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Scaling Pinterest
Yashwanth Nelapati and Marty Weiner share lessons learned growing Pinterest: sharding MySQL, caching, server management, all on Amazon EC2.
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april 2013 by longlivedeath
YouTube - New theories reveal the nature of numbers
Emory math professor Ken Ono explains major breakthroughs in our understanding of partition numbers, the basis for adding and counting. Ono and his colleagues discovered that partition numbers behave like fractals, and they devised the first finite formula to calculate the partitions of any number. These new theories were hundreds of years in the making, and answer some famous old questions in math.
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january 2011 by longlivedeath
Oregon Programming Languages Summer School
Видеоуроки по Coq (и сопутствующей теории).
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january 2011 by longlivedeath
GRASP is a new lecture series at the University of Texas at Austin, which is aimed at bringing some of the fundamental concepts and big picture of the GRASP areas to a wider audience (the intended target audience are beginning graduate students). These lectures will be digitally recorded and disseminated by streaming video, audio, and lecture notes through this website, with the goal of establishing an electronic resource for students (and others) wishing to be introduced to the GRASP subject areas. (The plan is for the website to also contain links to survey articles, scanned notes, and other helpful information.) The speakers are selected based in part on their ability to communicate fundamental ideas at a basic level to a broad audience.
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march 2010 by longlivedeath
Game Theory — Open Yale Courses
У Йеля тоже есть аналог OCW, оказывается.
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october 2008 by longlivedeath
Ulf Wiger » Functional Programming Seminar
Видео + слайды с семинара по ФП в Ericsson. Выступают SPJ, John Hughes, John Launchbury из Galois.
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march 2008 by longlivedeath
Nested Data Parallelism in Haskell - Google Video
At the inaugural meeting of the London Haskell User Group, Simon Peyton Jones of Microsoft Research talks about his current work on nested data parallel processing in Haskell.
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may 2007 by longlivedeath

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