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ModelDepot - DELF
Matches key features against prepopulated database of exemplars.
ml  image_processing 
6 weeks ago by lobrien
Chapter 2. Cartesian Genetic Programming. Julian F. Miller.
ml  genetic_programming  genetic_algorithms 
6 weeks ago by lobrien
Microsoft PROSE SDK
Program synthesis from examples (Excel Flash Fill).
ml  program_synthesis  nuget 
7 weeks ago by lobrien
Inside a Neural Network's Mind | Hive
Visualization of activation. Very easy, with implementation in TF.
ml  gradcam 
january 2018 by lobrien
Alea GPU
.NET GPU programming, including debugging.
ml  gpu  fsharp 
december 2017 by lobrien
dlib C++ Library
Machine Learning library in C++. Egor Bogatov has Xam.iOS binding
ml  xamarin 
november 2017 by lobrien
[no title]
Master's thesis. Very detailed.
ml  birds  audio  deep_learning 
august 2017 by lobrien
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