragons of the North - by gentlezombie - fandom Vikings (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, Polyamory, Background Relationships, Crisis of Faith

Spoilers through the end of season 2.
vikings  fanfic  nsfw  slash  ragnar.athelstan  rec.all_fanfic 
january 2015
Let Me Occupy Your Mind (As You Do Mine) - by lady_ragnell - fandom Vikings (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Modern AU. Athelstan decides to try out bdsm. He meets Lagertha and Ragnar at a club. Pegging ensues. From the author's tags: Kink Negotiation, Blindfolds, Oral Sex, Crying, Biting, Orgasm Delay/Denial, Aftercare, Dirty Talk, Other Incidental Kink

When he makes it to the double doors at the end of the room, though, it’s much louder, and he pushes them open to find a reception desk and several doors branching off from it. He can hear some of the music over the bass, in here, but mostly he’s frozen by the sight of Siggy sitting at the reception desk, looking businesslike but wearing eyeliner and more leather than he would have expected. And also less leather than he would have expected.
vikings  fanfic  het  slash  nsfw  bdsm  alternate_universe  ragnar.athelstan.lagertha  rec.all_fanfic  rec.hot 
december 2014
David - by therev - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary:
What if the person who found amnesiac!Cas when he stumbled out of that river in Colorado had been a man and not a woman? And what if when Dean caught up with him, he found that Cas had a husband? And what if he was a real character and not the throw-away that they made Daphne?
spn  fanfic  slash  sfw  castiel.omc  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2014
Sacred and Profane - by it_felt_pure (custodian) - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary:
Dean Smith is a high-flying exec with a bright future. Castiel Novak is a burned-out wannabe mystic for whom sex in the workplace is a regular occurrence. It's the Master Cleanse that brings them together.
spn  fanfic  slash  nsfw  dean_winchester.castiel  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2014
Asunder - by rageprufrock - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
It's going to be a shitty wedding with shitty people and a shitty atmosphere and Dean feels shitty about going.

[The one where Sam and Dean have been estranged for years and now Castiel is going with Dean to attend Sam and Ruby's wedding. Dean and Castiel are not in an established relationship, but this is really mostly about Dean and Sam dealing with the aftermath of addiction. Human AU. -L]
spn  fanfic  slash  nsfw  dean_winchester.castiel  rec.all_fanfic  alternate_universe 
december 2014
Weak Point - by imogenbynight - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

The St. Alphonso’s Academy drama club website is still there in the browser history that night after Sam goes to bed, and as soon as Dean hears his door click shut he opens it and scrolls through the club’s contact list.

It’s been bothering him, the idea of subtext.

Because he’s read a few of Chuck’s original books, and he remembers how accurate a lot of it was, and he can’t help but wonder if there’s… well. If maybe it’s not just him.

This afternoon, when the thought had already been swimming around in his head for a few hours, he’d considered looking up the newer books to read them himself, but the more he thought about it the more he’d realized that he’d be reading with a bias. He wants to know what it looks like from an outside perspective.

Short of asking Sam--which is not going to happen--or Charlie--who is currently in Oz and therefore kind of hard to get in touch with--the high school fangirl who knows his story back to front is kind of the only other option he’s got.
spn  fanfic  slash  sfw  dean_winchester.castiel  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
december 2014
Sweet Home - by xylodemon - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

"Dean," Cas growls, frowning like he's eavesdropping on Dean's horrible thoughts, and -- wow. He hasn't rolled out that cranky, angel-of-the-lord voice in a while; it's good to know it still makes Dean harder than a rock. "The things Hannah did -- she was doing what she thought she must, based on the information she had. I know what that's like. I believe you do as well."

"Yeah," Dean says, deflating a little. He absolutely knows what that's like, and Cas must really dig this chick if he's going for the throat like that. "Look, man, its -- "

"Castiel," Hannah says, the heels of her boots clicking on the walkway. "Sam Winchester has promised me something called pancakes."
spn  fanfic  slash  nsfw  dean_winchester.castiel  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2014
suddenly, all at once - by xylodemon - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Dean is sitting in his favorite chair, eating his breakfast and frowning at Monday's Omaha World-Herald, trying to decide if the unexplained deaths in Plattsmouth are regular unexplained or unexplained unexplained, when Cas wanders into the library like a zombie, yawning and rubbing his eyes. He's wearing an old Zep shirt and a pair of hideously orange and blue pajama pants; he blinks at Dean for a few seconds, silent, then helps himself to half of Dean's coffee and a triangle of Dean's toast, and it hits Dean all at once, like a lightning bolt out of a clear sky.
spn  fanfic  slash  nsfw  dean_winchester.castiel  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2014
When You're a Stranger - Chapter 1 - by glorious_spoon - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
[Demian has] read the books, and if even half of what Carver Edlund wrote about is real, he knows that it could have been a lot worse. But it's Barnes, and if he doesn't get back to normal sometime soon they're going to shut him up in a psych ward. And there's only one person Damien can think of who'd have a clue what to do.

[After the events of The Real Ghostbusters, Barnes gets whammied and can only speak ancient Greek. The main point of this story is The Reveal, and it's a perfect example of what I love about The Reveal as a fanfiction device. -L]
spn  fanfic  slash  sfw  barnes.demian  dean_winchester.castiel  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2014
Physical Reality - by 7PhoenixAshes - fandom Sword Art Online [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary:
Sword Art Online is technically an all-ages game. Which means engaging in certain, *ahem,* aspects of a romantic relationship can be a bit difficult...

Author's Tags: Video Game Mechanics, Awkward Sexual Situations, Failboats In Love

[This is a smart little vignette that hits a couple of my kinks (hair-pulling and worldbuilding). -L]
sword_art_online  fanfic  het  nsfw  asuna.kirito  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2014
There's My Territory - by Dira Sudis (dsudis) - fandom Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
"That's the beauty of this stuff," the salesman said, tilting his head toward the display Bucky had been looking at. "Nobody knows what you're keeping under your clothes. That's between you and yourself."

Author's Tags:

Lingerie, Cookies, Internalized Kink Shaming, Disordered Eating
captain_america  winter_soldier  fanfic  slash  nsfw  steve_rogers.bucky_barnes.sam_wilson  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2014
Likewise, I'm Sure - by leestone - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
The penultimate scene between them in Bela's hotel room, Bela against the wall with Dean's gun trained between her eyes, didn't end where the show says it did. Maybe Dean's the one holding the gun, or maybe she tricked it away from him (because she's awesome like that), but either way, someone gets fucked with it. And gets off on it, however unwillingly. Just a shameless PWP for the above prompt at Round 4 of Blindfold SPN.
spn  fanfic  het  nsfw  dean_winchester.bela_talbot  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2014
Like a Parched Land - by Las - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Note:
Written for the following prompt: "Reverse!verse: Castiel is the Righteous Man and Dean is the angel who drags his ass out of Hell." This is an AU version of episodes 5x01 through 5x03.

A routine develops, as routines must, even at the end of the world.

Dean would appear out of nowhere with food he picked up from wherever he just came from - churros from Madrid, fried bananas from Jakarta - and he'd shove them under Castiel's nose and say, "Want some?" Castiel would decline more often than he'd accept, and then they'd get to work, Dean talking with his mouth full all the while.

One day, Castiel's cellphone beeps with a picture message from Dean, mostly of his nostrils, with the message "holy duck it does pictures". And then Castiel starts receiving the occasional picture message of snow-capped peaks and endless deserts and a food cart in some bustling downtown.

"nothin yet," Dean would text, "but these rice cakes r gr8."

Maybe it's the nature of angels to be so moved by humanity. Maybe it's just Dean. It's not that Dean never showed an interest in humanity before, but shaken loose from the bonds of heaven, he seems determined to embrace the trappings of this world. A sort of reverse monasticism, perhaps. Dean is not of this world, but he is in this world and he throws himself into it with more enthusiasm than Castiel has shown in his entire life.
spn  fanfic  slash  dean_winchester.castiel  nsfw  alternate_universe  reverseverse  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2014
A Room Of One's Own - Chapter 1 - by NorthernSparrow - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary:

All Dean wants is a little privacy. Cas doesn't understand.

Author's Tags:

Masturbation, Porn Watching, Anal Play,Shameless Smut, Humor, Bunker, Frottage, Bunny Ears, Toast, Disco, Free Awesome Blow Jobs And No Emotions, Well Maybe Some Emotions, Anal Sex, Impala Sex, Blow Jobs, Wing Kink But A Little Different, Advanced Cuddling
spn  fanfic  slash  dean_winchester.castiel  nsfw  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2014
Come Tomorrow I'll Be Gone - by Misachan - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
[This broke my heart. Like "The End" itself, this is everything I never wanted. Unfluffiest kidfic in the world. Well done, fanfic author. -L]

Claire shook off the sudden, cold paralysis, telling herself she had to be wrong. "Hello?" she said, finding a more solid patch of ground so she could approach closer. Croats didn't talk and demons didn't get stuck, and if there was something worse down there in that pit, well, she'd just have to deal with it. She finally got to the edge of the hole and saw a man sitting in the mud about twenty feet down. He looked up toward the sound and Claire felt her heart clench tight. This was the closest she'd been to Castiel in years and the beard was new and the hair was different, but the strangeness of something else looking out from her father's blue eyes was exactly the same.
spn  fanfic  gen  sfw  endverse  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2014
Twenty-Year Man - by ellen_fremedon - fandom Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary: Lord Ivan Vorpatril and Byerly Vorrutyer, making Vorbarr Sultana safe for (highly limited experiments in) democracy.

[Plotty and smart, excellent characterization. -L]
vorkosigan  fanfic  slash  nsfw  ivan_vorpatril.byerly_vorrutyer  author.ellen_fremedon  rec.all_fanfic 
january 2014
Interference - by tardisy - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
[spoilers through 9x04]

He looked at you strangely those first few days, but, hey, you figured he’d just been worried, the perpetual resting state of your big brother. Although, and you won’t tell him this, because it’s nothing, probably nothing, but you’re a little grateful for his predicable concern right now. You feel… you feel good, in a way you haven’t in a very long time. You feel light and full in a way that you can’t put your finger on, and it’s probably due to the fresh memory of the pain you had to live with during the trials, but this feeling is so foreign it’s making you a bit unsteady, your head a little foggy. But then he stopped watching you so blatantly as you both had gotten distracted with Abaddon, and the angels, and Oz, and Cas. Oh, Cas.

 You wonder now if his concern for you, and the whole situation with Cas’ sudden departure, is just too much for him to deal with, as though he’s an engine that’s been running on fumes for too long. You wonder if he feels like you do, like you’re missing some punch line.
supernatural  fanfic  gen  sfw  author.tardisy  rec.all_fanfic 
november 2013
What Has Eight Tentacles and Isn't Allowed to Eat Pie? - by Annie D (scaramouche) - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

Dean watched an anime porn about this once, but real life turns out to be way less interesting.

Or, the one where Dean gets turned into an octopus.


Written for the Mini Bang track of the 2013 Dean/Cas Big Bang.

This fic was written during the hiatus after the Season 8 finale, and so only contains spoilers up until then.

Contains: Curse-related body transformation, body grossness, the eating of raw seafood, tentacles. (But no tentacle sex.)
spn  fanfic  slash  sfw  dean_winchester.castiel  author:scaramouche  rec.all_fanfic 
october 2013
What Happens Next is Up to You - by winterhill - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011), Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas - Ursula K. Le Guin [Archive of Our Own]
Raven’s feet hurt.

She’d been walking for years, since she had reached her fourteenth summer. She thought that she might be eighteen now, or twenty. Perhaps thirty. She didn’t know for certain — it was hard to tell the time out here on the plains. She’d worn through the bottom of her last pair of shoes, right at the ball of her foot, but she felt that she should keep them on; she was, after all, civilized. Even if the nights were getting cold again, even if she was thinner than she had been last winter, even if she’d been unable to find the golden gates of the city again.

Selfishly, she’d wanted to. Heavy and tired, her limbs blue and numb with cold, she’d wanted to find Omelas again and go home, back to her mother’s arms, and try to forget that in Omelas, happiness had a price.

A light shone up ahead — a fire, bright-hot against the night sky. She broke into a run; people, actual people. The worst they would do was to tell her to keep walking; the people who walked from Omelas were not unkind, but they were not kindly.
xmfc  charles/erik  fanfic  gen  author.winterhill  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
october 2013
the things we did and didn't do - by pocky_slash - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

The doctors say the best thing for Charles as he learns to cope with his paralysis is positivity from those around him. Erik is so tired of being positive that it's making him sick.
xmfc  fanfic  slash  sfw  charles/erik  author.pocky_slash  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
october 2013
Master of Reality - by PeppermintWind - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
[It would be more accurate to describe this as a superhero AU (sans superpowers) than as a high school AU. Plotty.

Mind the warnings. -L]
supernatural  fanfic  nsfw  dean_winchester.castiel  dean_winchester.alastair  author.PeppermintWind  rec.all_fanfic 
september 2013
Honey - by Anythingtoasted - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
“We’re engaged.” Dean told her, grinning in a way that Castiel had never seen before, and the face of the woman at the front desk all but melted into a smile.

“Oh my gosh, that is so cute.” She covered her mouth with both hands. “When’s the big day?”

Castiel looked between them in utter confusion. Dean leaned on the desk, face now melodramatically downcast.

“S’not legal in his home town. His folks, they’re really religious.” He said, and she seemed close to tears, enlightening Castiel no further as to what was going on.

“Oh my god, but you got engaged anyway. That is just-“ She paused, as if faltering for the words, and reached over the desk to take Dean’s hand in her own. “I’m gonna make sure you have a good time here, okay? How does the honeymoon suite sound? No extra charge.”

Dean smiled hesitantly at her, almost bashful, yet another expression Castiel had never seen on his face. “That would be so sweet of you.” He squeezed her hand. Castiel stood blankly beside him. Dean added, quickly, “Does that come with breakfast?”
supernatural  fanfic  sfw  dean_winchester.castiel  author.Anythingtoasted  rec.all_fanfic 
august 2013
ficwriter1966: Chicago
"Please," he says. "You're a nurse? Are you a nurse?"

It's in his eyes: he wants her to be a nurse as badly as most kids want free tickets to Six Flags. She wants to deny it, wants to send him back into the house – but she can't. A nurse is what she is, not just what she does. And he's a kid. Scared and desperate. That's in his eyes, in the pinched look around his mouth. "Yeah," she says. "I am."

"My brother's really sick."

[outsider pov]
supernatural  fanfic  gen  sfw  author.Carol_Davis  rec.all_fanfic 
july 2013
deancastiel: [FIC] If On a Winter’s Night a Fangirl (for alek_sandros) 1 of 2
Author: trinityofone
Recipient: alek_sandros
Pairings: Dean/Castiel & Chuck/Becky
Rating: R
Warnings: Crackishness; about the usual amount of blasphemy
Spoilers: Through 5x09
Word Count: ~12,300 words
Notes/Prompt(s): I tried to incorporate all of your prompts, although perhaps not in the expected way... In writing this story I owe many thanks to my betas, and deep apologies to Italo Calvino.

Summary: “Chuck,” Becky said, slowly and carefully and very, very seriously. “I think someone is trying to communicate with us through the fanfic.”
supernatural  fanfic  het  slash  author.trinityofone  rec.all_fanfic 
july 2013
nilchance: FIC: Rain Fall Down
[Continues from "Paint It Black". This AU is hypnotic but it feels unfinished. -L]

There was no sign of Dean in the yard, none at all, and it'd been three days. The kid had to be hungry, cold at night, maybe scared, but he hadn't come when Bobby left food and blankets on the back porch. Too much like John already; 12 and the kid was lined with barbed wire.
supernatural  gen  fanfic  alternate_universe  sfw  author.nilchance  rec.all_fanfic 
july 2013
nilchance: FIC: Paint It Black (1/1)
Summary: AU. Gen. Continuation of Gimme Shelter.

The house creaked softly, a familiar song. Missouri felt her fingers tighten on the rim of her mug as she heard Sam come down the hall, his bare feet nearly silent on the carpet. In a few years, he'd walk with the same predator's grace as his father. Blood told, even if she didn't like its stories.
supernatural  gen  fanfic  alternate_universe  sfw  author.nilchance  rec.all_fanfic 
july 2013
nilchance: FIC: Gimme Shelter (1/1)
Summary: AU. Gen. If Mike Gunther had called Child Protective Services.

[Bobby & Missouri pov. This is... horrific. -L]
supernatural  gen  alternate_universe  fanfic  sfw  author.nilchance  rec.all_fanfic 
july 2013
poor_choices: A Boy At An Open Door
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki; Jensen Ackles/Tom Welling
Rating: PG-13.

[Summary: Jared used to be Jensen's imaginary friend. This is adorable. -L]
supernatural  rps  fanfic  slash  sfw  jensen_ackles.jared_padalecki  author:poor_choices  rec.all_fanfic 
july 2013
i once knew a woman from boobville - Fic: Cast Stones At Dragons (PG-13)
Title: Cast Stones At Dragons
Author: Troll Princess
Fandom: Supernatural
Spoilers: “All Hell Breaks Loose”
Summary: It’s been a decade since Dean’s year was up.
supernatural  fanfic  gen  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
june 2013
blueiris08: "A Matter of Principle"
Title: A Matter of Principle
Rating: PG
Category: Gen.
Characters: Sam, Dean, Original Character, and a bit of John.
Word Count: 5300
Summary: Wherein a school administrator from days past nearly blows Sam and Dean's cover.
Author’s Notes: The setting is post-'Nightshifter/'Folsom Prison Blues.' Thanks to just_ruth   for superfast beta and the title idea.
supernatural  fanfic  gen  author.blueiris08  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2013
tolakasa: SPN: "That's My Story"
Summary: Pre-series, Stanford. Sam's dormmates are relieving exam stress by telling their best stories of horrific family antics.

[Cute. -L]
supernatural  fanfic  gen  sfw  author.tolakasa  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2013
Defect by Kikkimax
Supernatural/Criminal Minds AU

Dean is finally captured by the FBI just as his time runs out. Gen.

Takes place in the SPN universe at the end of the second season and goes in a different direction than season three.

Gen, word count 39,686
Rated PG for language and adult situations. Warning for character deaths.

[You won't like what this story does with Henrikson, but it does such a good job handling how Dean slowly reveals information to the Criminal Minds characters... and such a good job with the CM characters' reactions. -L]
supernatural  crossdressing  fanfic  gen  sfw  author.Kikkimax  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2013
kroki_refur: Proved by Your Conviction 1/1
Sam Winchester walks out of Martin Wyatt’s classroom one day late in 1997 and never walks back in again.

That’s not true, though – not the whole truth. Sam does come back, twelve years later. Things haven’t changed – the kids are still wearing ridiculous clothes, still chewing gum and groaning at homework and getting through as best they can, and Martin is still grading papers in the same classroom, still flying high on the good days and reminding himself why he wanted this job in the first place on the bad. Things haven’t changed, but Sam has.
supernatural  gen  fanfic  sfw  author.kroki_refur  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2013
The Wonder of Each Hour by Destina
Summary: Five contacts in Dean's phone. (These are actual names on his phone in the season 1 episode Scarecrow.)
supernatural  fanfic  gen  sfw  author.destina  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2013
missyjack: Failure of the heart
Summary: Another missing scene fic from “Faith”.

Dean knew his heart was damaged, but he didn’t feel any pain.
supernatural  gen  fanfic  sfw  author.missyjack  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2013
gwendolyngrace: "Pass the Pork-Barrel Salt"
[A grateful senator sends Sam and Dean to the White House to ask for aid on Big Block of Cheese Day. -L]
supernatural  west_wing  crossover  gen  fanfic  sfw  author.gwendolyngrace  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2013
iseult_variante: Fic - the gods might offer gifts (American Gods/Supernatural)
Title: the gods might offer gifts
Fandoms: American Gods and Supernatural
Rating/Pairings: Gen, none
Summary: Dean remembers the week that Sammy came down with the croup, remembers Czernobog and the Zorya.

In the old places, in the old times, when they were turned away from the hearth, heroes could seek the temples and shrines and sacred places, and sometimes the gods would come to them. For service or caprice, the gods might offer gifts – magical arms or animal-tongues, prophecy or enchanted shields. But in a land where the gods are made selfish by their own waning, what gifts can heroes hope for on the hard road?

Author's DVD commentary:
supernatural  american_gods  fanfic  gen  sfw  crossover  author.iseult_variante  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2013
thirstyrobot: [SPN] Fic: I'll Buy You Tall Tall Trees and All the Waters In the Seas
Title: I'll Buy You Tall Tall Trees and All the Waters In the Seas
Rating: PG for language and kissing and some very tame sexual references
Words: ~5500
Pairing/Characters: Emmanuel!Castiel/Daphne, Dean/Castiel
Warnings: If you hate Daphne and her very existence, you probably will not enjoy this. Also, in case you didn't get it the first two times, 7x17 SPOILERS!
Summary: He doesn't feel chosen or gifted, and he doesn't remember.
Notes: Basically my brain's version of 7x17, the super-extended but not-as-porny-as-I-hoped edition.
supernatural  fanfic  het  slash  sfw  dean_winchester.castiel  castiel.daphne  author:thirstyrobot  rec.all_fanfic 
june 2013
bardicvoice: Questions to ask at conventions ...
Okay: the purpose of this post is simply to collect questions for Supernatural folk that I would love to hear answered. Some of these were mine, some I snagged from others. If you're going to a con, want to ask a non-stupid, non-repetitive question, and can't think of one, feel free to snag and ask one of these! The only thing I would ask is, if you do, please come back and let me know the answer. :)

I'm leaving this as a sticky post, so I'll add to it over time and cross out ones that have been answered.
april 2013
Aaron Bass: Schrödinger’s Gay
Through Aaron Bass, Supernatural does something that is quite rare in television or film.  Aaron is a character with ambiguous sexual orientation and, without turning him into a joke or requiring clarification of his sexuality; he is presented as a complicated human character who rises to be a hero.  Additionally, through his character, heteronormative assumptions are subverted, mocked and rendered irrelevant.
supernatural  meta.any_fandom  author.lookatthesefreakinghipsters 
april 2013
lettered: The Chuck Writes Story: An Unathorized Fandom Biography

I’m about to link this on bad_penny.

Remember chuck_writes? Wank All Star that lord_kripke and the other Super Gnats took down with a wrecking ball? That chuck_writes?

Turns out that chuck_writes was actually a sock for Carver Edlund (which was actually a pseud for his real name, Chuck Shurley. No wonder he used a pseud). You read that right. chuck_writes is THE Carver Edlund—author of Supernatural books, beloved by the masses, worshipped by lord_kripke and the SPN Super Nats—that Carver Edlund.

Break out the popcorn.gif; here we go:

[OH MY GOD this is great; also a total mindfuck. What is reality, and how can I restore my grip on it, pls? -L]
supernatural  fanfic  gen  metafiction  author.lettered  rec.all_fanfic 
april 2013
Hands, From Which All Things Are Built - by MajorEnglishEsquire - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Castiel travels with the angel tablet and without the Winchesters.
One day, Dean gets a text from some anonymous number.
(They speak in the language of need.)

A post-08.17 Goodbye, Stranger story.
supernatural  fanfic  slash  sfw  dean_winchester.castiel  author.MajorEnglishEsquire  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
april 2013
proxydialogue: Fic: And the Angel said: "Fuck it." And All the Bullshit of Heaven Could Not Convince Him Otherwise
The rehabilitation is designed to put soldiers back in the war, and it's counterproductive to break something you plan to use again. So no: they didn't break him. 

[Spoilers to the end of season 5. This is beautiful and devastating, and it just changed my headcanon.]
supernatural  fanfic  slash  sfw  dean_winchester.castiel  author.proxydialogue  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
april 2013
andythanfiction.tumblr.com: It's dirtier in Enochian
He has the technology. There is absolutely no reason that 99% of the Destiel out there, especially the sexytimes, should read like identical to what would just be done between humans, as if Castiel is so confined by what Jimmy could have done in bed.
supernatural  meta 
march 2013
Vena Amoris and Other Old-Fashioned Bullshit - by pyrebi - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
In which angelic marriage bonds are apparently stupidly easy to trigger, Cas wages multidimensional war in Heaven, Dean can't catch a break like ever, Sam rather enjoys being a dick, love saves the day, and nobody consummates anything.

Dean instantly decides that he doesn't like where this is heading, so he decides to nip it in the bud and just say, "Cas, just to check--you and I aren't married, right?"

Castiel goes a bit...shifty. "The first thing to go in any anarchy state is the civil services. But rest assured, I'll have it annulled as soon as I'm back in power."


And just like that, Castiel vanishes.
supernatural  fanfic  slash  sfw  dean_winchester.castiel  author.pyrebi  rec.all_fanfic  rec.funny  rec.flawless 
march 2013
Fandom Wank Report: The Book of Enoch
Author: gigglingkat
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: The Angelic Hosts (Supernatural Fandom)
Author's Notes: Much of the bible is kinda wanky. I noticed.

[A mock screenshot of a fandom_wank report that never happened. -L]
Alternate URL: http://archiveofourown.org/works/233440
supernatural  fandom_wank  fanfic  gen  sfw  author.gigglingkat 
march 2013
Battering Ram - by astolat - fandom Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
The Impala goes out in a blaze of glory in 2014, when they're out of belts and hoses and down to the last three cans of scavenged gasoline, and trying not to think about what's coming soon. They finish what she's started, Dean putting two bullets into the head of the last of the gang of human jackals she'd smashed through, and then he staggers around back to open the trunk. The two of them wrap their hands in rags and pull out everything they can: their one duffle, the knives and the guns and ammo. Then they stand back and just watch her burn, thundercloud black smoke rising in a pillar straight to heaven.
supernatural  fanfic  slash  sfw  apocafic  wincest  dean_winchester.sam_winchester  author.astolat  rec.all_fanfic  rec.style  rec.flawless 
march 2013
peroxide_fic: [FIC] Sam is a Genius (Everyone is Dumb) (for swing_set13)
That afternoon, they also learn that Castiel doesn’t like nachos (which Sam is kind of relieved about) while he absolutely loves hot dogs (which Sam supposes just figures, all things considered).

“The flavor combinations are intriguing,” Castiel explains, around a mouthful of meat by-product and mustard.

Dean grins when he hears that, ruffles Castiel’s hair, and even splurges to buy the angel a Royals cap on their way out of the stadium. Castiel likes the hat too, but not nearly as much as the Cracker Jack ring.

Based on all empirical evidence collected so far, Sam figures that this means they’re engaged now.

Maybe someone ought to tell them.
supernatural  fanfic  slash  sfw  dean_winchester.castiel  destiel  author.peroxide_fic  rec.all_fanfic  rec.funny 
february 2013
John de Lancie Sings About My Little Pony Bronies | The Mary Sue
We’ve seen John de Lancie do a lot of ridiculous things thanks to his time as Q on Star Trek: The Next Generation but this…this is something to behold. “Let’s Go and Meet the Bronies” was written by Lauren Faust, Amy Keating Rogers, and Zachary Lobertini and is part of a larger My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic documentary ...
january 2013
shiromori: TFLN does XMFC
Summarizing the plot of "X-men: First Class" using only Texts from Last Night.
january 2013
Champion - by Philomytha - fandom Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]
"Everyone is saying it will be Lord Vorkosigan." Drou spoke quietly, almost unemotionally, but her eyes were fixed on Kareen. "It's going around the Household very fast."

"Yes. I've heard. Lord Regent Vorkosigan." Kareen cast a half-involuntary glance at the closed door of the nursery. Gregor had fallen asleep quickly after the funeral ordeal, though he hadn't cried at all. Kareen wasn't at all sure how much he understood: that his father was dead, that he would never see him again, what 'war hero' even meant. That he would be Emperor soon.

[Missing scene from Shards of Honor.]
vorkosigan  fanfic  gen  sfw  author.Philomytha  rec.all_fanfic 
january 2013
Incy Wincy Spider - Chapter 1 - by Tawabids - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

Erik Lehnsherr is a renowned homicide detective, with his husband Charles at home and his partner on the job, Moira MacTaggert. When a twisted serial killer starts targeting mutants, Erik and Moira are the perfect team for the job, especially since Erik himself is the mutant poster-boy of an NYPD trying to improve their image.

But what they don't yet know is that the serial killer is an old soul out of Erik's past, and his next move is to pull Charles into his web.

[Violence and serious injury. Gripping plot. -L]
x-men  fanfic  slash  charles/erik  author.tawabids  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2013
Made To Be Broken - Chapter 1 - by Yahtzee - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men (Movies), X-Men - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

Charles makes a New Year's Resolution:

“No more straight men,” Charles repeated as he began scrolling through the apartment directory for Emma’s name. “No more futility. No more pointless hoping and heartbreak. In 2013, I never want to hear the words ‘exception,’ ‘experimenting’ or ‘phase.’ If, God forbid, I hear ‘bicurious’ even once, I may take a hostage.”

Then he goes into the party, and Erik is there.
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  author.Yahtzee  rec.all_fanfic 
january 2013
Equanimity - by Resonant - fandom Skyfall (2012) [Archive of Our Own]

"As I never know when someone might try to push my buttons, I find it useful to know where they are."
fanfic  slash  nsfw  james_bond.q  author.Resonant  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2013
How to Survive on a Desert Planet - by exeterlinden - fandom Enemy Mine (1985) [Archive of Our Own]

"In this stunning sci-fi adventure, two warriors engaged in a savage futuristic war between Earth and the planet Dracon crash-land on a desolate fiery planet. At first the human and his reptilian alien opponent are intent on destroying each other. But after battling the elements and each other, the two stranded pilots gradually realize that the only way either of them will survive is to overcome their undying hatred."

... That's what it says on the back of the DVD. What follows below is an AU take on how that goes...
enemy_mine  fanfic  sfw  author.exeterlinden  rec.all_fanfic 
january 2013
You Could Turn It On Like A Light - by nightcamedown - fandom Sports Night [Archive of Our Own]

In which Dan and Casey are not fraught. Or so they say.

"Have a seat." Sam closed the door and turned to face Dan.

Dan looked around. "This is Isaac's office."

"I'm aware of that."

"It's just - I only mention it because I thought we were going to your office." Dan took a seat. "And this is not your office so much as it's Isaac's."

"When you two are done with your little skit," Isaac sighed from behind his desk, "please leave quickly and quietly."
sports_night  fanfic  slash  sfw  casey_mccall.dan_rydell  author.nightcamedown  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2013
On Solitude - by Toft - fandom Aubrey-Maturin Series - Patrick O'Brian [Archive of Our Own]
[Cracktastic fannish trope + O'Brianish sensibility in plot and narrative style. -L]

"The doctor 'as tellypathised 'im. Which as 'e 'as hentered into a mens communis" - Killick laboriously pronounced the phrases with absolute incomprehension, the sounds acquired only by dint of the number of times he had heard Stephen repeat them through the door - "in consequence of a wicked fish what they ate in Portsmouth."

Bonden whistled. "A bad fish can set you down something cruel. My cousin Bob Sullivan - you remember him, out of the Minerva - ate a nasty old plaice in Gibralter that had him laid up for a week. Running back and forth to the head on the hour, he was, until the first lieutenant, a right hard horse, had him stay there until he didn't have nothing more left in him to shit out. But you mark my words, the doctor will set the captain up with a purge and a draft, and he'll be better before you know it."
aubrey-maturin  slash  sfw  fanfic  author.Toft  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2013
Loyalty, Honor, Heart - by leupagus - fandom The Hobbit (2012), The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien [Archive of Our Own]
Last night Bilbo had been subjected to hours upon hours of discussion about the purpose of their roadtrip -- "Quest," Thorin had corrected -- from Bowdoin to Stanford. He'd already heard most of it when Professor Gandalf had conned him into coming along in exchange for a chance to do an independent study next year on the development of brewing as a factor in the Revolutionary War: Alpha Tau Kappa's legendary shot glass collection, put on the line during an intercollegiate mathlete grudge match in 1952. Saved from the grasping hands of Smaug University by a solid defeat, and then stolen - stolen - the following day. There could be no doubt as to the culprit. Thorin found pictures on the Smaug Mathlete facebook page of them drinking from the glasses only last year.

And so the frat decided: Spring Break 2012, they would regain their honor and their shot glasses. Balin made t-shirts; Thorin was writing the whole thing up as part of his thesis on the Quest Journey and The Performative Nature of American Masculinity. Professor Gandalf, as far as Bilbo could tell, was along because he was a freak.
hobbit  gen  fanfic  sfw  author.leupagus  rec.all_fanfic 
january 2013
Law of Superheroes: law-school seen through comic-book heroes' lens - Boing Boing
In the The Law of Superheroes two lawyers called James Daily and Ryan Davidson do a magnificent job overview of the US legal system that manages to be extremely informative and incredibly entertaining, because, as the title implies, they tour the legal system as it would apply to comic-book superheroes.

This is much better than most of those "Physics of Science Fiction"-type books, since the legal hypotheticals that superheroes give rise to, while speculative, are actually just extreme macrocosms for the normal business of the real-world legal system. What better way to illustrate the rules of evidence than to explore whether (and why) things that Professor Xavier read in your mind would be admissible in court and whether Spider Man could testify in his mask?
december 2012
The Hired Man - by copperbadge - fandom White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
"This job is important," Peter said, standing in front of him in the bathroom. "I want you to look the part."

"Are you angling for fifteen percent on it?" Neal replied, annoyed by the way Peter was hovering. If a man couldn't put on a three-piece suit in the privacy of his own hotel bathroom without his bodyguard bothering him, what was left to him?

Peter took the tie away from him. Neal reached for it, and Peter held it back, out of his grasp.

"These are bigwigs," Peter said, as Neal tried to reach around him. He pushed Neal back and Neal rolled his eyes and let his arms fall, presenting his throat. "They'll think you're a small-time grifter if you don't do it right."

"Peter, I am a small-time grifter," Neal pointed out, as Peter began to knot his tie.

"You're not. Why would you think that? You're Neal Caffrey," Peter told him. "Cowboy up, admit your destiny is to be the most wanted art thief in the world, and let me make you look the part."
white_collar  fanfic  sfw  het  slash  peter/neal/elizabeth  author.copperbadge  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2012
Eyeliner - by TurtleTotem - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

Charles is a science nerd. He has no shot with a glamorous bad-boy like Erik Lehnsherr, even if they are both mutants. (Inspired by this picture.)

[Completely adorable. -L]
x-men  fanfic  sfw  charles/erik  author.TurtleTotem  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
december 2012
So, About those Additional Tags... | Archive of Our Own
Non-canonical tags with only a few uses put almost no strain on the servers. It's the popular canonical tags and metatags that put the most strain on the servers.
december 2012
The Trooper and the Maid - by Philomytha - fandom Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]

Aral snorted, then turned it into the appropriate maidenly giggle. "My dear Captain," he said, "I have longed to learn about the ways of men and women, and in fact I was adjusting my garter alongside this busy road--" he gestured to the path through the garden "--in the hope that a handsome officer like you might pass by."

"You poor thing, you are constrained by your cultural baggage and are unable to ask for sex when you want it," Cordelia responded. "Of course I will teach you how it's done."
vorkosigan  fanfic  nsfw  aral_vorkosigan.cordelia_naismith  author.Philomytha  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2012
templemarker: X-Men I came out in 2000. God, I feel ancient.
Saw X-Men: First Class.

Loved it.

But there was a part around the time Charles and Erik were epically breaking up with each other where I just thought, "Shit. There goes ten years of fanon in one beautifully cast film. Somewhere, the fangirls are keening."

So, in homage to the much beloved Charles/Erik speculation from the generation of the X-Men Movieverse fandom (categorically and fundamentally different from Marvel's X-Men Universe), I give you some of my favorite C/E stories from back in the day.
december 2012
Written Legacy - by Roxie Ann (pluvial_poetry) - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Charles sets his papers against Erik's back and begins to write, not yet fully formed theories, still only another hypothesis of what the future might hold for mutantkind, all the wonderful and strange ways that genetics will both separate and combine us as a race. The pointed steel nib of Charles' pen must scratch against Erik's skin, the thin sheaf of papers meager protection as Charles continues to use him as an impromptu desk, but Charles feels no sense of discomfort from Erik's mind.

If anything the opposite, Charles finds as he skims over the surface of Erik's mind. It takes an effort to block Erik's thoughts and keep them separate from his own at the best of times, as Erik had come to realize early on in their relationship. Charles rarely bothers when they're together like this, Erik wouldn't have it any other way. He would not have Charles hide himself away, not here, in their shared bed.
x-men  fanfic  charles/erik  author.pluvial_poetry  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2012
Paralyzer - Chapter 1 - by Yahtzee - fandom X-Men - All Media Types, X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Author's Summary:
In 1965, Erik Lehnsherr has infiltrated the NYPD for his own purposes -- but his powers make him a brilliant detective. Yet that's not why FBI agent Charles Xavier has sought him out. It's because the mysterious killer they're both trying to find is murdering people like them: other mutants.

Their search for a madman binds them together. Their inner demons may tear them apart. But the greatest danger comes when the killer they're looking for looks back ...

[This AU is actually not very far from the movie XMFC; you can spot the point of divergence from canon. Mind the warnings. -L]
x-men  fanfic  nsfw  charles/erik  slash  author.Yahtzee  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
december 2012
interesting_gin: FIC: The Usual Silence
Fandom: X-Men
Characters/Pairing: You, Erik, Charles, Hank, Raven, Kurt
Rating: PG
Warnings: Heavy references to the Holocaust. Potentially triggering.
Summary: Take the path of least resistance. Stay safe. Don't speak up, if you're not one of them. What does it matter to you?

[Super depressing. -L]
x-men  fanfic  gen  sfw  author.interesting_gin  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
november 2012
Ornithologies - Chapter 1 - by tahariel - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

It’s bewildering, this matter of being mortal, and mammalian, and human.

He had spent the first few days on Earth confused and awkward as a newborn, this strange new fleshy body making demands of him he did not know how to interpret - that he feed it, water it, empty it of waste (or, as he found to his disgust, it would empty itself, as it chose.) His spirit self had slammed into the ground - into meathood - with the force of Jupiter’s gravity behind it, like being sucked into a black hole, slowly becoming heavier and thicker and more solid as he fell, comet-like, from the heavens. Burnt by the rushing wind and stung by the contemptuous stars as he passed them.
x-men  fanfic  slash  nsfw  charles/erik  author.tahariel  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
november 2012
The Politician’s Apprentice - by avanti_90 - fandom Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]

In the early years of Emperor Aral Vorkosigan’s reign, a young Vor lord faces trial for violating Vorloupulous’s Law.
vorkosigan  fanfic  sfw  author.avanti_90  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
november 2012
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