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Находит дырки в memory layout'е структур.
nix  optimization  tools 
october 2009 by longlivedeath
Re: [evals] ext3 vs reiser with quotas
[...] What probably hit you here is caused by the very simple fact that
PC-class hardware is crap.
hardware  storage  filesystems  nix 
february 2009 by longlivedeath
Unix Toolbox
Массивная шпаргалка по командам Unix/Linux.
nix  reference  documentation  cheat-sheet  shell 
march 2008 by longlivedeath
Работающий в браузере терминал.
ssh  terminal  tools  handy  nix  security 
january 2008 by longlivedeath
Pigs is a unix tool that lists pigs (large directories) in a friendly tree.
useful-stuff  tools  nix 
february 2007 by longlivedeath

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