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Re: Odd merge behaviour involving reverts
Abstract: Sometimes a branch that was already merged to the mainline
is later found to be faulty. Linus and Junio give guidance on
recovering from such a premature merge and continuing development
after the offending branch is fixed.
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march 2009 by longlivedeath
Diving into Git | Git, Ledger | New Artisans LLC
Про то, как в git можно издеваться над историей.
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april 2008 by longlivedeath
chris blogs: Introducing gitsum
Приблуда для емаксового git-интерфейса, позволяющая коммитить только некоторые части файла(partial commits).
git  scm  version-control  emacs  tools  software  partial-commits 
march 2008 by longlivedeath

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