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Re: Odd merge behaviour involving reverts
Abstract: Sometimes a branch that was already merged to the mainline
is later found to be faulty. Linus and Junio give guidance on
recovering from such a premature merge and continuing development
after the offending branch is fixed.
git  tools  scm  tips  documentation  reference 
march 2009 by longlivedeath
thamer comments on Black GCC/assembly magic in the Linux kernel
Как включить интеловский ассемблерный синтаксис в gcc.
tips  gcc  c++  assembly  reference  documentation 
january 2009 by longlivedeath
Information on C++
FAQ по шаблонам и ещё кое-что.
c++  c++-templates  faq  documentation  reference  dark-corners 
april 2008 by longlivedeath
Unix Toolbox
Массивная шпаргалка по командам Unix/Linux.
nix  reference  documentation  cheat-sheet  shell 
march 2008 by longlivedeath
programming: Microsoft Side-by-Side Horror
Как бороться с SxS(очередная идиотская хуерба от Microsoft).
windows  msvc  sxs  deployment  microsoft  tools  documentation  reference 
february 2008 by longlivedeath
On Python and Unicode
Collection of links about Unicode implementation in Python
python  unicode  reference  documentation 
march 2007 by longlivedeath

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