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A database in MySQL is a schema in Oracle : I do not understand this statement - Database Administrators Stack Exchange
Oracle has a single database. When you create a user in an Oracle database, it also creates a Schema with the same name as the user that created it. This is equivalent to a database in MySQL.
oracle  database  schema  mysql  vs  howto  comparison  dba  management  and  administration  user  sys 
october 2016 by logicannullata
Getting Started with IntelliJ IDEA as an Eclipse User | zeroturnaround.com - Part 4
Introduction: Why IntelliJ IDEA? Coffee or Tea? Mac vs. PC? iPhone OS or Android? Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA (or NetBeans)? Believe it or not, software developers
ntellij  vs  eclipse  shortcuts  utils  switch  env  environment  work  job  new  tools  IDE  fast 
may 2016 by logicannullata
Benefits of Layer 7 Load Balancing | NGINX Load Balancer
Discover how Layer 7 load balancing improves performance and learn the difference between a Layer 7 load balancer and a Layer 4 load balancer, at NGINX
level  4  vs  7  load  balancing  load_balancing  nginx  explanation 
march 2016 by logicannullata
Secret Backend: AWS - Vault by HashiCorp
The AWS secret backend for Vault generates access keys dynamically based on IAM policies.
vault  configure  aws  credentials  user  howto  security  puppet  devops  IAM  users  vs  root 
march 2016 by logicannullata
Amazon EC2 - What's the point of having Instance storage if it is non-permanent and EBS provides a permanent store? - Server Fault
pecially given the larger instances which have multiple instance-store volumes attached, you can set them up in RAID0 to improve performance - get large quantities of storage for no additional cost, and do not have to pay for I/O operations.

ebs  discussion  serverfault  instance  storage  vs  backed 
february 2016 by logicannullata
GMT versus UTC
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is often interchanged or confused with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). What is the difference between the two?
timezone  GMT  vs  UTC  standard 
december 2015 by logicannullata
The different between Single Coil vs Dual Coil of e-cigarette vaporizer
What is the different between Single Coil vs Dual Coil configuration? Pros and Cons of Single Coil vs Dual Coilos? how to choose Single Coil or Dual Coil? Let us tell you know
single  coil  vs  dual  e  cigarettes  discussion  article  cons  pros  ecig  e-cig 
october 2015 by logicannullata
Amazon S3 vs Amazon Glacier: simple cloud backups
Amazon S3 vs Amazon Glacier: which of those reliable AWS storage tools, available world wide through public API endpoints, should you use?
glacier  vs  s3  differences  comparison  quick  introduction  vault  amazon  aws  web  services  service  cloud  management  systme  administration  administrator 
july 2015 by logicannullata

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