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Divinity Crafting Guide
Complete crafting guide recipe list for Divinity Original Sin. Search function and crafting FAQ.
divinity  crafting  recipes  list  complete  visual  table  info  game  gdr  rpg  original  sin  vanilla 
july 2016 by logicannullata
Choose an open source license - Choose a License
License open source software developer development license free patent project
license  open  source  development  developer  free  patent  project  howto  list  state  code  sell 
june 2016 by logicannullata
4 Strange And Disturbing Linux Distros You Probably Won't Be Installing
Linux is the operating system of choice for those who decide to go their own way. The open source model means the building blocks are there for you if you decide that you need your very own operating system. This has resulted in more Linux distros than you could ever imagine.
strange  linux  distro  list  curiosity  weird  WTF  unix 
december 2015 by logicannullata
What are the Microsoft Office MIME Types?
office  mime  types  web  browser  http  post  form  list  excel  word 
july 2015 by logicannullata
20 best: Post-Rock records ever made
20 best: Post-Rock records ever made - The Vinyl Factory - The Home of Vinyl
post  rock  bands  obscure  to  hear  list  interesting  music  tohear 
july 2015 by logicannullata
The Spamhaus Project
Spamhaus tracks the Internet's worst Spammers, known Spam Gangs and Spam Support Services, and works with ISPs and Law Enforcement Agencies to identify and remove persistent spammers from the Internet.
spam  house  internet  security  list  blacklist  worldwide  web  blacklists  tools  antispam  mail  services 
june 2015 by logicannullata
List installed packages with YUM
This post looks at how to list the installed packages with YUM from the command line for YUM based Linux distributions, such as CentOS and Fedora.
list  installed  packages  yum  howto  redhat  linux  centos  admin  system 
may 2015 by logicannullata
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