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The Design Exchange
Human centered design archive/database of design methods and case studies
design  research  hcd  innovation 
26 days ago by lokuo
The Unstuck Map
Product innovation flowchart to help with discovery and decision making
design  ux 
january 2018 by lokuo
Refactoring UI
Before and after case studies on UI design
ui  ux  design 
january 2018 by lokuo
Design Sprint Kit
Google's design sprint kit
ux  design 
november 2017 by lokuo
design version control tool
design  git  tools 
october 2017 by lokuo
Graphic Advocacy Project
Uses visuals, like comics, to communicate legal concepts for social justice advocates.
design  legal  communications 
may 2017 by lokuo
Plug-in turns Sketch & Photoshop designs into specs for developers
app  design  plugin  ui 
may 2017 by lokuo
The Service Experience Conference on Vimeo
Videos from Adaptive Path's Service Experience Conference
ux  servicedesign  design  conference  video 
november 2016 by lokuo
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