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Libyan Hashtag Campaign Has Broader Designs: Trolling Qatar
This is the second article of a two-part series on a hashtag campaign supporting Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar during his campaign to take Tripoli. Part 1 can be found here. A network of more than…
15 days ago by longfried
TweetBeaver - Home of Really Useful Twitter Tools
Really useful free Twitter analytics. Search and download timelines, friends and followers. Get account data, Twitter ID and more
17 days ago by longfried
Tweepsmap - Deep Twitter Analytics and Publishing
Analyze and target your Twitter followers by location and demographics. Build an ideal community. Schedule tweets at best time for your followers
Twitter  Socialmedia  Statistics 
may 2019 by longfried
Starz Goes on Twitter Meta-Censorship Spree to Cover Up TV-Show Leaks - TorrentFreak
American entertainment giant Starz is continuing to remove tweets that link to a TorrentFreak news report about leaked TV-shows. Even worse, it's also targeting our follow-up article that discusses the overbroad takedown effort. These notices are having the opposite effect, however, as they're only encouraging more people to share our coverage.
Twitter  Bittorrent  Urheberrecht 
april 2019 by longfried
EFF’s Tweet About an Overzealous DMCA Takedown Is Now Subject to an Overzealous Takedown | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Get ready for a tale as good as anything you’d see on television. Here’s the sequence of events: the website TorrentFreak publishes an article about a leak of TV episodes, including shows from the network Starz. TorrentFreak tweets its article, Starz sends a copyright takedown notice. TorrentFreak writes about the takedown, including a comment from EFF. EFF tweets the article
Twitter  bittorrent  Urheberrecht 
april 2019 by longfried
Detect and Track Political Bots on Twitter
Detect and track political propaganda on Twitter.
Fakenews  Twitter 
november 2018 by longfried
Twitter veröffentlicht riesigen Datensatz zu Troll-Tweets aus Russland und Iran - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Wie funktioniert Propaganda im Netz? Um das zu zeigen, hat Twitter mehr als zehn Millionen Troll-Tweets aus Russland und Iran veröffentlicht - das steckt im Datensatz.
Diskursverschiebung  Twitter  Wahlbeeinflussung  Trollfabrik 
october 2018 by longfried
Die Bayern-Wahl auf Twitter – Eine Analyse | BR24
Wer twitterte wie viel? Was wurde geretweetet? Und welche Rolle spielten die AfD-Accounts? Was löste der Wahl-Erfolg der Grünen aus? Unsere interaktive Analyse zeigt die Informationsströme am Tag der Landtagswahl bei Twitter.
Diskursverschiebung  Twitter 
october 2018 by longfried

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