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Sex Redefined: The idea of two sexes is simplistic. Biologists now think there is a wider spectrum than that.
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7 weeks ago by lmoon
recessional | A potentially useful thought, also:
'This is a reminder that positive reinforcement is a powerful tool and motivator and if you're feeling like you have nothing you can do about a current situation that upsets you, a thing you can do is just straight-up find orgs, legislators, civil servants and other groups that are doing The Right Thing and send them a message saying "thank you, you are good, keep up the good work."'
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12 weeks ago by lmoon
Grants — Stonewall Community Foundation
We are proud to offer grants that benefit LGBTQ individuals who have an express need for support. These microgrants, as we call them, range from $25 to $650, with some flexibility depending on the request. Right now, microgrants are made exclusively through the Bee Winkler Weinstein Fund and are awarded to help young women that have lost family support because of their sexual orientation or gender identity in becoming self-sufficient. Applicants must be between 18 and 25 years old, reside in the United States, and identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or gender nonconforming.
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september 2017 by lmoon
Opportunities for White People in the Fight for Racial Justice
Moving from Actor --> Ally --> Accomplice
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december 2016 by lmoon
Front Page | Labdoo
LABDOO is a humanitarian social network joined by people around the world who want to make our planet a better place by providing those in underdeveloped regions (both in the developing and the developed world) a chance at a better education. The goal of the social network is to send unused laptops, ebook readers, tablet-PCs and any device that can be loaded with education software to needy schools around the world using colaboration and without incurring any economic or environmental costs.
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december 2015 by lmoon
Get to know all about us - potluckinthepark.org
Potluck has been serving a free hot meal to anyone in need since 1991. Rain or shine, 52 weeks a year, we provide a hot meal, every Sunday, at O’Bryant Square in downtown Portland. Four hundred to six hundred Portlanders do not go hungry on Sunday because of Potluck in the Park.
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december 2015 by lmoon
Charity Ratings | America's Most Independent, Assertive Charity Watchdog | CharityWatch
"Hot Topics" includes lists of recommended charities to donate to for various world crises.
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may 2015 by lmoon
Help Will Fund His Tiny Home by Will Bennett - GoFundMe
Will Bennett researches, teaches, and draws attention to the history of Black Portland.
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february 2015 by lmoon
Shop for a cause | PUNJAMMIES
PUNJAMMIES™ are loungewear trousers made with hope by women in India who have escaped human trafficking. Whenever you purchase PUNJAMMIES™, you invest in the freedom and dignity of these women and girls who are working to forge a new life for themselves and their children.
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january 2015 by lmoon
Welcome to the Love Thy Neighbor Fund!
This is the org of that guy who keeps getting arrested in Florida for feeding the homeless.
november 2014 by lmoon
Lasca's Bookshelf
"all books have been made free to download by the publisher"
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october 2014 by lmoon
Strike Debt
Strike Debt is a nationwide movement of debt resisters fighting for economic justice and democratic freedom.
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october 2014 by lmoon
PSJ | Partnership for Safety and Justice
We work with people convicted of crime, survivors of crime, and the families of both to advocate for policies that make Oregon’s approach to public safety more effective and more just.
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january 2011 by lmoon

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