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Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning
The book is in draft form and scheduled to be published by Cambridge University Press in 2011. Feel free to download the book.
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october 2010 by longlivedeath
MathOnline - Home
MathOnline is the place where you can find and collect your mathematical resources. Books, lecture notes, survey articles and more are all welcome, especially from the undergraduate level on, up to research texts.
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july 2010 by longlivedeath
Annotations on Graham's ANSI Common Lisp
[...] there are a few areas where Graham's coding style should not be considered typical
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february 2009 by longlivedeath
Higher Operads, Higher Categories
Higher Operads, Higher Categories is the first book on higher-dimensional category theory.
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february 2009 by longlivedeath
Home page of Oleg Viro - Texts for students
Содержит чудесный учебник по топологии.
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january 2009 by longlivedeath
TeaCODE.com - Библиотека
Имеются любопытные слайды от Roland Backhouse.
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december 2008 by longlivedeath
Design Concepts in Programming Languages | Web Supplement | Home
MIT'овский учебник для аспирантов по языкам программирования.
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december 2008 by longlivedeath
Sketchy LISP
An Introduction to Functional Programming in Scheme - Second edition
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may 2007 by longlivedeath
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