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The Guerilla Guide to R | (R news & tutorials)
Stack Overflow is awesome. Some of the worlds most brilliant programmers frequent the website and answer tough questions. Wouldn't that make it a great place to learn from? Yeah, I think so too.

This is why I've collated, The Guerilla Cookbook for R. It's basically a number of Stack Overflow links organized and ordered in a way to help R programmers learn their way to the next level. If you are proficient in R, I hope these resources will help you get closer to being amazing. If you are just getting started with R, I'd suggest adding this page to your bookmarks and returning when you are familiar with the basics of R programming.
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may 2013 by longlivedeath
GUI для R на GTK2. Выглядит стрёмно и тормозит.
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february 2008 by longlivedeath

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