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The Guerilla Guide to R | (R news & tutorials)
Stack Overflow is awesome. Some of the worlds most brilliant programmers frequent the website and answer tough questions. Wouldn't that make it a great place to learn from? Yeah, I think so too.

This is why I've collated, The Guerilla Cookbook for R. It's basically a number of Stack Overflow links organized and ordered in a way to help R programmers learn their way to the next level. If you are proficient in R, I hope these resources will help you get closer to being amazing. If you are just getting started with R, I'd suggest adding this page to your bookmarks and returning when you are familiar with the basics of R programming.
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may 2013 by longlivedeath
[LLVMdev] LLVM IR is a compiler IR
"LLVM's optimizers are built on the assumption that the rules are never broken, so when rules do get broken, the code just goes off the rails and runs into whatever happens to be in the way."
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november 2011 by longlivedeath
MAXimal :: algo
Здесь представлено 143 алгоритма. Ко всем алгоритмам даны краткие описания и программы на C++.
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november 2011 by longlivedeath
MathOnline - Home
MathOnline is the place where you can find and collect your mathematical resources. Books, lecture notes, survey articles and more are all welcome, especially from the undergraduate level on, up to research texts.
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july 2010 by longlivedeath
[Phoronix] Benchmarking LLVM & Clang Against GCC 4.5

While using LLVM is faster at building code than GCC (except for the ImageMagick application), in most instances the GCC 4.5 built binaries had performed better than LLVM-GCC or Clang. Clang did deliver a surprising lead over GCC 4.5 and LLVM-GCC with the Apache benchmark where the Clang-built Apache managed to handle 9% more requests per second. There was also significant benefits for LLVM-GCC and Clang with the BYTE Unix Benchmark running the Dhrystone 2 test, but in the rest of the tests the performance was either close to that of GCC or well behind. In some tests, the performance of the Clang generated binaries was simply awful.
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april 2010 by longlivedeath
This is a Linux program for writing Microsoft compatible boot records. The program does the same as Microsoft "fdisk /mbr" to a hard disk or "sys d:" to a floppy or FAT partition except that it does not copy any system files, only the boot record is written.
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july 2009 by longlivedeath
Euclid's Elements
Interactive version of Euclid's Elements created by David Joyce, a Professor at Clark University.
geometry  reference  history 
june 2009 by longlivedeath
Re: Odd merge behaviour involving reverts
Abstract: Sometimes a branch that was already merged to the mainline
is later found to be faulty. Linus and Junio give guidance on
recovering from such a premature merge and continuing development
after the offending branch is fixed.
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march 2009 by longlivedeath
thamer comments on Black GCC/assembly magic in the Linux kernel
Как включить интеловский ассемблерный синтаксис в gcc.
tips  gcc  c++  assembly  reference  documentation 
january 2009 by longlivedeath
TeaCODE.com - Библиотека
Имеются любопытные слайды от Roland Backhouse.
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december 2008 by longlivedeath
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