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Note: Research
Papers that have had more or less influence on Rust, or which one might want to consult for inspiration or to understand Rust's background.
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august 2013 by longlivedeath
CS262a - Advanced Topics in Computer Systems
CS262a is the first semester of a year-long sequence on computer systems research, including operating systems, database systems, and Internet infrastructure systems. The goal of the course is to cover a broad array of research topics in computer systems, and to engage you in top-flight systems research. The first semester is devoted to basic thematic issues and underlying techniques in computer systems, while the second semester goes deeper into topics related to scalable, parallel and distributed systems. The class is based on a discussion of important research papers and a research project.
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december 2011 by longlivedeath
MathOnline - Home
MathOnline is the place where you can find and collect your mathematical resources. Books, lecture notes, survey articles and more are all welcome, especially from the undergraduate level on, up to research texts.
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july 2010 by longlivedeath
Amazon.com: "A Balanced Foundation In Mathematics"
Полезные ссылки на конспекты лекций.
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february 2009 by longlivedeath
TeaCODE.com - Библиотека
Имеются любопытные слайды от Roland Backhouse.
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december 2008 by longlivedeath
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