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Political Compass Printable Graph
April 2013.

Economic Left/Right: -4.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.08
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april 2013 by longlivedeath
Rany on the Royals: The GOP And Me.
"In the 2000 election, approximately 70% of Muslims in America voted for Bush; among non-African-American Muslims, the ratio was over 80%."
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february 2013 by longlivedeath
Stephen Holmes reviews ‘Mafia State’ by Luke Harding · LRB 5 January 2012
"The Putin system has nothing to do with the ‘authoritarian DNA’ invoked by Sovietologists to explain the recurrent suppression of liberal developments. The singularity of Putin’s Russia is a consequence of the bureaucratic fragmentation that followed the break-up of the Party in 1991, the siphoning into foreign bank accounts of money from the state treasury and state-controlled firms by rival bureaucratic and business factions, the continuing absence of socially legitimate owners of what were once state properties, the corruption of officialdom at all levels, the gap between rich and poor, the anaemic sense of national identity among the country’s political and economic elite."
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january 2012 by longlivedeath
"The law human beings create to regulate their conduct is made up of incompatible, contradictory rules and principles; and, as anyone who has studied a little logic can demonstrate, any conclusion can be validly derived from a set of contradictory premises."
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august 2011 by longlivedeath
The myth of a crazy, all-powerful PC army | Brendan O’Neill | spiked
"Political correctness is really the scaffolding that has been hastily erected to replace the old morality."
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august 2011 by longlivedeath

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