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Fun with Fibonacci numbers
In this file, we try to illustrate a few ways in which Lisp allows you to free yourself from limitations to your thinking, and find elegant solutions to problems that are difficult to even understand when imprisoned in the mindset of less expressive languages.
tutorials  lisp  fibonacci  functional-programming 
october 2008 by longlivedeath
Diving into Git | Git, Ledger | New Artisans LLC
Про то, как в git можно издеваться над историей.
git  scm  version-control  tricks  subversion  svn  tutorials 
april 2008 by longlivedeath
Eternally Confuzzled - Red Black Tree Tutorial
Там и другие интересные статьи есть.
algorithms  c  data-structures  red-black-tree  tutorials 
april 2008 by longlivedeath
Formal methods: Reverse
A brief introduction to program proofs using Haskell and Isabelle/HOL
axiomatic-sematics  program-proofs  haskell  logic  computer-science  quickcheck  tutorials  isabelle 
september 2007 by longlivedeath

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